segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Seaview DH -Stage 1 Wainui Hill Road (Griffin's Factory to Hill Top)3,094 ft311 ft152687502
2Labyrinth Labyrinth2,671 ft261 ft14411132011
3Freewheel part 1 Freewheel3,291 ft154 ft1431102825
4Jungle Gym Jungle Gym1 miles273 ft1429982820
5Freewheel, trig to 4wd Freewheel3,689 ft369 ft14191006117
6Freewheel May 2013 Freewheel4,707 ft359 ft141499974
7Pump! Red Track261 ft9 ft1358109843
8banker Wetland Loop688 ft62 ft118573413
9Freewheel (stages 1, 2 & 3) Freewheel1 miles469 ft1183682214
10Snail Trail Snail Trail1,309 ft166 ft114481089
11Snail trial (long version) Snail Trail3,591 ft249 ft1095712613
12The Directa Beeline720 ft48 ft104771639
13B-line Ext Beeline832 ft71 ft102870867
14Receiver - Deposit Wainui Hill Road (Griffin's Factory to Hill Top)965 ft100 ft97059360
15Beeline Extension Beeline774 ft54 ft95966223
16491 4911,468 ft208 ft883417912
17B-line Beeline2,067 ft196 ft807378013
18Labyrinth 2016 - down Labyrinth2,056 ft275 ft745297412
19Towai Traverse Climb Towai Traverse1 miles177 ft680336910
20Te Whiti Mid Climb Te Whiti Riser1 miles413 ft67632018
21Labyrinth 2016 - full up/down Labyrinth5,190 ft281 ft54817232
22riser to freewheel ECNZ Pylon track (South section)4,260 ft85 ft50920440
23Wetland Loop - Northside Loop Wetland Loop3,330 ft135 ft48917904
24Towai Traverse Towai Traverse1 miles158 ft43214545
25Labyrinth descent ECNZ Pylon track (South section)2,373 ft249 ft43014243
26Te Whiti Riser - south turn off Te Whiti Riser2 miles752 ft41310366
27Te Whiti Riser (ECNZ Road South Exit) Te Whiti Riser2 miles740 ft41210350
28Seddon St (Interval) Climb ECNZ Pylon track (South section)3,022 ft235 ft37411622
29Rata Ridge singletrack descent Rata Ridge1 miles436 ft3146870
30Rata Ridge Rata Ridge1 miles560 ft2735523
31Rakau Grove Climb Mount Ken2,315 ft264 ft2306050
32Rata Ridge Zig Zag Exit Zigzag Track2,838 ft386 ft1844000
33Te Whiti Mid Descent Te Whiti Riser1 miles402 ft1715111
34Morepork DH Morepork4,363 ft1,005 ft1252938
35Lees Grove Climb Rata Ridge2,525 ft292 ft741100
36Gardiner Grove Climb Rata Ridge2,441 ft301 ft671020
37Puriri Puriri1,858 ft358 ft631190
38Mitimiti Grove Climb Konini Firebreak1,820 ft289 ft582121
39Mitimiti Grove Climb Konini Firebreak1,787 ft270 ft582150
40Mohaka St Climb ECNZ Pylon track (South section)2,262 ft286 ft000
41Wainuiomata Hill Rd Climb Wainui Hill Road (Griffin's Factory to Hill Top)3,239 ft377 ft000
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