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Loop 8 - Hero (Yellow)mtb featured
116 milesBright1
Loop 3 - Eureka (Red)mtb featured
135 milesBright2
Mt Buller Epic trailmtb
2428 milesMt Buller3
Loop 7 - 24 Carat (Orange)mtb featured
158 milesBright4
Loop 5 - Pine Planters (Purple)mtb featured
226 milesBright5
How about a quickymtb
56 milesWoods Point6
Loop 2 - Rock Waltz (Turquoise)mtb featured
105 milesBright7
Loop 1 - Bunyips (Green)mtb featured
94 milesBright8
Loop 6 - Pine Gum (Grey)mtb featured
95 milesBright9
Intermediate Loop, Lactic, Travs and Cressy. All the favoritesmtb
88 milesYou Yangs10
Get to know Stockyard Trails Loopmtb
87 milesMelbourne11
Yack Red Loopmtb
2011 milesYackandandah12
Loop 4 - Hot Wheels (White)mtb featured
11 milesBright13
Melbournes best lanes (Coffee and Graffiti Tour)mtb
03 milesMelbourne14
Vic MTB Champs Series - Round 2 Start Group 2mtb
25 milesYackandandah15
Cross Country Loopmtb
86 milesBeechworth16
Somewhere Good Intro Loopmtb
229 milesGlengarry17
Woods Point Big Loopmtb
216 milesHealsville18
Champion Loopmoto
131 milesWoods Point19
Plenty Gorge quick & fun 15mtb
129 milesMelbourne20
To The Valley Below - Tchansmtb
1410 milesMount Dandenong21
Cumberland Junction to Woods Point, the fun waymtb
634 milesWoods Point22
Grass Trees, Marriners Run and Yo-Yo Loopmtb
311 milesForrest23
Stonefly and Switchbacksmtb
1715 milesMt Buller24
Shepparton Mountain Bikingmtb
312 milesShepparton25
Classic Warbies Loopmtb
129 milesWangaratta26
Norge to Georgemtb
5122 milesMelbourne27
Bike Buller Suggested Loop 2mtb
137 milesMt Buller28
Goldfields Track - Ballarat to Creswickmtb
615 milesBallarat29
Sidewinder Loopmtb
03 milesArarat30
119 milesOlinda31
Climbing Route to Heromtb
124 milesBright32
Pines Intro Loopmtb
284 milesTraralgon33
Epic without Stonefly climbmtb
1423 milesMt Buller34
Epic without Stonefly climbmtb
1423 milesMt Buller35
Bike Buller Suggested Loop 1mtb
83 milesMt Buller36
Strathdale Switchbacksmtb
33 milesBendigo37
Charles, Corn Hill to Morning starmtb
411 milesHealsville38
The Hills are Alivemtb
412 milesWoods Point39
Croydon to Silvan Loop 1mtb
924 milesOlinda40
Mt Buller Epic Fullmtb
1428 milesMt Buller41
Steele Creek XC loop.mtb
22 milesMelbourne42
Epic Trail - Telephone Box Junction to Mirimbahmtb
615 milesMt Buller43
Gisborne MTBmtb
1519 milesGisborne44
Lake Mtn to Marysville Routemtb
418 milesMarysville45
Southern Dingo Ridge Loopmtb
329 milesBright46
Delatite River from Buller via Gang Gangsmtb
49 milesMt Buller47
Blores Hill Easy Loopmtb
74 milesHeyfield48
norge to george to gorgemtb
4914 milesMelbourne49
Happy Loopmtb
328 milesGlengarry50
Yack Purple Loopmtb
1011 milesYackandandah51
BrackenBerm Bear Grylls Loopmtb
1412 milesBallarat52
50km MTB Ballarat Cycle Classicmtb
1332 milesBallarat53
50km mtb Ballarat Cycle Classicmtb
1326 milesBallarat54
harcourt harden upmtb
1617 milesCastlemaine55
40km MTB Ballarat Cycle Classicmtb
928 milesBallarat56
Plenty Gorge epicmtb
10223 milesMelbourne57
Big Top Plenty Ridemtb
5724 milesMelbourne58
Grass Trees, Marriners Run, Yo-Yo and Caspermtb
915 milesForrest59
Blores Hill Grand Tourmtb
5216 milesHeyfield60
Plenty Gorge down and up againmtb
5123 milesMelbourne61
TJS Plenty Gorgemtb
6718 milesMelbourne62
20+ Km MTB Routemtb
1513 milesLysterfield63
PG Sampler Loopmtb
7717 milesMelbourne64
Harvesters Smiths Gullymtb
1320 milesEltham65
Junction Track To Visitor Centremtb
08 milesMelbourne66
Pub to Pub, Up Noble Spur and down Tinger Trackmtb
39 milesWoods Point67
Lysty Mega Loopmtb
2416 milesLysterfield68
Mc Merrimtb
021 milesRed Hill69
74 milesBuxton70
Only the brave need apply.mtb
514 milesWoods Point71
Christmas Hills Loopmtb w
410 milesEltham72
Yack Yellow Loopmtb
710 milesYackandandah73
Canadian Enduro Loopmtb
87 milesBallarat74
Yack Green Loopmtb
62 milesYackandandah75
The Tastermtb
52 milesBuxton76
Strathfieldsaye Flow and Techmtb
86 milesBendigo77
Guys Hills Rd Ridgesmtb
63 milesBendigo78
TMB Blue Loopmtb featured
504 milesMt Beauty79
Bendigo MTB Park Green Loopmtb
04 milesBendigo80
Pines Flora & Fauna Reservemtb
010 milesFrankston North81
Ballarat Cycle Classic 28km Adventure Ridemtb
018 milesBallarat82
Ship Rock Rollermtb
010 milesHealsville83
Merri Christmasmtb
04 milesMelbourne84
Brush Tail Loopmtb
02 milesArarat85
Oh Flow Me Loopmtb
01 milesArarat86
Scottys loopmtb
010 milesMelbourne87
RACV Loopmtb
05 milesCreswick88
TMB Yellow Loopmtb
436 milesMt Beauty89
Mt Beauty Summit Claw Survey Loopmtb
6811 milesMt Beauty90
Out, Down and Backmtb
2017 milesMt Buller91
Bright 1amtb
155 milesBright92
127 miles93
Gilpin Pump Trackmtb
01,385 ftMelbourne94
Yellow Arrowsmtb
07 milesBallarat95
Kangaroo Loopmtb
05 milesArarat96
02 SAT Redwood Rush Run 25km MAIN V2mtb
015 milesWarburton97
Gold Rush Ridemtb
08 milesBendigo98
Werribee River Headwatersmtb
018 milesBallarat99
Rifle Butts XC Loopmtb
03 milesMansfield100
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Falls Creek Victorian Mountain Bike Championship Series - Round 7mtb race
54 miles1
BSCC Club Champs 2019mtb race
33 milesBallarat2
Red Hill Gravity Enduromtb race
919 milesDromana3
30km MTB Ballarat Cycle Classicmtb race
418 milesBallarat4
Traralgon Pines Course 2mtb race
285 milesTraralgon5
Red Hill XC0 2019 Sat Coursemtb race
54 miles6
Traralgon Pines Course 1mtb race
244 milesTraralgon7
2018 Kokoda Challenge Melbourne 15kmmtb race
09 milesOlinda8
2018 Kokoda Challenge Melbourne 30kmmtb race
119 milesOlinda9
Shimano Enduro Tour - Mt Bullermtb race
1819 milesMt Buller10
Bike Buller MTB Festival - Epic trail point to point racemtb race
1128 milesMt Buller11
Vic Champs Round 6 Red Hill 2019mtb race
44 miles12
Shifty 50 Round 1mtb race
916 milesBallarat13
Falls Creek Victorian MTB Championship Round 2019mtb race
13 milesFalls Creek14
Round 7 XCO Course 2017mtb race
53 milesMt Beauty15
Short Course route draftmtb race
83 milesMelbourne16
Long course draftmtb race
108 milesMelbourne17
Golden Triangle Epic 15km Loop (2016)mtb race
159 milesBendigo18
Mitta to Mount Beautymtb race
034 milesMt Beauty19
RAMBO 2016 Mt Beauty Race Coursemtb race
445 milesMt Beauty20
THULE B24 GE (Esprit de Corps) 2017mtb race
12 milesBright21
THULE B24 GE (trad) 2017mtb race
5615 milesBright22
THULE B24 2017mtb race
2513 milesBright23
Ballarat Cycle Classic 30km Mountain Bike Ridemtb race
018 milesBallarat24
LDTR Golden Goat 2018mtb race
27 milesLysterfield25
Ballarat Cycle Classic 40km Mountain Bike Ridemtb race
028 milesBallarat26
RAMBO - Junior Course, Bright 2018mtb race
92 milesBright27
Ballarat Cycle Classic 50km Mountain Bike Ridemtb race
032 milesBallarat28
RAMBO - Bright, 2018mtb race
164 milesBright29
Bike Buller MTB Festival - Corn Hill Grand Prixmtb race
1413 milesMt Buller30
Blores Hill 3/6 Hour Endurance Coursemtb race
397 milesHeyfield31
Mt Buller E-Bike Epicmtb race
2130 milesMt Buller32
BSCC Club Champs Coursemtb race
13 milesBallarat33
2018 Jubber Thrix Hour Coursemtb race
07 milesCastlemaine34
Falls Creek Victorian Mountain Bike Championship Series - Championship Roundmtb race
43 milesFalls Creek35
Vic MTB Champs Series - Round 2 Start Group 1mtb race
15 milesYackandandah36
Vic MTB Champs Series - Round 1 (Both start groups)mtb race
44 milesBeechworth37
Mt Taylor Gravity Enduromtb race
32 milesBairnsdale38
Falls Creek Victorian Mountain Bike Championship Series - Round 8mtb race
34 miles39
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