segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Control Gates Hill Expressway2,200 ft146 ft438289518
2Tank Stand (Ascent) Tank Stand3,654 ft156 ft30431960420
3Nail It Out Nail It652 ft21 ft2992175120
4Top of Tank Stand to Grinder Incline836 ft57 ft2873158203
5Bridge to Waitawheta Road Hauraki Rail Trail- Waikino to Paeroa2 miles143 ft240738095
6Waterfall to tunnel Hauraki Rail Trail- Waikino to Paeroa2 miles43 ft237839532
7Grinder 1 Kinda Grinder683 ft186 ft230994195
8First 1/2 of Coaster Coaster2,178 ft84 ft22851305910
9Grinder Kinda Grinder2,354 ft246 ft2282907018
10New Coaster Coaster3,581 ft175 ft22801300815
11Second half of Coaster Coaster1,740 ft88 ft2279129078
12Coaster Coaster4,880 ft178 ft22251216521
13Offroad Coaster Expressway1,890 ft129 ft2180103675
14New Zzzz's Track Rotary Ride2,291 ft96 ft211080041
15Huka Falls - Watch out for tourists Rotary Ride1 mile142 ft209779203
16Tank it on the Straight Rotary Ride2,321 ft69 ft209478703
17Rotary ride Climb Rotary Ride1,310 ft29 ft204577454
18Up Icline Incline2,547 ft183 ft1959805711
19Kinloch to Whakaipo Bay Final Even More Awesome Descent W2K4,668 ft402 ft179930080
20Walters Wiggles Walter's Wiggles4,283 ft116 ft178162705
21SH Fun DH1 SH Fun2,244 ft66 ft177581123
22Waikino Waterjets AO Hauraki Rail Trail- Waihi to Waikino2 miles94 ft173432214
23GU Outback Climb Outback3,385 ft272 ft1702580411
24Whakaroa Rd Climb W2K1,825 ft265 ft164729323
25Cork Screw Beagle Boys4,260 ft94 ft163346680
26Outback to start Sugar Daddy Outback2 miles285 ft163153275
27My Biggest Fear is when I die My Wife Will Sell My Bikes For What I Told Her They Were Worth Huka Falls to Aratiatia5,251 ft111 ft152742801
28SH fun second half SH Fun1 mile73 ft151167904
29W2K Whakaipo Climb W2K2 miles499 ft144124371
30Fairfield hump Waikato River West Side- Pukete to Rostrevor Street589 ft16 ft143878856
31river track boardwalks Waikato River West Side- Pukete to Rostrevor Street2,561 ft34 ft143079045
32Waikato Express Huka Falls to Aratiatia1 mile136 ft142035341
33Put the hammer down! Huka Falls to Aratiatia4,197 ft51 ft141835290
34Y2K Climb from Whakaipo Bay W2K1 mile306 ft141825271
35Mr Mr and Mrs1 mile243 ft141841007
36Full SH Fun SH Fun2 miles154 ft1411638016
37Rotary Ride To Huka Rotary Ride2 miles161 ft140847900
38Inwards Goods Inwards Goods1,298 ft104 ft139938544
39Take The Sneaking Short Cut Rotary Ride931 ft105 ft139445021
40Down Debs Debs Track1 mile189 ft136436658
41Aratiatia / SH1 Climb Huka Falls to Aratiatia2,918 ft147 ft133532792
42Buzzard to Kinda-G Link Buzzard1,320 ft138 ft132940581
43To the chopper Cafe Track1,516 ft35 ft127636740
44Rotary Start Bridge to Huka Falls Bridge Rotary Ride3 miles175 ft126741806
45New Squirt Scraggs Out3,002 ft52 ft126687767
46Wham Bam Blow Your Ring On the Climb and Scare all the Little Kids Man! Waikato River West Side- Pukete to Rostrevor Street1,502 ft69 ft124555824
47River to Pukete Rd Climb Waikato River West Side- Pukete to Rostrevor Street574 ft19 ft123957145
48Contact to the resort Aratiatia Loop2,351 ft59 ft123332180
49New Walters Wiggles Part 2 Walter's Wiggles3,388 ft157 ft121941586
50Awesome Downhill Outback1,582 ft145 ft121938555
51Cobham Drive Path River Trail West Side Cobham Bridge to Victoria on the River4,237 ft54 ft118863562
52Kégresse (Start) Kègresse2,139 ft21 ft116724372
53New Walters Wiggles Part 1 Walter's Wiggles1,447 ft172 ft116239712
54Debs Track Debs Track2 miles197 ft109228392
55Rotary ride return climb 2 Rotary Ride1,048 ft44 ft107327561
56Buzzard Buzzard3,485 ft368 ft104826645
57Scragg Scraggs Return2,038 ft69 ft104459164
58Sugar Daddy part 2 to Steamfield start Steamfields1 mile247 ft103229532
59Flowfoelds aka Steamfields DH3 Steamfields2,451 ft102 ft100827130
60Steamfields DH 1 Steamfields1,001 ft49 ft100235214
61ACID DROP Acid Drop567 ft59 ft99629301
62Sugar Daddy to Wairakei track cut in Steamfields1 mile256 ft95032148
63Skidrow South Redwoods1,316 ft43 ft94940702
64Steamfields DH 2 aka FunFields Steamfields2,423 ft195 ft94731898
65Junk and Disorderly Junk and Disorderly4,897 ft93 ft92325023
66Hotwater beach to Loop Road Te Totara Gully2,260 ft122 ft90717161
67Kinloch to Whakaipo Bay Second More Awesome Descent W2K2,074 ft282 ft87813090
68Huka Falls to Loop Road Cafe Track1,502 ft77 ft87627730
69L o v e T h e C o r n e r s Cafe Track2,030 ft83 ft82517290
70Up, over and go Sandpit to Carpet Gully550 ft23 ft820106480
71Kegresse to Ferret Kègresse3,701 ft46 ft80413272
72Poo Fence - Going Down Carpet Gully to Bottom763 ft5 ft803107555
73Pukete Exit The Sandpit1,895 ft18 ft799110304
74Pukete Stairwell Carpet Gully to Bottom650 ft6 ft781150250
75PD Down hill run PD1,247 ft67 ft77451595
76Dolce back straight Dolce (the sweet bit after spagetti)418 ft4 ft763185561
77Dolce - Proper Dolce (the sweet bit after spagetti)2,487 ft13 ft749989414
78Cobham Bridge to Bridge St West Side River Trail West Side Cobham Bridge to Victoria on the River1 mile69 ft71829401
79Sugar Daddy Steamfields2 miles282 ft71417372
80Climb Link Easy Up656 ft72 ft70351513
81Gurney Trail to Low Road Gurney Trail2,513 ft8 ft68480855
82Final Straight Q Line Road1,561 ft72 ft68060254
83Bunny jungle Wairakei Resort Track4,575 ft100 ft67316520
84STEAMFIELD Steamfields3 miles296 ft66114601
85River Path Cobham to Bridge Street River Path East Side1 mile38 ft64626642
86The Willows and Billy's Patch The Sandpit2,102 ft11 ft63059611
87Pukete part 1 The Sandpit2 miles34 ft61761604
88Link track Big Willy407 ft43 ft60830160
89Snake Snake1,791 ft33 ft60125102
90pukete bottom Pukete Bottom1,227 ft11 ft59264411
91New Tourist Trap Tourist Trap3 miles105 ft575133410
92State Highway Climb Hauraki Rail Trail- Waikino to Paeroa1,119 ft341 ft5397941
93Waipapa Road Climb Waikato River trail - Whakamaru to Mangakino1,141 ft341 ft5277750
94Swing Bridge Waikato River trail - Whakamaru to Mangakino2 miles88 ft5177571
95Blood Sweat and Gears The Sandpit864 ft14 ft496407110
96Will this snake work? Snake2,942 ft79 ft48516780
97PD Extension PD Extension2,495 ft36 ft45019770
98Maber Mile Maber Mile2,564 ft138 ft42626273
99Stuck Tractor 2 Stuck Tractor1,225 ft21 ft42329721
100Stuck tractor Stuck Tractor1,473 ft32 ft41529176
101Jellyfish Up Jellyfish1,652 ft110 ft39636006
102Gobblers Gobblers Knob2,651 ft137 ft39211287
103State Highway 2 Climb Hauraki Rail Trail- Waikino to Paeroa2,362 ft399 ft3865492
104Road climb Big Red364 ft57 ft38013770
105my KOM Forestry Access Road4,699 ft148 ft37327600
106New Bumble Bee Bumble Bee2,676 ft56 ft37011740
107Sainsbury Road, Pirongia Forestry Access Road3,568 ft308 ft36124603
108Speedy Cheetah Mountain Lion1,870 ft149 ft36113054
109Tsunami 2014 Tsunami3,209 ft241 ft35315274
110Lets Do That again Forestry Access Road1 mile411 ft34822583
111The Sorcerer The Apprentice3,066 ft309 ft33628738
112Not So Easy Not So Easy1 mile194 ft33420158
113The Sorcerer (Cropped Correctly) The Apprentice2,423 ft281 ft33429342
114Knob Gobbling Gobblers Knob1,153 ft142 ft32511762
115Braaap2Bridge Snake1,314 ft64 ft3258301
116Fritz Fritz2,751 ft102 ft32315636
117OPen zig zag climb???? 44/11525 ft59 ft31314991
118easy climb Bedrock Rise4,790 ft144 ft29516583
119The actual Sorcerer The Apprentice2,866 ft138 ft29319461
12049? 44/111,414 ft163 ft28910901
121Kahupungapunga Kahupungapunga2,854 ft175 ft28810071
122Boost to Pokaiwhenua Cougar Road2,415 ft49 ft2849611
123BamBam Bam Bam4,627 ft100 ft28314612
124Rocky Knob Rocky Nob1,628 ft82 ft28013980
125Dog Roll... Dog Roll1,469 ft163 ft27712803
126Riverdance Nov 2014 Riverdance4,294 ft62 ft27713720
127Riverdance 2013 version Riverdance3,434 ft47 ft27413250
128Gentle Grinder Gentle Grinder726 ft35 ft2698570
129Fenceline 1st section Phils Gold3,236 ft180 ft2699180
130Tree Trunk Gorge Rd Climb Tree Trunk Gorge2,770 ft314 ft2632950
131Middle Ridge to Hillbilly Middle Ridge to Hillbilly2,227 ft184 ft26313170
132Winner Hill - First Climb Le Grinder1,882 ft100 ft26213301
133Tree Trunk- Ck to carpark. Tree Trunk Gorge2 miles355 ft2612930
134Winner Hill - Late Spring 2013 Version Le Grinder1,594 ft106 ft25913431
135make it hurt Cougar Road1,490 ft52 ft2566962
136Skidrow North Redwoods1,554 ft19 ft25615191
137Tree Trunk trail - going North Tree Trunk Gorge3 miles317 ft2512831
138ken road block grade 2 Bam Bam3,459 ft114 ft2488601
139Ngatioki Rimu Loop588 ft53 ft24312620
140Full Tree Trunk Gorge Tree Trunk Gorge3 miles323 ft2422721
141Aqualung Aqualung1,099 ft58 ft23810776
142Cruiser Cruiser1,019 ft107 ft23810017
143Peter Rabbit Peter Rabbit1,656 ft74 ft23716965
144DH Access Climb to Dirt Bag DH Access988 ft191 ft2378501
145Sweeping Bewdy Winner Hill627 ft32 ft23312670
146Hard Labour Forestry Access Road3,151 ft277 ft2326672
147Snake 2014 Snake3,640 ft132 ft2264950
148Bermy McSwitchback Black Pantha2,509 ft192 ft2236092
149Pipi Run Bluebottle1,152 ft103 ft2226440
150Winner Summit DH Winner Hill1,241 ft106 ft22112150
151winner hill all 2016 Le Grinder3,339 ft117 ft2039350
152DH Access Climb DH Access2,125 ft294 ft2026310
153SH1 Gully Trail SH1 Gully track to Redwoods track612 ft83 ft19712340
154Big Red Twister Big Red2,099 ft45 ft1955304
155Bullock top section Bullock Track4,770 ft314 ft1959820
156Bullock to Luck at Last Stream Bullock Track2 miles701 ft1939602
157Mountain Lion first climb Mountain Lion2,587 ft79 ft1907074
158Pedal to the metal Flat Sticks1,904 ft14 ft1887131
159Winner Hill - 2016 Le Grinder3,226 ft120 ft1886660
160Staircase Tsunami4,369 ft305 ft1859140
161Bullock Track Bullock Track2 miles778 ft1829355
162MOUNTAIN LION Mountain Lion1 mile154 ft1826983
1635 Min Laps Winner Hill4,556 ft144 ft1706410
164D track to stream. Double D to Creek2,944 ft408 ft1628161
165Bullock bottom section Bullock Track3,010 ft369 ft1607902
166Fenceline Fenceline2,614 ft119 ft1572020
167D Track downhill to stream Double D to Creek2,077 ft234 ft1568002
168Dirt Bag Short Dirtbag1,057 ft209 ft1424161
169te miro dh track Dustbowl3,139 ft395 ft1414463
1701st climb Toko SS PJs Pride1,675 ft163 ft1413350
171Caveman 2 Caveman 21,322 ft169 ft1374103
172Over The Falls Over The Falls1,283 ft153 ft1364412
173Water Tank trail Water Tank Trail1,998 ft66 ft1334942
174feeling the love Cougar Road850 ft29 ft1303672
175Double D Double D1,731 ft129 ft1196630
176PJS 2018 edition PJs Pride2,954 ft64 ft1132310
177Inspectors Entrance - To the tracks Welcome to Valhalla672 ft54 ft971880
178Gum to native Climb Gum to Native4,747 ft537 ft972970
179Wairakei short cut backwards Eddie's 4001,219 ft101 ft922960
180Tree Trunk trail - going South Tree Trunk Gorge3 miles318 ft91960
181Staircase Road Climb Phoenix No.2 Rd Climb1,969 ft265 ft784490
182Mushroom Bridge to end of Gum Ta Mushroom Bridge2,164 ft125 ft772590
183Hammerhead Short Hammerhead Short2,969 ft203 ft773802
184Merrens Taities - Dope on a rope Rope a Dope1,228 ft95 ft742160
185Bens Lomond - olly loop Hateful 801,413 ft51 ft731570
186Ohui - BackDrop2 BackDrop23,750 ft502 ft737815
187Ohui - Phoenix No.2 Rd Climb Phoenix No.2 Rd Climb3,296 ft267 ft734402
188Titoki Gully (Descent) Titoki Gully shared path2,230 ft105 ft713820
189Shore Break Shore Break1,198 ft45 ft671601
190Pheniox climb Phoenix Climb4,749 ft237 ft652011
191Ohui - The Bevan The Bevan2,512 ft559 ft503065
192Just MUPPET Muppet652 ft93 ft351440
193Ohui - Punga Loop Ponga2,317 ft108 ft351112
194Waterfall decent Waterfall2,598 ft379 ft331612
195Winner hill road climb Winner Hill697 ft102 ft31770
196up Titoki gully Titoki Gully shared path2,156 ft99 ft23750
197Phoenix Down Phoenix No.2 Rd Climb3,389 ft257 ft21660
198Gum to native down hill Gum to Native1 mile540 ft13170
199Ngatioki reverse Rimu Loop1,070 ft58 ft12400
200KC's climb to ridge line KC Climb2,007 ft200 ft12170
201Te Miro Rd Climb Dustbowl3,497 ft405 ft450
202Gilchrist Street Climb Mushroom Bridge1,707 ft287 ft230
203Camber EVO Fun Huka Falls to Aratiatia1,759 ft90 ft000
204Paris-Roubaix wannabe roadie blast Aratiatia Loop2 miles70 ft000
205Ferguson climb Ferguson's Gully1,760 ft144 ft000
206Tunnel to Sugar Daddy Part 2 Resort Track3,083 ft185 ft000
207End Sugardaddy to Golf tube Resort Track3,524 ft214 ft000
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