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1000 TurnsDutch Hollow
1.4 miles-541 ft
110Mountain Ranch Bike Park
2,411 ft-115 ft
220Mountain Ranch Bike Park
1,929 ft-137 ft
1.5 miles-196 ft
1.3 miles-195 ft
2.3 miles-764 ft
24-7 AccessGlenwild
2,168 ft-251 ft
29th StreetOgden
972 ft-10 ft
2nd Water (18)Strawberry Ridge
1.9 miles-1 ft
3 Falls ConnectorJem Trail
1.6 miles-573 ft
3 Jump LinesMountain Ranch Bike Park
335 ft-18 ft
310 EastIron Hills Trail System
2.4 miles-602 ft
3rd WaterStrawberry Ridge
1.7 miles-44 ft
4:20Park City Mountain Resort
2,131 ft-132 ft
5 Miles of HellGreen River
7.5 miles-1,745 ft
5th WaterStrawberry Ridge
4.8 miles-1,715 ft
5th Water (15)Strawberry Ridge
4.8 miles-1,447 ft
6.4 miles-409 ft
435 ft-21 ft
1.6 miles-154 ft
1,961 ft-91 ft
A-LineCorner Canyon
1,154 ft-54 ft
Ability WayRound Valley
2,884 ft-5 ft
Ability Way ConnRound Valley
173 ft
AccessBen Lomond
96 ft
AccessHerriman City Trails
1,406 ft-81 ft
AccessGorgoza Park
311 ft
Ac`s RogueGlenwild
1.4 miles-86 ft
714 ft-22 ft
Adam`s CanyonKaysville
2,829 ft
AdobeWestern Rim
3,395 ft-362 ft
AdobeWestern Rim
1.7 miles-291 ft
AdrenalineHighland Hollow
2,944 ft-66 ft
Adventure ScoutRhythm & Blues
4,623 ft-215 ft
AF OverlookAmerican Fork Canyon
3,373 ft-61 ft
Agate EastKlondike Bluffs
3,665 ft-28 ft
Agate WestKlondike Bluffs
4,013 ft-74 ft
Ahab ConnectorAmasa Back
253 ft-14 ft
Alans AlleyPrice
1.3 miles-146 ft
AlaskaKlondike Bluffs
3.9 miles-941 ft
Alexander CreekWasatch - Big Mountain
5.0 miles-1,657 ft
AlpinaSoldier Hollow
878 ft-123 ft
Alpine City TrailLambert Park
3,444 ft-51 ft
Alpine LakeCanyons Bike Park
4,591 ft-300 ft
Alpine PerimeterCorner Canyon
1.8 miles-64 ft
Alta Dry ForkAmerican Fork Canyon
2.0 miles-22 ft
Amasa BackAmasa Back
4,603 ft-253 ft
Amasa Back SpurAmasa Back
883 ft-14 ft
Amazon HollowLogan Canyon
690 ft-7 ft
AmbushPark City
1.4 miles-100 ft
Anaconda DamStansbury Mountains
1.4 miles-139 ft
3,015 ft-43 ft
And CookiesMcCoy Flats
2.0 miles-185 ft
Anns (East)Corner Canyon
2.2 miles-452 ft
Anns (West)Corner Canyon
3.2 miles-592 ft
Anns PointeCorner Canyon
274 ft-5 ft
Ant FarmGlenwild
2,775 ft-222 ft
Ant KnollsAmerican Fork Canyon
1.0 miles-164 ft
AP (chute)Lambert Park
1.5 miles-789 ft
ApexPark City Mountain Resort
1.7 miles-61 ft
April MountainPark City
1,662 ft-11 ft
April MtnPark City
3,219 ft-11 ft
April Mtn SummitPark City
496 ft-25 ft
AqueductDutch Hollow
4,193 ft-163 ft
Aqueduct TrailCorner Canyon
2.5 miles-322 ft
Archery RangeWasatch - Big Mountain
723 ft-119 ft
Archie AccSundance Resort
57 ft
Archies BasinSundance Resort
3,244 ft-83 ft
Archies LoopSundance Resort
1.5 miles-245 ft
Area 51Utah Valley
4,312 ft-204 ft
ArmstrongPark City Mountain Resort
3.9 miles-203 ft
Arths CornerMag 7
1.5 miles-294 ft
Aspen Slalom
3,789 ft-585 ft
Aspen SlalomDeer Valley Resort
1,332 ft-202 ft
Atlantic LineOgden Bike Park
926 ft-136 ft
ATV 2Mountain Ranch Bike Park
1,436 ft-174 ft
AzuriteKlondike Bluffs
1.2 miles-280 ft
590 ft-39 ft
Baby StepsKlondike Bluffs
1.1 miles-76 ft
Baby StepsKlondike Bluffs
4,194 ft-91 ft
Baby StepsKlondike Bluffs
2,636 ft-51 ft
Baby Steps LoopKlondike Bluffs
1.8 miles-81 ft
Baby Steps NorthKlondike Bluffs
1.9 miles-378 ft
Baby Steps NorthKlondike Bluffs
1.3 miles
Baby Steps SingletrackKlondike Bluffs
1.2 miles-165 ft
Baby Steps SouthKlondike Bluffs
5,140 ft-23 ft
Baby ThunderLittle Cottonwood Canyon
1.3 miles-465 ft
Baby Thunder (Upper)Little Cottonwood Canyon
1,110 ft-83 ft
BackslideRound Valley
5,259 ft-215 ft
Bad AppleGlenwild
2,629 ft-13 ft
Baer ConnectBountiful Peak
492 ft-35 ft
Baldy RidgeCausey Reservoir
4.9 miles-2,550 ft
Ball Park AccessCorner Canyon
178 ft
Ball Park AccessCorner Canyon
735 ft-27 ft
539 ft-2 ft
Bamm BammTrailside Park
1,787 ft-125 ft
BandwidthValley Vista
4,955 ft-569 ft
BanzaiHighland Hollow
1,436 ft-40 ft
Bar BMoab Brand Trails
2.3 miles-299 ft
Bar M CliffMoab Brand Trails
1,994 ft-67 ft
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