Mountain Bike
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Acacia MeanderDrakensberg Trails
2 miles-271 ft64 ft
All Out Adventures LoopDrakensberg Trails
2,310 ft-69 ft78 ft
Alpine TraverseDrakensberg Trails
1 mile-165 ft152 ft
Back to the bakeryCathkin Trails
2,900 ft158 ft
Behind the NestCathkin Trails
1 mile-136 ft198 ft
Berghouse ClimbDrakensberg Trails
2 miles-136 ft462 ft
Berghouse DescentDrakensberg Trails
3,724 ft-54 ft130 ft
Berm TrailDrakensberg Trails
3,333 ft-194 ft30 ft
Black Trail HomeDragons Peak Adventure Centre
1 mile-430 ft294 ft
Boundary LinePlatrand Lodge
11 miles-306 ft503 ft
Bridge to The NestCathkin Trails
2,834 ft-142 ft54 ft
Corn AlleyCathkin Trails
1 mile-82 ft95 ft
Difficult SingletrackPlatrand Lodge
3,671 ft42 ft
DowntimeDrakensberg Trails
2 miles-570 ft29 ft
Drop down to the riverCathkin Trails
3,518 ft-269 ft
Easy SingletrackPlatrand Lodge
2,372 ft14 ft
Extremely Difficult SingletrackPlatrand Lodge
3,386 ft40 ft
Forbidden PassDrakensberg Trails
1 mile-67 ft266 ft
Green Track HomeDragons Peak Adventure Centre
2 miles-575 ft344 ft
GrottoDrakensberg Trails
2 miles-297 ft264 ft
Gypsies ReturnDrakensberg Trails
2 miles-63 ft191 ft
Ingwe TraverseDrakensberg Trails
1 mile-363 ft12 ft
Intermediate SingletrackPlatrand Lodge
3,150 ft29 ft
Kirks PlaygroundCathkin Trails
4,603 ft-232 ft13 ft
Leopard CavernDrakensberg Trails
2,490 ft-20 ft128 ft
Leopards LoopDrakensberg Trails
2 miles-119 ft243 ft
Lizelles WaterfallDrakensberg Trails
2,356 ft-65 ft31 ft
Lower GorgeDrakensberg Trails
1 mile-167 ft154 ft
Middle section of Cathkin ClimbCathkin Trails
2,654 ft-23 ft66 ft
Montusi 5Drakensberg Trails
1,667 ft-115 ft
Montusi GorgeDrakensberg Trails
3 miles-359 ft381 ft
Name 10?Drakensberg Trails
4,094 ft-96 ft134 ft
Name 11?Drakensberg Trails
938 ft-58 ft
Name 12?Drakensberg Trails
1,890 ft-19 ft71 ft
Name 1?Drakensberg Trails
2,001 ft61 ft
Name 2?Drakensberg Trails
531 ft52 ft
Name 3?Drakensberg Trails
1,588 ft-39 ft105 ft
Name 6?Drakensberg Trails
2,116 ft-26 ft106 ft
Name 7?Drakensberg Trails
1 mile-168 ft57 ft
Name 8?Drakensberg Trails
2,159 ft-58 ft3 ft
Name of Trail?Drakensberg Trails
2 miles-389 ft470 ft
Name?Drakensberg Trails
1,079 ft-10 ft5 ft
New sectionDrakensberg Trails
5,253 ft-257 ft115 ft
Otter TrailDrakensberg Trails
4,780 ft-101 ft127 ft
Owls PassDrakensberg Trails
2,280 ft-10 ft160 ft
PanoramaDrakensberg Trails
1 mile-134 ft91 ft
Pink Connector To BlackDragons Peak Adventure Centre
4,213 ft-319 ft187 ft
PL015Platrand Lodge
1 mile-164 ft30 ft
PL016Platrand Lodge
489 ft18 ft
Runway TrailDrakensberg Trails
3,524 ft-142 ft
Singletrack 001Platrand Lodge
1 mile-58 ft193 ft
Sly's GambleCathkin Trails
1 mile182 ft
TechnicalDragons Peak Adventure Centre
1,967 ft-149 ft62 ft
The Gorge TraverseDrakensberg Trails
1,759 ft-27 ft9 ft
The KnollDrakensberg Trails
3,589 ft-86 ft37 ft
The LedgesDrakensberg Trails
4,265 ft-43 ft141 ft
The StartDrakensberg Trails
4,754 ft-5 ft129 ft
To soften you upCathkin Trails
2,127 ft159 ft
Trail up to Sign ShopCathkin Trails
1 mile-63 ft195 ft
Trilby DescentDrakensberg Trails
2 miles-203 ft129 ft
Upper AcaciaDrakensberg Trails
5,266 ft196 ft
Upper GypsiesDrakensberg Trails
2 miles-180 ft28 ft
Wanhoop LoopDrakensberg Trails
3 miles-384 ft393 ft
Waterfall ChallengeDrakensberg Trails
682 ft-33 ft16 ft
Wood Cutters AlleyCathkin Trails
2 miles-312 ft73 ft
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