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      West Branch features 11.4 miles, mostly singletrack, of multiple trails that branch off of a worn-down paved path(known as Cable Line). Aside from mountain biking; hiking and, during the winter, snowmobiling, are other possible activities.The trails were built and are maintained by CAMBA.Trails vary in difficulty, and can be ridden consecutively if one desires.
      The easiest trail starts off near the Trail Head Parking Lot. From Cable Line, the trail is immediately on the left (Trails are marked). This trail is referred to as Lakeside, and alternatively the Two Mile Trail. While flowing in some parts, it can also be rocky and technical. There is two steep climbs, which can prove difficult if you're in the wrong gear, which you may be in, as steep downhill sections precede the climbs. The point is, look ahead. This trail eventually leads into Welcome to the Machine, which features nothing particularly difficult, and is mostly smooth.The Machine will lead back into Cable Line, but if you go across a snowmobile trail connector, you can get to two more trails. I personally haven't been on them, so let's say you go to Cable Line. From there, you can choose to go right, back to the Parking lot, or left, which takes you into the more difficult trails.
      If you keep an eye out towards the right, you should soon see a snowmobile trail. With a closer look, you should see a small bridge and a sign saying "Gorge Trail" If you have a map, this Gorge Trail is referred to as the Rock Run Trail. Over the bridge is single track that starts off with some more bridges. Following it will be some rock gardens- or should I say boulder gardens? If your tires aren't too grippy, you'll have some trouble. Once you get past those, there's a few wooden obstacles, and then you're on mostly dirt. Eventually, you'll see that the trail leads into a stream. It may take you a moment to see that the trail continues upstream. You're likely a bit heated, so this is a good moment to cool off. The trail will continue on, with a few more bridges, until you get to the Two Ponds Trail. About halfway through on it will be the ponds that the name mentions. You'll soon get to the Rock Wall Trail. You will have two options. Go on the Bit O' Honey Trail, or heed the "CAUTION-Experts Only" sign and stay on Rock Wall. Rock Wall is incredibly difficult, with the trail consisting of mostly huge rocks of doom, drop-offs of face-hurt, and trials-like climbs. I'm not exaggerating (well, not too much), so you may want to opt for the slightly less difficult but much longer Bit O' Honey trail. Note that a snowmobile trail passes through near here, so that's also an option. Rock Wall and Honey will end up in the same place, which again gives you an option for either singletrack or snowmobile. I'd recommend taking the single track, marked "exit", for two reasons. 1.) The snowmobile trail, regardless of weather, seems to always be flooded, and 2.) The singletrack is more fun than difficult. It can be a bit challenging, but if you've made it this far, you can probably handle it. Following it will take you to "Broke Back", which features a long, foot-wide, slightly elevated wood-and-rock path (a dirt trail runs along side it should you fall off). You'll end up back where you started-right across from where Lakeside starts.
      You'll probably want to head home for now, as the sun might be setting by the time you're done with all of those trails. If you look at your map, though, you'll notice another circuit trail separate from the other trails. This is the Quarry Trail. It's not as difficult as Rock Wall, but it is almost entirely a rock garden. It features multiple crossings over a rock wall (not the trail, there's actually a really long wall that travels through the park), as well as optional more-difficult paths.
      Before you go, there is a few things to watch out for:
      Never ride the trails if they are wet. As I mentioned, a few spots on the snowmobile trails will always be flooded, but if any parts of the single track are wet, you should turn around and go home. Not only is it more work for the volunteers maintaining the trail, it also wears away the dirt, causing roots to stick up and forcing reroutes. Not to mention, it is Ohio - when the ground is wet, it'll stick to your tires, making it impossible to ride.
      The trails are annually closed between March 1st and May 17th - this time may be extended. This is due to the fact that the trails will always be wet during thaw.
      The park does allow hunting during the season. If you do ride in this time, wear bright clothing and be cautious.
      Primary Trail Type: Cross-Country
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      Avg Trail Rating
      Total Distance
      11.6 miles
      Total Descent Distance
      5.1 miles
      Total Descent
      643 ft
      Highest Trailhead
      1,150 ft
      Total Vertical
      158 ft
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