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      West Branch features 11.4 miles of multiple tech-y singletrack trails that branch off from a worn-down paved road (a closed-off section of a longer road known as Cable Line). Aside from mountain biking; hiking and snowmobiling are the other uses of these trails. While the bike trails are too narrow for snowmobiles, bikes are allowed on the snowmobile trails. The trails were built and are maintained by CAMBA.Trails vary in difficulty from Easy-Intermediate to Difficult, and can be ridden either individually/in couples or consecutively in a loop if one desires (the trails are intended to be ridden clockwise, but can be ridden in either direction).
      The easiest trails are found to the north of cable Line, towards the lake. These trails may collectively be referred to as the Lakeside Trail, which consists of the Two Mile, Welcome to the Machine, Kitchen Sink, and East Davis trails.
      From getting on to Cable Line via the gravel connector and heading east, the Two Mile Trail is immediately on the left (Trails are marked). Two Mile Trail, while flowing in some parts, can also be technical due to rocks and roots. There is two steep climbs, which can prove difficult if you're in the wrong gear - which you may be in, as steep downhill sections precede the climbs. The remainder of this trail follows a pattern of moderate downhill sections heading towards the lake, and then somewhat long uphills back towards cable line. Two Mile Trail leads into Welcome to the Machine, which features nothing particularly difficult, and is mostly smooth. It does, however, feature some short bridges and optional kicker-jumps. The Machine will return back onto Cable Line a few yards west of a creek crossing.
      Just on the other side of this creek, the Lakeside Trail continues with Kitchen Sink. This trail has many root sections, along with bridges that are narrower (some being flat-top log-rides) than those on The Machine. This trail blends into East Davis, which is essentially the same as Kitchen Sink but flatter. It rides right along a gravel beach of the lake for a while, which provides a scenic view but also exposes the trail to the open sun. It also has low-to-ground wooden features such as s-bridges. While slightly more technical than Two Mile and Welcome to the Machine, the climbs and descents of Kitchen Sink and East Davis are few, and are not as prolonged. East Davis returns to cable line road near the Gate to Porter Road, and such concludes the Lakeside Trail.
      The Quarry Trail is a loop that is isolated from the other trails, but can be ridden to from cable line. To get to Quarry Trail, you must ride southbound on the intensely pot-holed Porter Road (which meets Cable Line by its east gate) and keep an eye out to the left. (If you are looking to ride this trail by itself, you can also park at the turn-around on the east end of Cable Line Road - but this would mean that you have to drive down Porter). This trail is intended to be ridden counter-clockwise (opposite of the other trails), but can be ridden in either direction. The Quarry Trail is very difficult, with large rock features and long rock gardens, some of which are uphill. A few of the most difficult sections have ride-arounds, but the ride-arounds are still difficult. It is also dangerously exposed in some spots, with one section riding along the edge of the titular quarry (which would be a sheer drop of over 100 ft. if you were to fall off), and other sections cut in to steep hills.
      On the other side of cable line from the Lakeside Trail sits the Southside Trail, which is broken down into the Gorge Trail/Rock Run Trail , Two Ponds, Bit O' Honey, and Rock Wall trails. On cable line, in between the start of Kitchen Sink and the end of East Davis, you should soon see a snowmobile trail on the opposite side. With a closer look, you should see a small bridge and a sign saying "Gorge Trail" If you have a map, this Gorge Trail is alternatively named the Rock Run Trail. Over the bridge is single track that starts off with some more bridges. Following that will be some long rock gardens. Once you get past those, there's a few low-to-ground wooden obstacles, and then you're on mostly dirt for once. Eventually, you'll see that the trail leads into a stream. It may take you a moment to see that the trail continues upstream. While the stream is ride-able, I can't see the hill after it not being walked up, especially due to wet tires. Nevertheless, the trail will continue on after that hill, with a few more bridges, until you get to the Two Ponds Trail. About halfway through on it will be the ponds that the name mentions.
      You'll soon get to the Rock Wall Trail. after starting on it, you will have a choice to make. Go on the Bit O' Honey Trail to the left, or heed the "CAUTION-Experts Only" sign and stay on Rock Wall. Rock Wall is incredibly difficult (though, less exposed than the Quarry Trail), with the trail consisting of mostly huge rocks of doom, slow drop-offs of face-hurt, and bike-trials-competition-like climbs. The trail is essentially built out of nothing but rocks. I'm not exaggerating (well, not too much), so you may want to opt for the slightly less difficult but much longer Bit O' Honey trail. (An alternate option would be to take Bit O' Honey for a short ways, then take a right onto the blue snowmobile trail where it intersects). Rock Wall, Honey, and the snowmobile trail will end up in the same place, which again gives you an option for either difficult singletrack (a continuation of Rock Wall) or a snowmobile trail. This time, I'd recommend taking the single track, marked "exit", for two reasons. 1.) The snowmobile trail, regardless of weather, seems to always be flooded, and 2.) The singletrack is difficult and rocky, but doesn't have the uphills that the other difficult trail section have. It can be a bit challenging, but if you've made it this far, you can probably handle it. Following it will take you to "Broke Back", which features a long, foot-wide, slightly elevated wood-and-rock skinny (a dirt trail runs along side it should you fall off). You'll end up back where you started-right across from where Lakeside starts.

      Before you go, there is a few things to watch out for:
      Never ride the trails if they are wet. West Branch seems to take a bit longer to dry out than other trails in the area. As I mentioned, a few spots on the snowmobile trails will always be flooded, but if any parts of the single track are wet, you should turn around and go home. Not only is it more work for the volunteers maintaining the trail, it also wears away the dirt, causing roots to stick up even more and forcing reroutes. Not to mention, having wet tires on these technical trails would simply not work.
      The trails are annually closed between March 1st and May 17th - this time may be extended. This is due to the fact that the trails will always be wet during thaw.
      The park does allow hunting during the season. If you do ride in this time, wear bright clothing and be cautious.
      Primary Trail Type: Cross-Country
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      Open as of Sep 13, 2019 ago
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      Total Distance
      24 miles
      Total Descent
      2,555 ft
      Total Vertical
      192 ft
      Highest Trailhead
      1,175 ft
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      Photos of West Branch State Park Mountain Bike

      trail: Quarry Trail
      2 |
      Sep 1, 2019 @ 11:58am
      Sep 1, 2019
      trail: Quarry Trail
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      Jul 26, 2019 @ 11:35am
      Jul 26, 2019
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      Jan 5, 2015 @ 10:31am
      Jan 5, 2015
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      Videos of West Branch State Park Mountain Bike

      West Branch State Park Quarry Trail
      499 | Oct 29, 2014 , Ravenna
      West Branch mountain bike trails 2009
      484 | Oct 24, 2014 , Ravenna

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      Activity Feed

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      Sep 13, 2019 @ 12:54pm
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      Recent Comments

      user #1533186Crash1414trailSouthside TrailDry and in great shape
      Sep 1, 2019 @ 11:56am
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      Sep 1, 2019 @ 11:54am
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      user #1533186Crash1414trailLakeside TrailTrial is really dry and in great shape
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      Oct 28, 2014 @ 12:16pm
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      user #526356swampboy62trailWest Branch State Park PathThis is the abandoned section of Cable Line...
      Oct 28, 2014 @ 12:14pm
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