segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Greenbrier Pate Road1,748 ft63 ft66062868
2UWF-'TreeHugger' Pate Road4,675 ft64 ft65362879
3Pate Trail (start - berm turn) Pate Road3,753 ft87 ft65368908
4UWF - Pate Trail Pate Road1 mile87 ft642671311
5UWF - Carl's Trail Pate Road1,364 ft58 ft62657307
6UWF-'DaChute' Pate Road2,663 ft96 ft57652958
7Coke Can (Climb to Double Track) Pate Road618 ft25 ft54154783
8UWF - Coke Can Pate Road2,515 ft28 ft52749526
9Coke Can (Double Track) Pate Road1,015 ft9 ft52250394
10The Gorge (last climb) Pate Road1,024 ft52 ft49545165
11UWF-'DaGorge' Pate Road2,532 ft40 ft49344056
12The Gorge (first climb) Pate Road475 ft31 ft47640853
13Roadies sprint Pate Road1,517 ft19 ft47642684
14UWF-'DaBone' Pate Road3,421 ft43 ft45742847
15Carl's (Backwards) Pate Road1,656 ft51 ft1496420
16WantzWay (backwards) Pate Road819 ft10 ft1204101
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