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"A"Mt Vic
671 ft-146 ft
"V"Mt Vic
864 ft-190 ft
2 Bee LineTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)
3,596 ft-331 ft
4 DegreesBelmont Regional Park
2.2 miles-555 ft
491Waiu Park
1,475 ft-200 ft
A to ZMakara Peak Mountain Bike Park
733 ft-70 ft
Airstrip DriveAkatarawa Forest Park
5,177 ft-332 ft
AMP ConnectorMakara Peak Mountain Bike Park
620 ft-36 ft
Ara TawaPorirua East
1.5 miles-28 ft
Ara Tawa (South)Porirua
1.7 miles-58 ft
AratihiMakara Peak Mountain Bike Park
1.4 miles-460 ft
Ascot park (upper Bothamly)Porirua East
2,180 ft-19 ft
BailoutMakara Peak Mountain Bike Park
2,068 ft-137 ft
Baked beans bendBelmont Regional Park
1.6 miles-89 ft
Baked Beans BendBelmont Regional Park
2,432 ft-63 ft
BankerWaiu Park
818 ft-41 ft
Barking EmuHawkins Hill
1.4 miles-751 ft
Bee LineTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)
1,411 ft-192 ft
BeelineWaiu Park
3,293 ft-329 ft
Bees 2 BridgeTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)
1,909 ft-328 ft
Belmont RoadBelmont Regional Park
3.0 miles-549 ft
Belmont TrigBelmont Regional Park
1.6 miles-1,197 ft
Big Ring BoulevardAkatarawa Forest Park
3.0 miles-1,061 ft
Big Toms WheelieMakara Peak Mountain Bike Park
630 ft-27 ft
BoobiesAkatarawa Forest Park
2.1 miles-1,165 ft
BootlegCenntenial Reserve
659 ft-61 ft
BorderlineBelmont Regional Park
3,589 ft-659 ft
Bothamly to AoteaPorirua East
3,841 ft-123 ft
Bothamly walkwayPorirua East
2.7 miles-325 ft
Boulder HillBelmont Regional Park
2.7 miles-146 ft
BrazilianTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)
1,692 ft-171 ft
Browns Bay LookoutPorirua East
4,052 ft-262 ft
Bull RunBelmont Regional Park
4,556 ft-580 ft
Bull-A-VardeBelmont Regional Park
1,450 ft-61 ft
Bummer's WoodMt Vic
1,082 ft-61 ft
Burrows AveWrights Hill
2,739 ft-479 ft
Burrows Ave - Alternative LineWrights Hill
417 ft-7 ft
Camborne WalkwayPorirua
1.3 miles-195 ft
Cameron RidgePencarrow Head
1.9 miles-398 ft
Cannon Point roadTotara Park
1.4 miles-355 ft
Cannon point walkwayTotara Park
2,793 ft-72 ft
Car Park BypassMakara Peak Mountain Bike Park
514 ft-50 ft
Car PartsPolhill Gully Reserve
3,207 ft-324 ft
Carparts ExtensionHawkins Hill
5,243 ft-354 ft
CemeteryWestern Hills
5,180 ft-680 ft
Chimney SweepRangituhi Trail Park
1,990 ft-281 ft
ClinicalPolhill Gully Reserve
1.1 miles-426 ft
Co-OpAkatarawa Forest Park
1.8 miles-691 ft
Co-Op ExtensionAkatarawa Forest Park
1.1 miles-469 ft
Connect FourBelmont Regional Park
2,390 ft-106 ft
ConvictionCenntenial Reserve
2,274 ft-40 ft
Creek CrossingWaiu Park
127 ft-2 ft
Cross Creek TrackUpper Hutt
1.3 miles-213 ft
Damien'sMt Vic
1,320 ft-376 ft
DeadwoodAkatarawa Forest Park
4.5 miles-961 ft
DeliveranceWrights Hill
4,798 ft-635 ft
Descend Enemy LineBattle Hill
4,818 ft-836 ft
Devils StaircaseAkatarawa Forest Park
1.1 miles-20 ft
DirectaWaiu Park
999 ft-81 ft
DopersAkatarawa Forest Park
1.7 miles-228 ft
Down PipeWrights Hill
3,027 ft-254 ft
DozerWaiu Park
585 ft-77 ft
Dry CreekBelmont Regional Park
3.2 miles-1,479 ft
East West ConnectorTe Ahumairangi
1,483 ft-31 ft
Eastern sidleTe Ahumairangi
2,700 ft-332 ft
ECNZ Pylon accessWellington Region
1.2 miles-698 ft
Flow-KKaitoke Regional Park
3,874 ft-219 ft
FreewheelWaiu Park
1.3 miles-715 ft
G-DropTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)
1,947 ft-223 ft
Gilberd BushNorthern Hills
2,900 ft-250 ft
Goat RockTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)
3.0 miles-908 ft
Grant's TrackWrights Hill
2,150 ft-94 ft
Grenada GrindertronBelmont Regional Park
1.5 miles-931 ft
688 ft-223 ft
Gums LoopWainuiomata
1.7 miles-296 ft
Hataitai ZigzagMt Vic
2,334 ft-68 ft
Highbury FlingPolhill Gully Reserve
4,834 ft-290 ft
Hukinga ClearningAkatarawa Forest Park
4,568 ft-162 ft
2,594 ft-309 ft
Hydro Valley RoadAkatarawa Forest Park
2.5 miles-232 ft
Inconstant PointPencarrow Head
4,844 ft-340 ft
Jail BrakeCenntenial Reserve
2,296 ft-340 ft
JFKMakara Peak Mountain Bike Park
2,255 ft-252 ft
Jungle GymWaiu Park
1.3 miles-324 ft
Jungle ScoutWaiu Park
1,190 ft-91 ft
Juvenile Delinquent (Juvie)Cenntenial Reserve
3,493 ft-182 ft
K HoleWestern Hills
2,063 ft-348 ft
K2Western Hills
3,767 ft-159 ft
Kaitoke CoasterKaitoke Regional Park
1.3 miles-214 ft
Kaitoke PinesKaitoke Regional Park
4,344 ft-133 ft
Kaitoke PylonTotara Park
2,456 ft-217 ft
Karapoti GorgeAkatarawa Forest Park
2.6 miles-572 ft
Karitane JumpsSouthern Suburbs
295 ft-34 ft
Karori Park Perimeter TrackWestern Hills
3,164 ft-57 ft
Kids TrackCenntenial Reserve
1,614 ft-48 ft
KilmisterBelmont Regional Park
3.1 miles-778 ft
KilnWellington Region
4,593 ft-477 ft
KinderspeilWaiu Park
802 ft-12 ft
Kiwi cresSpicer Forest
5,003 ft-632 ft
Kiwi Ranch TrackUpper Hutt
4,687 ft-501 ft
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