Mountain Bike
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#6 TrailMillstone Trails
1,142 ft-32 ft5 ft
Abbott's RunMillstone Trails
4,454 ft-45 ft124 ft
Access trail from parkingIrish Hill
1,031 ft-13 ft42 ft
Amenta's WayBlueberry Lake - Green Mountain National Forest
2 miles-201 ft208 ft
Angry GnomeMillstone Trails
2,286 ft-207 ft13 ft
Barred Owl BoulevardNorth Branch River Park
1 mile-6 ft218 ft
Barred Owl Boulevard climbNorth Branch River Park
705 ft51 ft
Bassett HillPhen Basin - CHSF - Old Center Fayston
1 mile-617 ft9 ft
Bear LaneCotton Brook
2,047 ft-34 ft125 ft
Beaver RunMillstone Trails
2,040 ft-34 ft43 ft
Big BirchSugarbush Resort
1,914 ft-336 ft19 ft
Black LagoonMillstone Trails
1,295 ft-32 ft48 ft
Bob Kemp TrailMiddlesex
3,271 ft-7 ft708 ft
Boiler MakerMillstone Trails
1,507 ft-53 ft68 ft
Boulder DashMillstone Trails
2,828 ft-42 ft155 ft
Bridge ConnectorIrish Hill
1,174 ft-25 ft88 ft
Burly MapleSugarbush Resort
2,218 ft-291 ft
Burning SpearPerry Hill
5,108 ft-215 ft40 ft
BusternutHowe Block - Camel's Hump State Forest
4,039 ft-333 ft7 ft
CampfirePerry Hill
1 mile-309 ft45 ft
Campfire ClimbPerry Hill
1,352 ft152 ft
Capital LoopMillstone Trails
1,374 ft-55 ft58 ft
Capital TrailMillstone Trails
1,869 ft-20 ft134 ft
Castlerock ConnectionSugarbush Resort
4,144 ft-9 ft343 ft
Castlerock RunoutSugarbush Resort
4,521 ft-444 ft
CatamountChase Brook Town Forest / Marble Hill Farm
2 miles-488 ft50 ft
Chain LinkPhen Basin - CHSF - Old Center Fayston
2 miles-472 ft123 ft
Climb from RastamanPerry Hill
1,913 ft142 ft
ClinicHowe Block - Camel's Hump State Forest
1 mile-441 ft78 ft
Clinic ConnectorHowe Block - Camel's Hump State Forest
1,354 ft-171 ft171 ft
Coffee RunSugarbush Resort
2,169 ft-220 ft
connector 1Irish Hill
1,555 ft-104 ft3 ft
connector 2Irish Hill
753 ft-82 ft
CrossfireMillstone Trails
934 ft-9 ft51 ft
Crosstown Road TrailIrish Hill
3,315 ft-271 ft39 ft
CycloneHowe Block - Camel's Hump State Forest
2 miles-680 ft139 ft
Cyclone ConnectorHowe Block - Camel's Hump State Forest
2,697 ft-10 ft131 ft
Dana Hill ConnectorFayston
714 ft-15 ft16 ft
Dead BirdMillstone Trails
546 ft-44 ft14 ft
DisneylandPerry Hill
4,019 ft-352 ft104 ft
DownspoutSugarbush Resort
2,077 ft-392 ft13 ft
DownyNorth Branch River Park
1,568 ft-115 ft14 ft
Duct TapePerry Hill
1,798 ft-25 ft95 ft
East LoopPhen Basin - CHSF - Old Center Fayston
2,205 ft-200 ft20 ft
East of EdenSugarbush Resort
2,539 ft-523 ft
Enchanted ForestHowe Block - Camel's Hump State Forest
1 mile-259 ft268 ft
Eurich PondEurich Pond
1,109 ft-104 ft
EvolutionHowe Block - Camel's Hump State Forest
2 miles-707 ft61 ft
Featherbed ConnectorMad River Valley
1,276 ft-14 ft
Fellowship RingMillstone Trails
2 miles-404 ft402 ft
Fellowship RingMillstone Trails
1,365 ft-97 ft130 ft
Fisher CatSugarbush Resort
614 ft-139 ft
Flying SquirrelBlueberry Lake - Green Mountain National Forest
2 miles-125 ft120 ft
GeyersEurich Pond
4,383 ft-286 ft26 ft
GondolierSugarbush Resort
1,056 ft-138 ft
Gould Hill TrailNorth Branch River Park
2,185 ft-108 ft12 ft
Grand CanyonMillstone Trails
1,481 ft-40 ft43 ft
Grand CanyonMillstone Trails
2,760 ft-104 ft212 ft
Grand LookoutMillstone Trails
2,949 ft-95 ft67 ft
Grand StandSugarbush Resort
3,847 ft-528 ft41 ft
Green (South)Norwich University Trails
1,921 ft-24 ft133 ft
Green TrailNorwich University Trails
4,851 ft-36 ft382 ft
GSHowe Block - Camel's Hump State Forest
4,341 ft-325 ft6 ft
GumballPhen Basin - CHSF - Old Center Fayston
3 miles-799 ft155 ft
HairyNorth Branch River Park
1,086 ft-169 ft
HarringtonMillstone Trails
1,881 ft-63 ft14 ft
Harrington HeightsMillstone Trails
3,293 ft-166 ft90 ft
Harrington RidgeMillstone Trails
2,200 ft-118 ft93 ft
Harris Hill ConnectorChase Brook Town Forest / Marble Hill Farm
1,355 ft-43 ft3 ft
Harris Hill LoopChase Brook Town Forest / Marble Hill Farm
2,283 ft-148 ft10 ft
Heifer PastureMillstone Trails
1,068 ft-34 ft52 ft
Heifer PastureMillstone Trails
4,522 ft-179 ft38 ft
Hermit Thrush HillNorth Branch River Park
1,742 ft177 ft
High PlumEurich Pond
2,779 ft-259 ft12 ft
HighbridgeCotton Brook
3,841 ft-338 ft23 ft
Highland FlingMt. Ellen
4,009 ft-2 ft253 ft
HighlanderMt. Ellen
2 miles-36 ft506 ft
HillfarmerCotton Brook
3,709 ft-201 ft26 ft
Indian TrailMillstone Trails
2,168 ft-93 ft89 ft
Joe'sPerry Hill
4,820 ft-273 ft90 ft
Joe's Original Line - The ChutePerry Hill
548 ft-73 ft
Last LightMillstone Trails
955 ft-26 ft27 ft
LawsonsMillstone Trails
825 ft-84 ft
LedgesMillstone Trails
1,055 ft-27 ft87 ft
Lenord's LoopBlueberry Lake - Green Mountain National Forest
2 miles-219 ft211 ft
Lenord's Loop AccessBlueberry Lake - Green Mountain National Forest
2,008 ft-64 ft50 ft
Little JohnMillstone Trails
1,136 ft-19 ft61 ft
LocomotionMillstone Trails
1 mile-366 ft265 ft
Lower ClimbPerry Hill
3,120 ft-5 ft271 ft
Lower Climb AltPerry Hill
456 ft-8 ft23 ft
Lower SnowballSugarbush Resort
1,840 ft-323 ft
Lower SummitNorwich University Trails
2,713 ft-5 ft274 ft
Lower Woods ClimbSugarbush Resort
2,697 ft-3 ft169 ft
Lower Woods DownhillSugarbush Resort
2,139 ft-148 ft
Lower Woods TrailSugarbush Resort
1,306 ft-44 ft14 ft
MainlineMillstone Trails
456 ft-5 ft7 ft
MainlineMillstone Trails
1 mile-113 ft252 ft
Maple TwistChase Brook Town Forest / Marble Hill Farm
3,189 ft-231 ft
Mellon ConnectorMt. Ellen
4,865 ft-9 ft188 ft
Misty MapleChase Brook Town Forest / Marble Hill Farm
1,257 ft-108 ft4 ft
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