segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Stub Beginner DH - Real Rinse and Repeat1,029 ft164 ft74342420
2Stub FR - beginner DH Rinse and Repeat963 ft144 ft74238464
3Push Up trail Rinse and Repeat1,143 ft163 ft65035750
4Push Up Trail - Real Rinse and Repeat1,212 ft144 ft64536381
5XC Loop Shoofly1,741 ft54 ft55414362
6Climb to Banks-Vernonia Trail Fellings Wedge1,215 ft77 ft54215851
7Stub FR - Drip-Torch DH Drip Torch1,163 ft162 ft45315071
8Parking lot to MTB area Cross Tie3,682 ft121 ft40713281
9sprint to the car Cross Tie3,635 ft120 ft3237470
10Drip Torch - Complete 2013 Drip Torch1,480 ft201 ft3039592
11One Way Delight Crazy Train2,005 ft156 ft2233661
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