1,691 ft-1 ft
5 mile to North Rim
2,095 ft-5 ft
Annie Bidwell Trail
3.1 miles-484 ft
B Trail
1.6 miles-700 ft
Bloody Pin Trail
3,581 ft-443 ft
Blue Oak
1,266 ft-114 ft
Cat Run
1.4 miles-578 ft
Cat Run connector
1,481 ft-34 ft
Cave Trail
2,571 ft-533 ft
Disk Golf Course
3,732 ft-197 ft
Disk Golf DH
1,833 ft-281 ft
Fence Line / North Rim Trail
2.5 miles-2 ft
1.6 miles-229 ft
Guardians Trail
4.1 miles-1,375 ft
Humboldt Trail
4,389 ft-286 ft
Live Oak
2,804 ft-571 ft
Lower Annie Bidwell Trail
1.2 miles-136 ft
Lower Secret Connector
1,253 ft-76 ft
Lower Trail
1.6 miles-190 ft
Lower Yahi Shortcut
1,997 ft-62 ft
Maidu Trail
1,956 ft-221 ft
Middle Lower Connector
838 ft-86 ft
Middle Trail
4.1 miles-860 ft
Middle/Lower Red Bud connector
1,189 ft-102 ft
Monkey Face
2,124 ft
North Rim Trail
4.3 miles-91 ft
North/South side creek crossing connector
1,019 ft-20 ft
Old Live Oak
1,173 ft-165 ft
Pine Trail
1,550 ft-185 ft
Pit Moose Run
1.3 miles-45 ft
Red Bud
2,161 ft-437 ft
Red Bud connector
1,034 ft-210 ft
Rock Creek connector
1,210 ft-118 ft
Secret Trail
1.4 miles-559 ft
Secret Trail Cheater Connector
733 ft-23 ft
Secret Trail connector
949 ft
Secret/Disk Golf
4,598 ft-429 ft
South Rim
1,821 ft-95 ft
South Rim
4,771 ft-16 ft
South Rim Guardian connector
822 ft
Sycamore Creek Trail
2,320 ft-1 ft
1,704 ft-254 ft
Upper Disk Golf connector
1,534 ft-30 ft
Upper to Alligator Hole connector
1,927 ft-180 ft
Upper Trail
1.9 miles-192 ft
Upper Upper Trail
1.2 miles-87 ft
Wildwood Ave - Sycamore Creek
1,049 ft-1 ft
Wildwood Ave singletrack
4,176 ft-1 ft
Wildwood Park connector
1,544 ft
Wildwood park singletrack
2,795 ft-20 ft
Wildwood to Horseshoe Lake
1.0 miles-1 ft
790 ft-258 ft
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