segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
1Joe's Actual DH Joe's2,659 ft281 ft28011189811Waterbury
2Unnamed For Now S'Mores1,840 ft171 ft204792850Waterbury
3S'Mores S'Mores1,709 ft183 ft2021945418Waterbury
4S'Mores S'Mores1,853 ft187 ft198993741Waterbury
5Split 1 Burning Spear1,280 ft105 ft121641661Waterbury
6Split 2 Burning Spear2,494 ft156 ft121641631Waterbury
7Burning Spear Down Burning Spear4,815 ft313 ft1209412610Waterbury
8Permission (to top of Burning Spear) Permission4,512 ft206 ft1196410011Waterbury
9Campfire Down (Can't Remember Other Name) Campfire1 mile294 ft118546665Waterbury
10Campfire HOT Campfire1,943 ft216 ft117147123Waterbury
11Joe's Trail Down Joe's2,892 ft166 ft1069355811Waterbury
12Rastaman Down Rasta Man4,407 ft430 ft105226338Waterbury
13Rastaman Total Rasta Man2 miles486 ft100624972Waterbury
14Rastaman Rasta Man5,068 ft499 ft97823432Waterbury
15Devil's Handshake Rasta Man1,315 ft142 ft95725682Waterbury
16Rock And Roll (lower advanced) Rock and Roll1,108 ft43 ft6418861Barre
17Warmup Climb Wells & Lamson VAST1,642 ft134 ft63912001Barre
18Scrambler Rambler1,839 ft42 ft56018410Barre
19Windingwoods Wynding Woods2,004 ft68 ft55515770Barre
20red trail Red3,213 ft432 ft51219761Northfield
21Rev (Just DH) Revolution4,745 ft314 ft51013025Waitsfield
22Vortex Vortex1,181 ft51 ft4999002Barre
23Orange from top of red Orange Trail2,385 ft309 ft48222422Northfield
24Harrington Ridge Harrington Ridge2,096 ft82 ft4776591Barre
25Upper Cyclone (DH) Cyclone4,227 ft180 ft46811260Waitsfield
26Scotchtape UP Scotch Tape1,478 ft85 ft44914540Waterbury
27Harrington Heights Harrington Heights3,472 ft127 ft4405892Barre
28The Ridge Red2 miles291 ft42914461Northfield
29Angry Gnome UP Angry Gnome2,160 ft184 ft4155240Barre
30TNT TNT1 mile84 ft3945182Barre
3112 Hours of Millstone Capital Quarry Climb Capital Trail831 ft78 ft38716140Barre
32Enchanted Forest to Cyclone Connector Enchanted Forest1 mile256 ft3789725Waitsfield
33Blacklagoon Black Lagoon1,113 ft42 ft36712970Barre
34Revolution Climb Revolution4,390 ft320 ft3668628Waitsfield
35Plunkton Rd Climb Lenord's Loop4,233 ft269 ft36010802Warren
36Worm Bermer Lenord's Loop2,962 ft193 ft3569835Warren
37Revolution! (down) Revolution4,418 ft298 ft3508576Waitsfield
38Cyclone DH Cyclone1 mile534 ft3498313Waitsfield
39The Cyclone! Down Cyclone2 miles606 ft3458276Waitsfield
40What goes down... Lenord's Loop1 mile223 ft34011406Warren
41Outer Lower Loop - DH Lenord's Loop3,473 ft205 ft33911444Warren
42Woodside Woodside741 ft28 ft3257980Barre
43Black Bear Run Bear Lane955 ft87 ft3237995Waterbury
44Suki's-DH Suki's Alley2,106 ft77 ft3209292Warren
45Amenta's way from lookout Amenta's Way2,176 ft97 ft3136970Warren
46Stone Wall Climb Stonewall4,066 ft393 ft3117927Waterbury
47Locomotion down Locomotion1 mile86 ft3044390Barre
48High Bridge Highbridge4,002 ft330 ft30177410Waterbury
49Top Loop Counter Clockwise Flying Squirrel2 miles150 ft2999215Warren
50GS UH GS3,689 ft302 ft2935910Waitsfield
51new GS climb GS4,545 ft316 ft2885871Waitsfield
52The Clinic (to Nature Boy) - Down Clinic5,219 ft378 ft2725226Waitsfield
53Evolution DH Evolution1 mile323 ft2714932Waitsfield
54Rambler Rambler2,150 ft46 ft2703640Barre
55RideRunner TNT330 ft26 ft2683581Barre
56Evolution Evolution1 mile329 ft2684941Waitsfield
57Angry Gnome (Actual Segment) Angry Gnome1,128 ft101 ft2593011Barre
58DisneyLand V1 Disneyland3,023 ft290 ft2563970Waterbury
59Green Trail Down Green Trail1,777 ft145 ft24910082Northfield
60Flying Squirrel Down RIGHT Flying Squirrel4,719 ft148 ft2385454Warren
61Enchanted Forest to Cyclone Connector (up) Enchanted Forest1,398 ft148 ft2384424Waitsfield
62Indian Trail counterclockwise Indian Trail1,836 ft42 ft2357550Barre
63Race course split 1 Snowball2,534 ft399 ft23513063Warren
64Gondolier Gondolier1,227 ft172 ft23510881Warren
65race to twist Ridgie672 ft75 ft2328141Warren
66Evolution Evolution1 mile316 ft2324255Waitsfield
67Down to Valley House Valley House Traverse2,417 ft295 ft23113650Warren
68Burly Maple Burly Maple1,969 ft268 ft2299683Warren
69Wood Lot Wood Lot740 ft83 ft22810732Warren
70Capital Loop (Clockwise) Capital Loop1,316 ft33 ft2222700Barre
71Grandstand to Bail-Out Grand Stand3,102 ft438 ft2169152Warren
72Grand Stand split 1 Grand Stand925 ft132 ft2089322Warren
73Boiler Maker (Clockwise) Boiler Maker1,423 ft52 ft2082991Barre
74Meadow loop counterclockwise Tootsie Roll3,824 ft71 ft1974921Warren
75Grand Stand split 2 Grand Stand1,857 ft277 ft1967832Warren
76Eurich Pond Climb Eurich Pond1,068 ft97 ft1906101Warren
77Maple Twist DH Maple Twist2,355 ft230 ft1884570Fayston
78Turkey Tumble (Lower) Racers Edge261 ft72 ft1687330Warren
79Meadow Clockwise Tootsie Roll3,284 ft55 ft1664962Warren
80Lower snowball to East of eden Lower Snowball1,584 ft253 ft1634621Warren
81Busternut climb Busternut3,186 ft322 ft1632723Waitsfield
82Sugar Run to German Flats (Just DH) Catamount1 mile498 ft1544042Fayston
83Sugar Run to German Flats (Just DH) Catamount1 mile498 ft1544023Fayston
84Sugar Run (last sign down) - jumps Catamount3,360 ft272 ft1534083Fayston
85Pusherman (East to West) Pusherman4,045 ft281 ft1532892Warren
86Busternut Down Busternut3,001 ft327 ft1322030Waitsfield
87Dana Hill Rd Climb from Top of Revolution Dana Hill Road3,896 ft440 ft1312661Waitsfield
88Big / Fisher Cat Big Birch2,166 ft321 ft1303220Warren
89East Loop DH East Loop1,925 ft182 ft1173172Fayston
90Techy DH (2016) Techie3,053 ft269 ft1122041Fayston
91Techy (up) 2016 re-route Techie3,023 ft278 ft1071832Fayston
92Ruffed Up Ruffed Up965 ft307 ft1053292Warren
93Geyer's DH2 Geyers1,466 ft116 ft972611Warren
94Upper Guyers Geyers2,418 ft186 ft962540Warren
95GS down GS4,887 ft322 ft951482Waitsfield
96Cottonbrook Roubaix Climb Cotton Brook Road1 mile186 ft941851Waterbury
97Geyer's (down) Geyers3,556 ft242 ft932503Warren
98Gumball DH Gumball1 mile468 ft922650Fayston
99Lower Gumball Climb Gumball3,942 ft264 ft922920Fayston
100East of Eden East of Eden1,074 ft308 ft892390Warren
101Cottonbrook Roubaix Extension Cotton Brook Road2 miles184 ft881751Waterbury
102UpperSidewinder Upper Sidewinder1,704 ft51 ft85930Barre
103Permission (Downhill) Permission4,829 ft209 ft60690Waterbury
104Highlander Bottom Half Up Highlander2,890 ft190 ft601010Fayston
105Burning Spear (Uphill) Burning Spear1 mile306 ft54610Waterbury
106New North Branch-uphill Roll Call Climb1,085 ft111 ft511470Montpelier
107New North Branch-downhill Roll Call Climb1,000 ft133 ft511480Montpelier
108Roll Call Full Roll Call Climb2,313 ft143 ft511440Montpelier
109Darling Hill Rd To Top Red Loop3,215 ft128 ft43931Berlin
110Highlander Top Half Up Highlander4,639 ft260 ft40620Fayston
111Capital Loop (Counterclockwise) Capital Loop1,409 ft39 ft36390Barre
112Kelty Corners Kelty Corners Trail2,940 ft227 ft28320Waterbury
113Yellow trail descent Crosstown Road Trail3,606 ft261 ft22320Berlin
114Bailout to the bridge Gould Hill Trail1,395 ft83 ft21340Montpelier
115Sunny D Up Highlander1 mile467 ft20240Fayston
116Yellow trail climb Crosstown Road Trail3,493 ft250 ft16270Berlin
117Crosstown Rd Climb Red Loop4,846 ft303 ft15180Berlin
118School DH Pine Needle Path3,411 ft360 ft14400Moretown
119School Hill Climb Pine Needle Path3,124 ft333 ft7150Moretown
120Red Trail loop from Crosstown Rd Red Loop4 miles334 ft480Berlin
121fellowship first part Fellowship Ring1 mile121 ft000Barre
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