segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Seaseme St Sesame Street845 ft152 ft2682253065
24wd track to Bowenvale Ave Bowenvale Access Road3,494 ft370 ft2634221402
3Shazzas Dazza's767 ft123 ft2449216194
4Pono's Pono's2,645 ft337 ft2401108053
5Old School Gum Tree's Sesame Street387 ft69 ft2376205936
6Hundy Corners/Dazzas Shazza's935 ft135 ft22211563523
7Dazza's Shazza's554 ft131 ft2183170206
8Pono DH Pono's2,249 ft297 ft1750718411
9Flow Trail Enduro version New Bridges2,330 ft179 ft16081348315
10Nothing But Flow New Bridges1,166 ft50 ft1602134610
11Flow trail - treeline fence to 4wd track #CHCsoftcore New Bridges1,691 ft84 ft1447117344
12Vic Park 4wd 4 Sesame Street886 ft148 ft117572019
13Tree Bridges New Bridges813 ft96 ft115555413
14Lower Race Line Raceline718 ft131 ft1152686017
15Creek to Double Drop Bridges1,639 ft212 ft113749288
16Vale To Vale Bridge Bowenvale Access Road2,984 ft237 ft57021312
17Vic Park 4wd up 1 Pono's475 ft52 ft49022462
18Sneaky Ridge Sneaky Ridge914 ft213 ft44516619
19Summit Rd Climb Access Road2,168 ft272 ft2918371
20Victoria Park Road Climb Bowenvale Access Road2,408 ft314 ft1633141
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