segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Downhill Finish (Sign to Gate) Deans Bank Track2,219 ft65 ft2852103007
2Deans Berms Deans Bank Track4,586 ft26 ft2810101298
3Top to Bottom Downhill Deans Bank Track1 miles177 ft279599956
4Climb up from river Deans Bank Track4,038 ft206 ft266179187
5down hill in pines, hard Deans Bank Track2,561 ft150 ft263892285
6Finish it off. Deans Bank Track2 miles206 ft261488383
7Dean's Initial Climb Deans Bank Track2 miles190 ft253893667
8Blueshark lunch loop Deans Bank Track5 miles210 ft235465220
9down hill in pines, easy Deans Bank Track3,165 ft155 ft231874750
10Deans Bank Deans Bank Track7 miles215 ft2266679750
11Chairlift Chairlift1,489 ft131 ft18721346715
12Cranking Fine RH line Cranking Fine1,983 ft119 ft134442989
13Venus (Down) Venus3,137 ft135 ft1318380512
144G 4G1,647 ft86 ft1291355013
15Lower Peroxide Kooza1,994 ft114 ft124137628
16Tunnel of love up Sick Boy1,360 ft88 ft119334054
17Dizzy Turns Dizzy Turns1,693 ft124 ft1193414111
18Stumpy Carrot Cake1,530 ft153 ft98942599
19Rockabilly Ditch Hikuwai Loop (aka Hairy Bush)941 ft85 ft80130713
20Sesame Street Sesame Street805 ft88 ft68211582
21blantis .down. Bilantis2,219 ft152 ft668139711
22Shindig North by North3,712 ft115 ft64218915
23Hoe Down down Hoe Down2,201 ft99 ft61712654
24Hikuwai Loop - Outlet entry to Aubrey gate Hikuwai Loop (aka Hairy Bush)2 miles140 ft54118630
25The Grove Carrot Cake833 ft144 ft47910443
26sick boy DH Sick Boy1,370 ft89 ft4678684
27Cardrona Bike Park Morning Glory Morning Glory3,787 ft404 ft46315443
28Pedal or Die Pedal or Die961 ft39 ft44112794
29Cardrona Enduro Arcadia Arcadia1 miles882 ft41912510
30Cardrona Bike Park Arcadia Arcadia2 miles1,053 ft404111214
31Dirt Diggler Pedal or Die638 ft41 ft3789975
32Western Heights Up Western Heights1,869 ft76 ft3237202
33Low Viz Lo ViZ1,509 ft202 ft2494981
34Dirt Star Downhill Dirtstar Downhill2,658 ft559 ft1672800
35Tuohys Gully Road Climb Snow Farm Road2,684 ft278 ft1503011
36Tuohys Gully Road Climb Snow Farm Road2 miles858 ft1372590
37Tuohys Gully Road Climb Snow Farm Road2,808 ft292 ft1171991
38Tuohys Gully Rd Climb Snow Farm Road7 miles3,079 ft971544
39Cardrona DTL DTL3,606 ft724 ft911351
40Gutbuster Climb Gutbuster654 ft79 ft45770
41Prospector Prospector1 miles866 ft42710
42Hairy Bush Hikuwai Loop (aka Hairy Bush)3 miles154 ft15310
43A Cardrona Valley Road Climb Snow Farm Road2 miles733 ft13160
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