segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Plunkton Rd Climb Lenord's Loop4,233 ft269 ft36010802
2Worm Bermer Lenord's Loop2,962 ft193 ft3569835
3What goes down... Lenord's Loop1 miles223 ft34011406
4Outer Lower Loop - DH Lenord's Loop3,473 ft205 ft33911444
5Suki's-DH Suki's Alley2,106 ft77 ft3209292
6Amenta's way from lookout Amenta's Way2,176 ft97 ft3136970
7Top Loop Counter Clockwise Flying Squirrel2 miles150 ft2999215
8Flying Squirrel Down RIGHT Flying Squirrel4,719 ft148 ft2385454
9Race course split 1 Snowball2,534 ft399 ft23513063
10Gondolier Gondolier1,227 ft172 ft23510881
11race to twist Ridgie672 ft75 ft2328141
12Down to Valley House Valley House Traverse2,417 ft295 ft23113650
13Burly Maple Burly Maple1,969 ft268 ft2299683
14Wood Lot Wood Lot740 ft83 ft22810732
15Grandstand to Bail-Out Grand Stand3,102 ft438 ft2169152
16Grand Stand split 1 Grand Stand925 ft132 ft2089322
17Meadow loop counterclockwise Tootsie Roll3,824 ft71 ft1974921
18Grand Stand split 2 Grand Stand1,857 ft277 ft1967832
19Eurich Pond Climb Eurich Pond1,068 ft97 ft1906101
20Turkey Tumble (Lower) Racers Edge261 ft72 ft1687330
21Meadow Clockwise Tootsie Roll3,284 ft55 ft1664962
22Lower snowball to East of eden Lower Snowball1,584 ft253 ft1634621
23Pusherman (East to West) Pusherman4,045 ft281 ft1532892
24Big / Fisher Cat Big Birch2,166 ft321 ft1303220
25Ruffed Up Ruffed Up965 ft307 ft1053292
26Geyer's DH2 Geyers1,466 ft116 ft972611
27Upper Guyers Geyers2,418 ft186 ft962540
28Geyer's (down) Geyers3,556 ft242 ft932503
29East of Eden East of Eden1,074 ft308 ft892390
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