Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
#4 #4Tansky ORM Rec-Site
2,556 ft113 ft
#5 Uplands #5Tansky ORM Rec-Site
5,075 ft-12 ft301 ft
10 LicksSnowden Demonstration Forest
1 mile-209 ft90 ft
10 SwoopsRoyston
1 mile-101 ft57 ft
10.52Ridge Runner
621 ft-74 ft
10:50Ridge Runner
4,347 ft-134 ft56 ft
10k Trail - Fishing Pier to Filter BedsVictoria
2 miles-102 ft119 ft
115 Climb TrailLittle Mountain
1 mile-22 ft465 ft
11th LickSnowden Demonstration Forest
1,096 ft-9 ft10 ft
142 to RC connectorSouth Benson / Wolf Mountain
1,688 ft-189 ft
15th Ave/Ship Creek Trail Climb ConnectorCity Trails
748 ft-3 ft87 ft
2 FlatsCumberland Forest
2,208 ft-64 ft25 ft
2 Pond PassForbidden Plateau
1,187 ft-39 ft13 ft
2 Sheiks & A DogForbidden Plateau
4,136 ft-271 ft37 ft
20th HoleWoods Creek
2,425 ft-27 ft3 ft
21st HoleWoods Creek
1 mile-155 ft37 ft
22nd HoleWoods Creek
1 mile-150 ft18 ft
3 Bears (Bracken)Harbourview
2,635 ft-292 ft15 ft
3 DitchesNorthwest Bay Trails
4,302 ft-104 ft39 ft
3 Log RideThe Vortex
860 ft12 ft
4 PackCumberland Forest
1,522 ft-118 ft
42nd StreetCumberland Forest
1,096 ft-85 ft6 ft
50/50Lakeview Park
2,520 ft-7 ft131 ft
50:1Cumberland Forest
1 mile-111 ft185 ft
525Lakeview Park
246 ft-35 ft
7 DayHammerFest
778 ft-90 ft
7 DayHammerFest
545 ft-67 ft
7 DayHammerFest
1,283 ft-174 ft
77 Sunset StripCumberland Forest
1,515 ft-63 ft88 ft
7th HeavenQuadra Island North
1,883 ft-302 ft
7UP ConnectorHorne Lake
3,045 ft-455 ft71 ft
7UP LowerHorne Lake
1,503 ft-189 ft
8 BallPheasant Glen
686 ft-85 ft10 ft
90s JankHartland Mountain Bike Park
2,795 ft-275 ft31 ft
911Gold River
911Coombs Candy
1,086 ft-342 ft
A - SidePheasant Glen
1,549 ft-3 ft33 ft
A Grand TraverseMount Tzouhalem
3 miles-128 ft830 ft
A Nice PairPheasant Glen
699 ft-14 ft6 ft
A Rock and a Hard PlaceCumberland Forest
4,154 ft-92 ft102 ft
A Thing Of BeautyLadysmith
1,186 ft-53 ft5 ft
A VariantQuinsam River Trails
1,795 ft-2 ft14 ft
A View to a HillRadar Hill
2,352 ft-24 ft233 ft
A'sNortheast Woods
551 ft-20 ft
A-Side Hitman ConnectorPheasant Glen
482 ft-11 ft3 ft
AB GreenwellFairservice Fun
4,049 ft-84 ft17 ft
Abandoned HideoutLadysmith
154 ft29 ft
984 ft-84 ft
1,206 ft-7 ft68 ft
ABCGabriola Island
886 ft-21 ft
Above and BeyondCumberland
4,009 ft292 ft
accessWoods Creek
178 ft-28 ft
Access Grassy Road1Seablush
945 ft-2 ft5 ft
Access into Lazo LoopNortheast Woods
390 ft-19 ft
access rdQualicum Beach
1,306 ft15 ft
Access RoadWestwood
3,298 ft-121 ft15 ft
Access RoadThe Vortex
994 ft8 ft
Access RoadThe Foothills Park
3,609 ft-519 ft
Access road to Pete'sPort McNeill
2,900 ft-74 ft3 ft
Access Roads connector trailPheasant Glen
328 ft-5 ft
Access to ToadNorthwest Bay Trails
1,621 ft39 ft
Access TrailCumberland Forest
868 ft80 ft
Access TrailLangford Gravity Zone
751 ft10 ft
Access: Telegraph to AirportPort McNeill
2,094 ft-4 ft53 ft
ACE LoopLadysmith
172 ft-10 ft5 ft
Ace of the Hill (Lower)Ladysmith
343 ft-8 ft32 ft
Ace of the Hill (Upper)Ladysmith
721 ft53 ft
Adrenaline (Jump Trail)Mount Prevost
1,660 ft-150 ft
Advanced Jump LineLangford Gravity Zone
328 ft-11 ft
AF LineRadar Hill
2,762 ft-441 ft
After School SpecialCumberland Forest
1,585 ft-69 ft
Airflow (Arbutus)Harbourview
3,478 ft-708 ft
Airflow (Original Exit)Harbourview
1,224 ft-156 ft14 ft
Airport MainPort McNeill
4,114 ft-23 ft126 ft
Airport TrailCormorant Island
1,867 ft
AJs ConnectorCopley Ridge Forest
702 ft-60 ft
Al-BobTansky ORM Rec-Site
2,789 ft-171 ft
Alder AlleySeablush
1,371 ft-2 ft6 ft
Alice's TrailBowser Trails
1,403 ft-38 ft43 ft
Aligator RockSnowden Demonstration Forest
4,934 ft-54 ft85 ft
Also SwampSproat Lake
2,548 ft-24 ft54 ft
Alt EnergyHammerFest
1,184 ft-252 ft1 ft
Alternate Mr.T EndMount Prevost
797 ft-69 ft
Alternative FactsRidge Runner
4,390 ft-125 ft111 ft
Alumni Chip TrailSaanich
2 miles-82 ft78 ft
AmmoniteNorth Benson / Jameson
1,356 ft-274 ft14 ft
AmoreCumberland Forest
1 mile-86 ft137 ft
Amore ConnectorCumberland
1,296 ft-45 ft
Anderson Ave Ship Creek Trail ClimbCity Trails
1,972 ft-24 ft197 ft
Andreas CurvesDoumont
2,232 ft-19 ft87 ft
Animal Farm trailCommunity Centre Trails
2,463 ft-24 ft19 ft
Animalism and RevolutionCommunity Centre Trails
661 ft-1 ft3 ft
Ankle BiterHarbourview
1,650 ft-30 ft20 ft
AnniversaryThe Abyss / Extension Ridge
3,165 ft-121 ft65 ft
Annon DownhillNorthwest Bay Trails
2,861 ft-222 ft12 ft
Antler Lake LoopGold River
3 miles-433 ft444 ft
Apl gradeCity Trails
3,881 ft-102 ft111 ft
ArbutusForbidden Plateau
3,385 ft-395 ft70 ft
Arbutus ConnectorForbidden Plateau
1,956 ft-152 ft66 ft
Arbutus Drop BypassMount Tzouhalem
164 ft-17 ft
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