Mountain Bike
ADA Trail
2,492 ft-15 ft16 ft
4,921 ft-268 ft42 ft
Buzzard DH
666 ft-80 ft
Cockscomb Connector (not blazed)
623 ft-93 ft
Cockscomb Connector to Iron Horse Trail
435 ft-65 ft
Cockscomb Loop (erosion) (red blaze)
551 ft-116 ft
Cockscomb Loop (lower) (red blaze)
3,315 ft-88 ft111 ft
Cockscomb Loop (red blaze)
337 ft-113 ft
Cockscomb Loop (upper) (red blaze)
2,398 ft-16 ft45 ft
Cockscomb Trail (lower)
2,838 ft42 ft
Cockscomb Trail (red blaze)
2,933 ft-36 ft82 ft
Connector 4
506 ft-65 ft
Dead End
226 ft
Down South
1,368 ft-25 ft
Eastern Dead End
539 ft-36 ft
Eastern Slope Dead End
1,111 ft-60 ft
Eroded Downhill
841 ft-216 ft
Gault Rd. to Gault Rd. (blue ribbons)
3,369 ft-85 ft45 ft
Gault Rd. to Tower to 897
1 mile-114 ft46 ft
Gault Road To Mountain Trail
1,334 ft6 ft
Green Connector Trail (green blaze)
1 mile98 ft
Ironhorse Extension East
827 ft35 ft
Ironhorse Extension West
935 ft-8 ft
Ironhorse Trail (blue blaze)
1 mile-80 ft108 ft
Learn To Turn
1,385 ft-5 ft
Midline Rock Garden
1,339 ft-8 ft6 ft
Mill Creek Watershed Trail
4,245 ft-201 ft
Money Rocks Overlook hiking (white blaze)
826 ft-57 ft91 ft
Money Rocks Overlook Trail (white blaze)
2,267 ft-51 ft73 ft
Mystery Trail
2,057 ft-1 ft25 ft
New Connector
571 ft-46 ft
1,713 ft-139 ft
No Name to Narvon Rd.
852 ft-35 ft
Northern Dead End 1
544 ft-72 ft
Northern Dead End 2
402 ft-27 ft
Northern Dead End 3
174 ft-5 ft19 ft
not a trail
260 ft31 ft
old ATV
559 ft-68 ft
Orange Connector Trail North (orange blaze)
1,722 ft-196 ft
Orange Connector Trail South (orange blaze)
1,683 ft-32 ft
Original MTB
2,402 ft-274 ft
Outward Slope
1,499 ft-27 ft46 ft
Overlook Trail (white blaze)
1,031 ft-84 ft
1,058 ft-39 ft3 ft
PRIVATE PROPERTY - dead end at pavilion
1,160 ft40 ft
Rail Grade (not blazed)
2,148 ft-10 ft69 ft
Rail Grade to Briertown Rd. to Sheep Hill Rd.
1 mile-109 ft
Red Trail
741 ft22 ft
Southern Traverse
3,163 ft-214 ft29 ft
2,713 ft-33 ft10 ft
Stupid dead end
431 ft-2 ft3 ft
Tower To Creek
1,981 ft-218 ft5 ft
Twisty Corner
2,688 ft-70 ft94 ft
Washout Trail (OSS ribbons)
1,642 ft-43 ft3 ft
Welsh Mountain Trail (blue blaze)
2 miles-105 ft102 ft
West Trail (blue ribbons)
2,062 ft-86 ft32 ft
Western Dead End
1,653 ft-73 ft
Western Dead End 1
566 ft-7 ft35 ft
Western Dead End 2
846 ft-13 ft41 ft
Western Dead End 3
993 ft-9 ft22 ft
Western Dead End 4
1,659 ft-72 ft
Yellow Blaze Trail
1,969 ft32 ft
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