Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
"Rocky" the wombatRedesdale
2 miles-233 ft186 ft
'A Walk In The Park'Maryvale Pines
2,041 ft-2 ft96 ft
'Lil ShortyLysterfield MTB Park
768 ft-25 ft
1 Of 9Maryvale Pines
3,392 ft-83 ft11 ft
10.9Silvan MTB Park
915 ft-19 ft12 ft
100 Steps Hill420 Acres
871 ft-31 ft
1995Big Hill Mountain Bike Park
991 ft-103 ft
2 Post trailBeechworth
1,440 ft-44 ft9 ft
20M Log ridePlenty Gorge MTB Park
190 ft-6 ft7 ft
24 SycamoreMystic Mountain Bike Park
1 mile-57 ft377 ft
2Up TrackYackandandah MTB Track Network
1 mile-42 ft239 ft
3rd Parallel TrackBig Hill Mountain Bike Park
1,499 ft-115 ft
4WD NuggsLerderderg Gorge
2,037 ft214 ft
9 Of 9 ClimbMaryvale Pines
2,080 ft43 ft
99 Nats (DH1)Big Hill Mountain Bike Park
726 ft-101 ft
A Beautiful HillRACV Goldfields Resort
3,195 ft-105 ft97 ft
A dip in the CreekOne Tree Hill Regional Park
1,360 ft-40 ft
AbomMt Buller Bike Park
1 mile-812 ft
Access LinkAnglesea MTB Park
276 ft-3 ft
Ace of SpadesAnglesea MTB Park
3,606 ft-189 ft25 ft
Acheron RidgeBuxton MTB Park
8 miles-985 ft1,009 ft
Achilles HillTallarook State forest
1,775 ft-18 ft7 ft
Across the TopWoowookarung Regional Park
3,496 ft-50 ft22 ft
Adam Clayton (U2)Ballan
2,310 ft-25 ft50 ft
Adam's TrackBig Hill Mountain Bike Park
2,025 ft-170 ft45 ft
ADDSomewhere Good
3,681 ft-167 ft149 ft
AeolianMoyhu Timber Reserve
3,556 ft-162 ft42 ft
Afton St park outer loop.Melbourne
3,265 ft-100 ft24 ft
Albert Park LakeMelbourne
3 miles-33 ft26 ft
Albion TrackLerderderg Gorge
3 miles-27 ft445 ft
Albion Track Western SectionLerderderg Gorge
3,100 ft-281 ft
Albos GrunterLerderderg Gorge
3,159 ft-174 ft12 ft
Albos Link Track (Lerderderg Low Level)Lerderderg Gorge
2,136 ft-244 ft
Alcoa Boundary TrackMelbourne
3 miles-477 ft198 ft
Allardice TkAnglesea
4 miles-606 ft486 ft
Alley CatLerderderg Gorge
1,027 ft-60 ft11 ft
AlluvialBlack Hill Bike Park
1,824 ft-184 ft30 ft
Along the RidgeOne Tree Hill Regional Park
3,893 ft-101 ft129 ft
Along The WaterraceOne Tree Hill Regional Park
2,952 ft-54 ft16 ft
Alphington TrailYarra Trails MTB Park
3,750 ft-5 ft28 ft
Alpine ViewsWarby Ranges
1 mile-493 ft
Alpine Views bypassWarby Ranges
2,306 ft-106 ft6 ft
Alsops Tk 1Anglesea
1 mile-7 ft297 ft
Alsops Tk 2Anglesea
2 miles-93 ft505 ft
Am I LostPlenty Gorge MTB Park
1 mile-187 ft166 ft
AM1Mt Baw Baw Alpine Resort
2,751 ft-160 ft19 ft
Amblers LaneLerderderg Gorge
3 miles-650 ft525 ft
An Optional Switchback TreatOne Tree Hill Regional Park
1,934 ft-61 ft40 ft
AneurysmLysterfield MTB Park
5,013 ft-240 ft
Anglesea 4X (Main Line)Anglesea MTB Park
974 ft-22 ft
Anglesea River LoopAnglesea Outback
3,714 ft-13 ft5 ft
Anniversary TrailMelbourne
8 miles-269 ft307 ft
Anthill DamDry Diggings
284 ft-28 ft
Ants PantsRifle Butts MTB Park
531 ft-9 ft11 ft
Appian Way ReturnDinner Plain MTB Park
4,049 ft-8 ft30 ft
AquaductCreswick State Forest
2,879 ft-43 ft41 ft
AqueductFalls Creek
3 miles-489 ft465 ft
Aqueduct AveEildon MTB Park
2,280 ft-68 ft65 ft
Aqueduct BermsPlenty Gorge MTB Park
1,401 ft-47 ft24 ft
Arboretum TrackSilvan MTB Park
1,562 ft-166 ft
Archery CourseN O R G E
612 ft-74 ft8 ft
Around Quartz HillOne Tree Hill Regional Park
2 miles-152 ft211 ft
Around the BackOne Tree Hill Regional Park
4,686 ft-21 ft139 ft
Around the SideOne Tree Hill Regional Park
1,462 ft-39 ft27 ft
ArrythmiaPlenty Gorge MTB Park
3,228 ft-99 ft79 ft
Arthur MorrisDry Diggings
2,054 ft-93 ft
Atlas 9Maryvale Pines
1,611 ft-27 ft22 ft
AUBig Hill Mountain Bike Park
1,058 ft-65 ft23 ft
AuburnYackandandah MTB Track Network
4,236 ft-150 ft32 ft
Australian Alpine Epic TrailMt Buller Bike Park
20 miles-5,411 ft2,132 ft
Avid Way #50Mystic Mountain Bike Park
1,329 ft-100 ft7 ft
Avondale DipMaribyrnong river
243 ft-3 ft
Axeman's TrackYou Yangs MTB Park
1 mile-39 ft53 ft
B lineWarby Ranges
453 ft-6 ft
B Man's FoleyOne Tree Hill Regional Park
2,434 ft-13 ft35 ft
Baby Heads #5Eumeralla MTB Park
4,111 ft-42 ft117 ft
Back and ForthHumevale
443 ft-11 ft7 ft
Back in Black...woodWombat Forest
2 miles-505 ft67 ft
Back in the P.G.N.PPlenty Gorge MTB Park
4,117 ft-87 ft26 ft
Back PassageArarat Hills McDonalds Park
1,052 ft34 ft
Back to the roadEumeralla MTB Park
3,330 ft-33 ft14 ft
Back to YackYackandandah MTB Track Network
2,953 ft-128 ft91 ft
Back TrackDry Diggings
4,089 ft-216 ft1 ft
BacoWalmer State Forest
6 miles-438 ft438 ft
Bad LandsMelbourne
1,998 ft-28 ft26 ft
Baguette RunLerderderg Gorge
1 mile-52 ft363 ft
Baker Bills Track - 4WDLerderderg Gorge
1 mile-97 ft277 ft
Bakers Dozen #2Silvan MTB Park
5,079 ft-191 ft213 ft
Bakers Gully Reservoir Lower LoopBright
2,349 ft-50 ft43 ft
Ballarat - Skipton Rail TrailBallarat
34 miles-971 ft428 ft
Ballin DescentOne Tree Hill Regional Park
2,763 ft-180 ft
Ballroom BlitzMystic Mountain Bike Park
4,760 ft-68 ft124 ft
BananaramaBig Hill Mountain Bike Park
1 mile-606 ft84 ft
Banarama-Downhill link trackBig Hill Mountain Bike Park
231 ft35 ft
Bandages or Glory #12You Yangs MTB Park
3,061 ft-291 ft
Bandicoot #15Eumeralla MTB Park
2,224 ft-60 ft31 ft
BandJoWarby Ranges
272 ft-3 ft
Bangle Reef TrackYackandandah MTB Track Network
2,641 ft-110 ft5 ft
Banjo GullyLerderderg Gorge
1,427 ft148 ft
Barlidjaru #12Forrest MTB Park
3 miles-609 ft678 ft
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