segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1first half of Burnt Pathway Burnt Pathway2,106 ft161 ft492486413
2Eastline Sprint Out Eastline1,962 ft47 ft47642639
3Rail It Downhill Rail it Too2,040 ft104 ft450397914
4witchcraft - craft bridge to White Heat Craft Climb3,334 ft238 ft43733736
5Eastline In Eastline2,010 ft50 ft43628985
6Burnt Pathway Decent Burnt Pathway2,154 ft139 ft430377214
7Long Bridge to White Dot Burnt Pathway4,125 ft215 ft40235027
8Double Track Boston Lot Climb - Craft Hill Craft Climb4,199 ft285 ft39326889
9White Dot going North White Dot2,161 ft46 ft38937719
10White Heat South White Heat1,908 ft83 ft387407814
11Craft Gravity ! Craft Climb1,867 ft163 ft383360613
12Pure Gravity Craft Climb1,368 ft154 ft37834191
13Burnt down Slick Rock925 ft107 ft34415584
14Use Burnt Climb 3 of 3 (SouthSide North) Slick Rock876 ft112 ft33014275
15Burnt Mt east Slick Rock1,168 ft102 ft31014425
16Burnt Climb 2 of 3 (SouthSide North) Slick Rock1,220 ft71 ft30816775
17Burnt Mt. East Side to Narrow Bridge Down Slick Rock1,298 ft103 ft30011493
18Do it Clean DH Explosions in the Sky1,818 ft131 ft28014921
19Hardwoods down Hardwoods4,460 ft322 ft27810745
20Explosions In The Sky - down Explosions in the Sky3,735 ft147 ft27615072
21White Dot going South White Dot2,307 ft37 ft27017887
22This Will Destroy You From Rail It This Will Destroy You921 ft70 ft26715991
23Bear Cave Down Bear Cave2,822 ft239 ft263123214
24Craft Hill Decent - Powerlines to Bridge Craft Climb4,184 ft289 ft25615828
25Rake Loop Counterclockwise Rake Loop2,550 ft75 ft25513597
26Chuck Norris Chuck Norris1,233 ft77 ft24810580
27hardwoods climb to start of extension Hardwoods3,560 ft263 ft24513704
28White Heat down White Heat1,757 ft74 ft23011778
29Rake loop clockwise Rake Loop3,000 ft78 ft21011185
30North South Ascent to base of burnt Slick Rock2,806 ft167 ft2097364
31Southside Trail Climb Explosions in the Sky1,363 ft289 ft1927681
32This Will Destroy You This Will Destroy You1,324 ft99 ft1847604
33Xterra Race DH 3 Screaming Downhill2,631 ft239 ft1814703
34Bruce Lee DH Bruce Lee2,980 ft402 ft1634026
35Dingus Dingus1,139 ft41 ft1616921
36Ninja Magic Down Ninja Magic733 ft82 ft1594021
37Claw yer way up Bear Cave2,949 ft248 ft931794
38Down Low Frankenstien's Folly2,146 ft89 ft903160
39Down Low Climb Up Frankenstien's Folly2,225 ft91 ft902951
40Pinnacle Sidecut Frankenstien's Folly1,669 ft88 ft772101
41UP Through the Woods Up Through The Woods1,801 ft113 ft662290
42Upper Middle Outback Upper Middle Outback1,938 ft89 ft551320
43MIddle Back Middle Back2,194 ft67 ft40680
44Crystal Ridge Crystal Ridge1,957 ft195 ft38630
45Middle Outback Middle Outback3,228 ft140 ft27410
46Crystal Ridge Ascent Crystal Ridge2,069 ft200 ft16190
47The Devil's in the details Bruce Lee4,129 ft373 ft13201
48Red Dragon Rippin' Run of Death French's Ledge Trail3,653 ft284 ft8111
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