Mountain Bike
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1st Ave Bikeway (WB)Vancouver
974 ft
1st Ave ConnectorVancouver
955 ft9 ft
AimsPacific Spirit Regional Park
753 ft-18 ft
Arbutus GreenwayVancouver
5 miles-215 ft256 ft
BC ParkwayVancouver
2,126 ft-6 ft3 ft
BC ParkwayVancouver
1,230 ft-3 ft5 ft
BC ParkwayVancouver
1 mile-19 ft58 ft
BC ParkwayVancouver
3,209 ft-102 ft
BC ParkwayVancouver
4,888 ft-13 ft11 ft
BC Parkway AlternativeVancouver
384 ft-8 ft
Beach Ave Bike WayStanley Park
2 miles-42 ft14 ft
Beaver Lake TrailStanley Park
2,428 ft-8 ft26 ft
Berton AvePacific Spirit Regional Park
1,148 ft-2 ft2 ft
Bikepath Athletes way to Seaside BypassVancouver
3,061 ft-21 ft9 ft
Bikepath Seaside/Cambie Bridge to Granville MarketVancouver
1 mile-37 ft57 ft
Binning RoadPacific Spirit Regional Park
2,585 ft55 ft
Brockton Oval TrailStanley Park
1,332 ft-17 ft33 ft
Brockton Point TrailStanley Park
1,759 ft-29 ft35 ft
Brockton TrailStanley Park
856 ft11 ft
Burrard Street Bike Path SouthVancouver
1 mile-90 ft71 ft
Burrard Street NorthVancouver
4,951 ft-6 ft84 ft
Canada Line BikewayVancouver
3,077 ft-3 ft61 ft
Canada Line BikewayVancouver
384 ft
Captain Cook's PlankVancouver
955 ft-39 ft
Carrall Street GreenwayVancouver
292 ft
Carrall Street Greenway (NB)Vancouver
2,605 ft-6 ft18 ft
Carrall Street Greenway (SB)Vancouver
2,684 ft-15 ft6 ft
Cathedral TrailStanley Park
1,007 ft27 ft
Central Valley GreenwayVancouver
499 ft-6 ft
Central Valley GreenwayVancouver
1 mile-33 ft6 ft
Champlain WoodsVancouver
1,064 ft-18 ft41 ft
Chickadee TrailStanley Park
1,798 ft-121 ft
Chilco Street PathwayVancouver
179 ft
China Creek SwitchbacksVancouver
1,047 ft-39 ft
Cleveland TrailPacific Spirit Regional Park
2,293 ft-40 ft20 ft
Cleveland TrailPacific Spirit Regional Park
1,543 ft-24 ft8 ft
Clinton TrailPacific Spirit Regional Park
2,760 ft-87 ft4 ft
CN Rail Yard PathVancouver
3,468 ft-2 ft2 ft
Connector TrailPacific Spirit Regional Park
613 ft-4 ft3 ft
Council TrailPacific Spirit Regional Park
1 mile-140 ft151 ft
1,397 ft-52 ft11 ft
Creekway ParkVancouver
2,615 ft-36 ft
Deer Fern TrailPacific Spirit Regional Park
1,203 ft-58 ft17 ft
Douglas FirPacific Spirit Regional Park
2,221 ft-63 ft2 ft
Dunsmuir Bike WayStanley Park
1 mile-81 ft22 ft
Eagle TrailStanley Park
1,565 ft-11 ft
East Kent Ave SouthVancouver
1,982 ft
East Kent Ave. BikewayVancouver
597 ft
East Kent Ave. BikewayVancouver
791 ft
East Kent BikewayVancouver
2 miles-15 ft7 ft
Empire FeildsVancouver
948 ft22 ft
Empire FeildsVancouver
3,451 ft-6 ft65 ft
Empire FeildsVancouver
853 ft-10 ft
Everett LoopVancouver
1,885 ft-18 ft43 ft
Expo BikewayVancouver
679 ft-3 ft
Ferguson RoadVancouver
1 mile-28 ft17 ft
Frances Union BikewayVancouver
1,572 ft-50 ft3 ft
Fraser Glenlyon ParkwayVancouver
4,016 ft-8 ft19 ft
Fraser River Park TrailStanley Park
3,655 ft-2 ft2 ft
Fraser River TrailVancouver
4 miles-45 ft43 ft
Fraser River TrailVancouver
1,831 ft-2 ft
Garry Oak TrailVancouver
3,192 ft-64 ft15 ft
Gilmour AveVancouver
1,437 ft-11 ft
Glenlyon Creek TrailVancouver
4,324 ft-37 ft
Great Northern WayVancouver
1 mile-35 ft51 ft
Hanson TrailStanley Park
2,018 ft62 ft
Hemlock TrailPacific Spirit Regional Park
3,548 ft-98 ft39 ft
Hemlock TrailPacific Spirit Regional Park
2,313 ft-32 ft48 ft
Heron TrailPacific Spirit Regional Park
3,977 ft-43 ft21 ft
Hornby Bike LaneVancouver
1 mile-77 ft100 ft
Huckleberry TrailPacific Spirit Regional Park
1,124 ft-25 ft72 ft
Imperial TrailPacific Spirit Regional Park
2,895 ft-33 ft43 ft
Iona JettyVancouver
2 miles-20 ft
Iron Knee TrailPacific Spirit Regional Park
2,353 ft-78 ft7 ft
Ironworkers Memorial Bridge - SouthVancouver
1 mile-91 ft162 ft
Jericho / Spanish Banks Beach TrailVancouver
2 miles-62 ft66 ft
Jericho Woods X-ingVancouver
2,697 ft-3 ft8 ft
Jones ParkVancouver
807 ft14 ft
Kinglet TrailStanley Park
1,535 ft-3 ft3 ft
Kitsilano BeachVancouver
262 ft
Lakewood ConnectorVancouver
299 ft3 ft
Lion's Gate UnderpassStanley Park
443 ft-12 ft23 ft
Long TrailPacific Spirit Regional Park
2,134 ft-33 ft18 ft
Lower Salish TrailPacific Spirit Regional Park
1 mile-83 ft11 ft
Mallard TrailStanley Park
814 ft-19 ft13 ft
Matsumi MitsuiVancouver
1,696 ft-3 ft3 ft
Memorial Park X-ingStanley Park
1,273 ft-6 ft
Memorial PathStanley Park
2,172 ft-15 ft30 ft
Merilee's TrailStanley Park
4,816 ft-9 ft168 ft
Mosquito Creek TrailVancouver
840 ft-13 ft
Musqueam Multi-Use PathVancouver
4,843 ft-54 ft3 ft
Musqueam Park TrailStanley Park
3 miles-99 ft32 ft
Nature TrailPacific Spirit Regional Park
2,270 ft-6 ft48 ft
North Creek TrailStanley Park
2,028 ft73 ft
663 ft-25 ft8 ft
Ontario BikewayStanley Park
643 ft-2 ft
Pacific Street Bike PathVancouver
1,040 ft-3 ft
Pacific Street Bike PathVancouver
615 ft6 ft
Pacific Street Bike PathVancouver
643 ft-3 ft
Pioneer TrailPacific Spirit Regional Park
4,186 ft-66 ft220 ft
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