Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
1 NicolizziVerbania
2 miles-666 ft481 ft
10 ArcheologicoVerbania
3,162 ft-197 ft121 ft
11 Monte Cimolo TrailVerbania
2 miles-609 ft746 ft
12 Monte Rosso DH BergaminaVerbania
3,500 ft-686 ft45 ft
13 Monte Rosso XCVerbania
3 miles-972 ft905 ft
14 Pollino XC lapVerbania
5 miles-1,138 ft1,118 ft
15 La CrosaVerbania
2 miles-830 ft115 ft
16 Streghe TrailVerbania
1,325 ft-185 ft
2 PS2 PollinoVerbania
3,293 ft-420 ft9 ft
3 AntennaVerbania
2 miles-1,199 ft
4 Sass Corbè / EsioVerbania
1 mile-1,072 ft21 ft
5 San BuddhaVerbania
1 mile-1,029 ft
6 Ramello TrailVerbania
1 mile-807 ft140 ft
7 DH TavoliVerbania
1,806 ft-296 ft13 ft
9 Flow&Roots - Pizzo d'OmoVerbania
4,857 ft-581 ft54 ft
Access to BCTrails Lab Cannobio
2,359 ft-24 ft148 ft
Agrano - Borca DH (Black line)Omegna
3,209 ft-657 ft
4,970 ft-5 ft474 ft
1 mile-253 ft49 ft
2 miles-242 ft108 ft
1 mile-506 ft40 ft
Alpe Berro DHOmegna
1 mile-1,535 ft4 ft
Alpe BriascaDomodossola
2 miles-115 ft1,180 ft
Alpe Camasca - Alpe SacchiOmegna
5 miles-606 ft709 ft
Alpe CambraVerbano-Cusio-Ossola
4 miles-269 ft2,118 ft
Alpe Canà-Ponte GigneseGignese
1 mile-416 ft228 ft
Alpe CortinoValle Vigezzo
2 miles-197 ft1,378 ft
Alpe MarcoPiana di Vigezzo
4 miles-2,763 ft318 ft
Alpe Marta's TrailCIPS AltoVergante
2 miles-556 ft138 ft
Alpe Pescia-CoimoValle Vigezzo
3 miles-1,807 ft81 ft
Alpe Reso single trackDomodossola
4,911 ft-1,259 ft16 ft
Alpe Sacchi - Laghetti NonioOmegna
4 miles-2,407 ft92 ft
Alpe Soliva - Alpe BerroOmegna
2 miles-241 ft387 ft
Alpe Volpe-Alpe MartaCIPS AltoVergante
2,804 ft-273 ft35 ft
Altoggio-Veglio e giuDomodossola
4,836 ft-1,039 ft53 ft
Anello Cima 2Piana di Vigezzo
1 mile-297 ft319 ft
Anello SiepiTrails Lab Cannobio
3,471 ft-104 ft173 ft
Anzuno CaliceDomodossola
5,027 ft-1,114 ft52 ft
2,753 ft-336 ft16 ft
2 miles-801 ft180 ft
Arola - Alpe SacchiOmegna
5 miles-335 ft1,778 ft
Arola - Monte Vesso DirectOmegna
2 miles-165 ft1,086 ft
Around NoccoGignese
4,505 ft-86 ft70 ft
Artò - Cambocciolo T36Madonna Del Sasso
2 miles-83 ft903 ft
Arvogno AVPiana di Vigezzo
1 mile-1,464 ft11 ft
Arvogno AdventurePiana di Vigezzo
2 miles-1,424 ft149 ft
Aurano - LueraVerbania
2 miles-315 ft512 ft
Barro TrailDomodossola
5,177 ft-466 ft198 ft
BCTrails Lab Cannobio
2,159 ft-545 ft3 ft
Bei- San Marco downDomodossola
3,625 ft-648 ft39 ft
1 mile-983 ft8 ft
Biscia lineStresa
3,330 ft-533 ft
Blitz-VilletteValle Vigezzo
3 miles-1,396 ft124 ft
Bogianchini NewOmegna
3,560 ft-709 ft
Boleto FaggetaMadonna Del Sasso
1 mile-422 ft87 ft
Bosco BodoCIPS AltoVergante
1 mile-495 ft21 ft
Bosco Pio trailVerbania
2,516 ft-347 ft2 ft
Brolo (Tubo) - LaghettiOmegna
4,180 ft-37 ft319 ft
Brolo Oira DHOmegna
3,031 ft-274 ft26 ft
Brovello Gignese via NoccoMottarone MTB Area
1 mile683 ft
BrucaliffoTrails Lab Cannobio
1,844 ft-315 ft4 ft
Brucaliffo HighTrails Lab Cannobio
942 ft-102 ft
2 miles-799 ft713 ft
3 miles-1,072 ft186 ft
Camboccilo - Piana dei Monti T36Madonna Del Sasso
2 miles-35 ft608 ft
Cammino di San CarloOmegna
3,671 ft616 ft
3,297 ft-10 ft7 ft
Cani on the rocksDomodossola
4,767 ft-462 ft39 ft
Canyon - Under CanyonVerbania
1,483 ft-267 ft
Canyon trailGignese
1 mile-432 ft326 ft
Caporale trailStresa
3,432 ft-107 ft10 ft
Cappella Broggio 1745Domodossola
2,710 ft-591 ft15 ft
Cappella dell' ORODomodossola
1,362 ft-421 ft
Cappella monte cerano DHOmegna
2 miles-1,076 ft92 ft
Cappella Monte Croce-Santa CrisitinaStresa
2,602 ft-129 ft5 ft
Carcegna trailPettenasco
1 mile-497 ft32 ft
1 mile-1,011 ft156 ft
1,266 ft-163 ft
Cesara + Prova del 9Omegna
4,088 ft-234 ft100 ft
Cesara2Alpe SolivaOmegna
2 miles-81 ft1,788 ft
ciclabile del toceDomodossola
2 miles-120 ft23 ft
ciclabile del Toce-OasiDomodossola
3 miles-28 ft156 ft
4,767 ft-914 ft23 ft
Cima VellaSantino
4,495 ft-353 ft13 ft
Ciottolato Nonio - LaghettiOmegna
2,825 ft-21 ft203 ft
Cisore singletrackDomodossola
2,674 ft-405 ft
Climb to CinzagoTrails Lab Cannobio
3,711 ft-20 ft426 ft
close to the riverDomodossola
1 mile-119 ft117 ft
Co di Stobj - Fornero DHOmegna
2 miles-2,031 ft60 ft
Coiromonte Dorsale/GigneseCIPS AltoVergante
4 miles-1,155 ft697 ft
3 miles-3,655 ft485 ft
Collegamento curva VivaTrails Lab Cannobio
1,818 ft-3 ft79 ft
Colma LCPiana di Vigezzo
2 miles-2,142 ft38 ft
Colma di Grassona - Oira di NonioOmegna
1 mile-556 ft170 ft
Comnago-Trail della MascaranaCIPS AltoVergante
1,925 ft-288 ft18 ft
2 miles-1,607 ft33 ft
Cortella TrailValle Vigezzo
4,553 ft-1,144 ft23 ft
Cortino FlowValle Vigezzo
2 miles-2,051 ft
2 miles-384 ft216 ft
Croce di Egro - Colma di GrassonaOmegna
2 miles-491 ft250 ft
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