segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1end of gravel to crystal park Tahoe Pyramid Bikeway Access1 mile42 ft79837061
2Quilici Ranch Northbound Tahoe Pyramid Bikeway Access1 mile45 ft57710461
3Y to Road Cow Canyon / Hawk Meadow Connector3,568 ft292 ft1845120
4Start to the Y Lower Cow Canyon3,774 ft258 ft1383580
5Upper Cow Canyon DH Cow Canyon2 miles1,071 ft1283741
6Cow Canyon DH Cow Canyon2 miles1,319 ft1143304
7Start to Creek Crossing Cow Canyon2 miles1,343 ft1133331
8Unnamed Rd Climb Hawk Meadow Trail4,998 ft344 ft792860
9Hidden Canyon Blast Hidden Canyon2,136 ft167 ft451260
10Unnamed Rd Climb Cow Canyon2 miles1,386 ft10100
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