segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Shakedown Street Shakedown street1,886 ft53 ft50029608
2Tearin In Teran To Couch Potato2,867 ft25 ft37421135
3Tearing Out Teran To Couch Potato2,877 ft28 ft36220295
4Inner River Run Down River Run595 ft12 ft36225326
5Outer River Run Up River Run1,955 ft37 ft32319023
6Couch Potato Couch Potato1,296 ft24 ft31818147
7Beer Belly Down Couch Potato464 ft12 ft31618725
8River Run to Pond River Run1,921 ft36 ft30012341
9CandyLand Up Candyland1,158 ft24 ft29312945
10Murphy Down Murphy1,725 ft8 ft28114426
11Nirvana up Nirvana2,095 ft48 ft26110032
12Unchained DH Portion Unchained3,545 ft58 ft25510577
13Unchained, full, down Unchained1 miles62 ft25110096
14White Flag (Opt Out) Up Gold Digger1,157 ft23 ft2498653
15Nirvana Down Nirvana2,146 ft55 ft24512675
16Beer Belly Up Squirrel Love856 ft15 ft2448574
17tearing and daring Murphy2,028 ft10 ft24410072
18White Flag- down White Flag906 ft49 ft1917142
19Half Sugar Down Sugaree1,660 ft39 ft1886193
20White Flag (Full) Down White Flag3,263 ft61 ft1875766
21Lateralus Up Lateralus2,551 ft16 ft1766636
22Unchained- Moody Blues to 1st Bridge Unchained2,873 ft34 ft1626864
23Sugaree Sugaree3,341 ft40 ft1615146
24Lateralus Down Lateralus2,336 ft15 ft1544303
25Half Sugar Up Sugaree1,903 ft39 ft1403085
26Sledgehammer Down Sledgehammer1,291 ft9 ft1383916
27Sugaree reverse Sugaree2,909 ft38 ft1062221
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