segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Joe's Actual DH Joe's2,659 ft281 ft28011189811
2Unnamed For Now S'Mores1,840 ft171 ft204792850
3S'Mores S'Mores1,709 ft183 ft2021945418
4S'Mores S'Mores1,853 ft187 ft198993741
5Split 1 Burning Spear1,280 ft105 ft121641661
6Split 2 Burning Spear2,494 ft156 ft121641631
7Burning Spear Down Burning Spear4,815 ft313 ft1209412610
8Permission (to top of Burning Spear) Permission4,512 ft206 ft1196410011
9Campfire Down (Can't Remember Other Name) Campfire1 mile294 ft118546665
10Campfire HOT Campfire1,943 ft216 ft117147123
11Joe's Trail Down Joe's2,892 ft166 ft1069355811
12Rastaman Down Rasta Man4,407 ft430 ft105226338
13Rastaman Total Rasta Man2 miles486 ft100624972
14Rastaman Rasta Man5,068 ft499 ft97823432
15Devil's Handshake Rasta Man1,315 ft142 ft95725682
16Scotchtape UP Scotch Tape1,478 ft85 ft44914540
17Black Bear Run Bear Lane955 ft87 ft3237995
18Stone Wall Climb Stonewall4,066 ft393 ft3117927
19High Bridge Highbridge4,002 ft330 ft30177410
20DisneyLand V1 Disneyland3,023 ft290 ft2563970
21Cottonbrook Roubaix Climb Cotton Brook Road1 mile186 ft941851
22Cottonbrook Roubaix Extension Cotton Brook Road2 miles184 ft881751
23Permission (Downhill) Permission4,829 ft209 ft60690
24Burning Spear (Uphill) Burning Spear1 mile306 ft54610
25Kelty Corners Kelty Corners Trail2,940 ft227 ft28320
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