segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Mid-Mesa to 5280 Stairs, for a 'complete' stair run North Cross Country - Mid Mesa518 ft17 ft4577321052
2Valmont Bike Park dual slalom - left lane Dual Slalom626 ft25 ft4061303781
3Espresso North Cross Country - Backtrack493 ft25 ft3780962286
4EnduroCross Lap Skillz Loop461 ft2 ft3693320924
5Pump It Up North Cross Country - Backtrack561 ft35 ft3489592121
6Descend -> Turn -> Belgian Steps The Glades311 ft2 ft3289322511
7Pump Dem Glades The Glades1,109 ft3057316664
8Valmont Corkscrew North Cross Country - Espresso649 ft30 ft2876255898
9Mid-Mesa Lap North Cross Country - Espresso993 ft10 ft2855417564
10Jailbreak Hill (the whole hill) North Cross Country - Escape Route490 ft25 ft2570424914
11Jailbreak Hill North Cross Country - Escape Route559 ft32 ft2460395504
12Small SlopeStyle North Cross Country - Escape Route545 ft31 ft2261254861
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