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Back to SchoolRose Valley
466 ft-91 ft
Bear BonesRose Valley
1.6 miles-1,023 ft
Bear Creek ConnectorRose Valley
1,665 ft-30 ft
Bear Creek LookoutRose Valley
3,963 ft-186 ft
Big MoneyPowers Creek
615 ft
Boucherie Rush TrailWest Kelowna
1.9 miles-423 ft
Bowes ConnectRose Valley
2,407 ft-250 ft
Builders OnlyPowers Creek
1.6 miles-1,057 ft
Canadian BaconPowers Creek
2,158 ft-383 ft
CattywumpussRose Valley
1.3 miles-464 ft
City On The Edge Of ForeverWest Kelowna
4,689 ft-1,026 ft
ConnectorRose Valley
1,664 ft-24 ft
Connector to Soul TrainSmith Creek
329 ft-4 ft
Connector- Kid DinoMyt to SoulTrain ClimbSmith Creek
607 ft-84 ft
Connector-Holy Pail to Santa RevengeSmith Creek
910 ft-73 ft
Crazy TrainPowers Creek
411 ft-90 ft
Crazy TrainPowers Creek
1.2 miles-611 ft
Creek RunRose Valley
1,381 ft-172 ft
Danger DangerSmith Creek
923 ft-211 ft
Daze Of RosesRose Valley
2.6 miles-426 ft
Dear SantaSmith Creek
4,151 ft-558 ft
DiddlerPowers Creek
1,779 ft-189 ft
DOTRose Valley
4,065 ft-290 ft
Double BypassPowers Creek
2,505 ft-185 ft
Easy Up to LookoutSmith Creek
1,186 ft-28 ft
Fat BadgePowers Creek
499 ft-91 ft
Feel The LoveSmith Creek
1.9 miles-1,346 ft
FlumePowers Creek
1.1 miles-104 ft
Glen CanyonPowers Creek
4,417 ft-74 ft
Grant's GrindRose Valley
1.5 miles-99 ft
Gruel- DumpSmith Creek
3,257 ft-214 ft
Gulley BypassRose Valley
823 ft-15 ft
Holy Pail Trail DescentSmith Creek
2,542 ft-575 ft
Holy Pail Up (Climb to Kid Dino Myt)Smith Creek
1,503 ft-40 ft
Holy Pail Up (Climb)Smith Creek
4.1 miles-306 ft
Holy Pail Up (To SoulTrain/ Kid Dino Myt)Smith Creek
3,039 ft-17 ft
JabbarockyRose Valley
1.3 miles-967 ft
Jabbarocky easy-outWest Kelowna
509 ft-42 ft
Jump RouteRose Valley
319 ft
Justin's LinePowers Creek
1,028 ft-174 ft
Kid DinoMyt DescentSmith Creek
2,879 ft-381 ft
Lacoma Lake / Trepanier Prov. ParkPowers Creek
5.1 miles-592 ft
Lake LoopRose Valley
3.8 miles-887 ft
Last Mtn.Powers Creek
2.0 miles-306 ft
Lower Powers Creek TrailPowers Creek
5,201 ft
Master Of SlagPowers Creek
4,455 ft-356 ft
Mcdougall RimBear Creek OHV Trail System
11.9 miles-2,822 ft
More CowbellSmith Creek
2,352 ft-376 ft
MotoBombo pSmith Creek
3,345 ft-627 ft
Mr ToadsRose Valley
1,958 ft-282 ft
No Left Turn UnstonedRose Valley
2,731 ft-700 ft
Old Powers ConnectorPowers Creek
3,170 ft-308 ft
OrchardRose Valley
4,961 ft-31 ft
Orchard ConnectorRose Valley
1,839 ft-39 ft
Orchard FeaturesRose Valley
3,441 ft-149 ft
Orchard Upper LoopRose Valley
1.7 miles-282 ft
Park LoopRose Valley
3,932 ft-159 ft
Park RunRose Valley
2,536 ft-331 ft
Pettman ConnectRose Valley
3,858 ft-619 ft
PlaylandPowers Creek
513 ft-10 ft
Powers Creek TrailPowers Creek
4,406 ft-179 ft
Red RockRose Valley
3,462 ft-81 ft
Reservoir BacksideRose Valley
3,568 ft-229 ft
Rock CandyRose Valley
790 ft-250 ft
Rooster TreeRose Valley
1.4 miles-610 ft
RSVPRose Valley
1.2 miles-701 ft
RSVP Rock RollsRose Valley
979 ft-204 ft
Santa's RevengeSmith Creek
3,198 ft-341 ft
ShenanigansPowers Creek
297 ft-68 ft
Sidehill MadnessRose Valley
5,202 ft-334 ft
Sideshow BobRose Valley
2,043 ft-230 ft
Slik50Rose Valley
4,011 ft-63 ft
Smith Creek Jump LineSmith Creek
1,991 ft-364 ft
Sons of AnarchySmith Creek
1,743 ft-218 ft
Soul Train DescentSmith Creek
3,697 ft-485 ft
SoulTrain ClimbSmith Creek
2,821 ft-34 ft
Stinky PinkyPowers Creek
2.1 miles-1,336 ft
Swamp DonkeyRose Valley
1.4 miles-338 ft
Sweet StreetRose Valley
3,092 ft-329 ft
Switchbacks to Holy Pail UpSmith Creek
1,968 ft-173 ft
Tallus flume TrailSmith Creek
2.8 miles-290 ft
The ElevatorRose Valley
2,884 ft-215 ft
Travellin' Man (Bottom)Smith Creek
1.5 miles-914 ft
Travellin' Man (Top)Smith Creek
1.8 miles-977 ft
Traverse to Santa'sSmith Creek
1,071 ft-33 ft
turkey vulture loopRose Valley
Turkey Vulture LoopRose Valley
2.1 miles-596 ft
Upper Powers Creek TrailPowers Creek
1.1 miles-286 ft
WarmupSmith Creek
2,693 ft-8 ft
WooHooRose Valley
1.7 miles-592 ft
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