segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Redtop to Poochies Redtop (upper)4,736 ft481 ft113625780
2Upper Bottoms (Turnstyles to Giveout FSR) Upper Bottoms4,351 ft370 ft103717980
3The Seven Summits Climb Seven Summits (Sunspot to Lepsoe)3,518 ft526 ft103213742
4Paydirt 2016 Paydirt1 mile685 ft1032276910
5The Seven Summits Climb Seven Summits4,476 ft449 ft101613293
6The Seven Summits Climb Seven Summits5,015 ft571 ft90010802
77 Summits Enduro #3 - Record Ridge Seven Summits2 miles988 ft88010372
8plewman traverse Seven Summits3 miles1,077 ft87210361
9Dewdney Frontside (upper) The Dewdney Trail2 miles1,168 ft86710863
107 Summits Enduro #1 - Plewman Seven Summits4 miles1,245 ft86210182
117 Summits Enduro #2 - Grey Seven Summits4,775 ft342 ft8109542
12The Seven Summits Climb Seven Summits4,240 ft402 ft7869231
13Lower Monticola Neptune Creek FSR3,482 ft227 ft702211411
14Mega SMD2,255 ft186 ft68318212
15Mega (proper) SMD5,163 ft197 ft66316243
16Death (upper) SMD2 miles1,110 ft65715580
17Deth (upper) SMD4 miles1,129 ft65415491
18SuperMega SMD4,088 ft273 ft65315540
19Super SMD1,945 ft113 ft65115743
20Moe's Moe's3,343 ft99 ft62722084
21Warmup Larch Ridge1,319 ft62 ft60318163
22Upper Monticola Monticola5,272 ft627 ft59614404
23Monticola Monticola2 miles859 ft58313779
24Whiskey on the Rocks (Downhill) Whiskey on the Rocks2,049 ft175 ft57611420
25C.O.G. COG1,533 ft115 ft56814411
26Upper Redhead Redhead Access3,302 ft276 ft56720165
27Upper Redhead (Downhill Section) Redhead Access1,009 ft160 ft56420343
28Miners Miners5,218 ft488 ft54621138
29Lower Redhead Redhead (lower)2,194 ft294 ft54514883
30Unnamed Rd Climb Tamarack1 mile657 ft53414940
31Tamarac Up Tamarack4,286 ft523 ft53314975
32Larch Ridge Larch Ridge1 mile171 ft53212125
33Dale's Trail (up) Redtop (upper)1,391 ft106 ft53112680
34Red Mountain Rd Climb Redtop (upper)5,204 ft598 ft53011764
35Lefty Lefty4,784 ft592 ft52813559
36Blewett Ski Hill Road Climb Bottoms Up5,180 ft394 ft50416571
37Upper Redtop (up) Redtop (upper)1 mile704 ft50410716
38Tamarack Tamarack1 mile663 ft49913436
39British Columbia 3 Alt Climb Svoboda Road2 miles1,292 ft49916991
40Upper Bottoms to Mister Slave Upper Bottoms2 miles891 ft4859352
41The Thunderdome Whiskey2,729 ft404 ft47815101
42Whiskey lower Whiskey2,922 ft406 ft47515184
43Full Monte Full Monte1 mile499 ft4697503
44Full Monte DH Full Monte3,509 ft463 ft4697530
45Whiskey middle Whiskey3,816 ft418 ft46713482
46Whiskey Whiskey1 mile767 ft46513395
47New illuminate Illuminati4,934 ft646 ft4617420
48Drakes southside Drake's (upper)2,926 ft136 ft45413401
49Railgrade (Whiskey to Rossland) Railgrade1 mile201 ft44215501
50Svoboda climb to gate Svoboda Road2 miles890 ft43917021
51Lower Milky Way Milky Way (lower)4,040 ft512 ft43116818
52Bears Den Bear's Den1,691 ft290 ft4296270
53Mountain Station Road Climb Evening Ridge Road3,004 ft293 ft42812733
54Drakes to top of climb Drake's (upper)2,389 ft220 ft41710772
55Redtop Climb (Red Mtn Rd to Miners) Redtop (lower)1 mile453 ft41611265
56Paper Bag (2016) Paper Bag2 miles1,637 ft4087540
57Mr Slave to Placenta connector Mister Slave2,066 ft205 ft4057160
58Upper Drake's (Southbound) Drake's (upper)1 mile351 ft40510370
59Mr Slave to Placenta Mister Slave3,734 ft481 ft4047115
60B.S. BS4,404 ft528 ft4049035
61Saddle to KC Climb Kootenay Columbia1,458 ft49 ft39415411
62Curly's (Uphill) Larry's1,365 ft62 ft39215162
63Rad-top (Poochy's to road) Redtop (upper)4,787 ft536 ft3848100
64TT Birch Main (Segment 1) Birch Main2,297 ft38 ft37915580
65Dale's Trail (down) Redtop (upper)1,360 ft105 ft3697910
66Antler Antler1 mile190 ft3685420
67KC Kootenay Columbia5,202 ft266 ft3599914
68Old Growth bench to Giveout Upper Bottoms1 mile787 ft3576071
69Doukhobor Draw (bottom to Tamarack) Doukhobor Draw1 mile567 ft3515360
70Upper Redtop (down) Redtop (upper)1 mile727 ft3506813
71Reservoir Dodge Centennial Trail1,483 ft15 ft34712952
72Techno Grind (Downhill section) Techno Grind2,289 ft147 ft34610970
73Merry-go-Round climb proper Merry Go Round1 mile641 ft3379680
74Turnstyles Turnstyles1 mile774 ft3285516
75Crown Point upper section Crown Point (lower)3,478 ft492 ft3165901
76Green Door (Milky Way to Roger's) Green Door3,781 ft359 ft31610533
77Eddie J (to Monte Christo Rd) Eddie J (upper)1,671 ft68 ft31216283
78Nooner Short Nooner2,581 ft581 ft3087192
79Eli 1 Eli Sim1,005 ft245 ft3076641
80Upper Milky Way Milky Way (upper)1,998 ft347 ft3049554
81Cemetery (Roger's to Happy Valley) Cemetery (upper)1,060 ft43 ft30013193
82Full Nooner Nooner2,580 ft625 ft2987080
83Crown Point Crown Point (lower)2 miles1,089 ft2965341
84Crown Point lower section Crown Point (lower)4,861 ft576 ft2895082
85TT Birch Main (Segment 2) Birch Main3,696 ft174 ft2878121
86KC (from Iron Colt) Kootenay Columbia2,111 ft119 ft28610091
87Whiskey (on the rocks) Whiskey on the Rocks3,983 ft227 ft2834932
88TechnoRoots Techno Grind4,461 ft164 ft2838801
89Techno Grind Techno Grind1 mile208 ft2758552
90Monte Christo Road (KC to Techno Grind) Monte Christo Road2,668 ft388 ft2736893
91Green Door (Milky Way to top) Green Door1 mile485 ft2727612
92Lower Lower Redtop Redtop (lower)2,487 ft306 ft27010091
93Railgrade Climb Birch Main2,871 ft290 ft2695530
94Birch Main (Whiskey to Crown Royal) Birch Main1 mile335 ft2675500
95TT Birch Main (Segment 3) Birch Main2,985 ft147 ft2655630
96Lower Redtop (to Paydirt exit) Redtop (lower)3,859 ft321 ft2657280
97Crown Royal Crown Point (upper)1,977 ft127 ft2645761
98KC junction to water tower Kootenay Columbia2,604 ft123 ft2619461
99Awesome Awesome4,221 ft409 ft2606241
100Placenta from Turnstyles bench to Lefty Placenta Descenta4,188 ft709 ft2513560
101Roger's Roger's2,645 ft154 ft2427610
102Larry's Larry's4,219 ft150 ft2389431
103Miners Descent Miners1 mile477 ft2353940
104Grand - Elk Hill Down Grandiflorum2 miles919 ft2263820
105Happy Valley (up) Happy Valley865 ft73 ft2138500
106Dreadhead DH Dreadhead3,991 ft1,009 ft2043893
107Eddy-J uphill : 3B to top Eddie J (upper)3,989 ft260 ft2047430
108Dreadhead Dreadhead3,832 ft969 ft2033901
109Paper Bag (2016) Paper Bag2 miles1,652 ft2023470
110SMD SMD3 miles1,653 ft2002834
111KC Ridge KC Ridge2,694 ft136 ft1994891
112Eddie J. (henceforth) Eddie J (upper)4,413 ft212 ft1996410
113Deth (lower) SMD1,503 ft309 ft1962772
1146 km hill Giveout Creek FSR1,365 ft115 ft1933231
115Bluffs North (up) Bluffs Loop4,050 ft315 ft19110514
116Sunningdale Down to Road Switchback Sunningdale1 mile676 ft1906801
117Bottom of snake Snake529 ft82 ft1906761
118Neptune Creek Fsr Climb Neptune Creek FSR3,705 ft270 ft1904010
119Sunningdale Sunningdale2 miles871 ft1886558
120Paper Bag Paper Bag2 miles1,644 ft1883070
121Rubberhead (Northbound) Rubberhead3,865 ft109 ft1863430
122Cemetery (Happy Valley to Hwy) Cemetery (upper)1,944 ft192 ft1845831
123Upper Star Gulch Centre Star Gulch (upper)1,226 ft83 ft18412662
124North Star (DH) North Star2,202 ft137 ft1804782
125Upper Drake's (Northbound) Drake's (upper)2 miles349 ft1792930
126Glacier Fresh Upper Hitman Section Upper Hitman2,501 ft587 ft1772230
127Placenta (to Born Again) Placenta Descenta1 mile1,194 ft1762040
128Powerslave (Upper to usual shuttle entrance) Powerslave1 mile679 ft1741850
129Old Wagon Road (to Junction near golf course) Wagon Road1 mile308 ft1736954
130Hail Merry Hail Merry5,186 ft648 ft1724833
131Hail Merry Hail Merry1 mile637 ft1724855
132Cemetery (to Happy Valley) Cemetery (upper)2,926 ft222 ft1675633
133Ledges (upper) Ledges1,546 ft250 ft1673441
134Smiling Buddha Smiling Buddha1,735 ft323 ft1624744
135Rise 'N Fry / Rehab Rise N Fry2,957 ft651 ft1612291
136Mr. Skinny Mr Skinny2,075 ft262 ft1582171
137Butter (upper) Butter (upper)2 miles1,071 ft1562421
1381 Rise N Fry2,716 ft646 ft1562250
139Rusty Chainsaw Climb Rusty Chainsaw1 mile520 ft1554451
140Una Canuma Una Canuma3 miles713 ft1543303
141Log Jam Winter 2017 Log Jam3,056 ft379 ft1495300
142Una Descent Una Canuma1 mile737 ft1483250
143Frog Jam Up Frog Jam3,913 ft277 ft1468770
144Merry Creek FSR Climb Merry Go Round3,477 ft540 ft1454082
145Merry-Go-Round Merry Go Round5,061 ft672 ft1444073
146Merry-Go-Round Merry Go Round5,138 ft625 ft1444062
147Sprint 9 Point Cowbell1,623 ft481 ft1423360
148North Star (from KC Ridge) North Star1,738 ft121 ft1363311
149Crowsnest Climb Crowsnest4,464 ft427 ft1362180
150Hematoma Hematoma1,685 ft256 ft1362080
151Kokanee Glacier Road Climb FSR3,252 ft404 ft1351770
152Car Park to Jackleg Moosehead Access2 miles904 ft1323880
153Lower Star Gulch Up Centre Star Gulch (lower)630 ft58 ft1328120
154FN Hill Climb Badfish1,590 ft109 ft1312020
155ASG Atomic Speed Goat882 ft209 ft1304041
156Cherry Poppins Cherry Poppins1 mile989 ft1292711
157Bluffs down Bluffs Loop3,921 ft247 ft1295040
158Kokanee - West FSR (Climb) West Kokanee Face FSR1 mile512 ft1281520
159Lower Tamarac (down) Tamarack1 mile636 ft1282461
160Bluffs South (down) Bluffs Loop5,046 ft313 ft1285052
161Upper Spring Cleaning Spring Cleaning (upper)3,365 ft628 ft1264613
162Cemetery Cemetery (upper)4,791 ft408 ft1253611
163Iron Colt (down) Iron Colt854 ft193 ft1243910
164Switchback Skills Pay the Bills Stardust2,293 ft93 ft1241961
165Upper Louie Joe Louie Joe (upper)2,214 ft216 ft1203782
166Bluffs Loop (CCW) Bluffs Loop2 miles326 ft1194643
167Born Again Born Again1,876 ft238 ft1182940
168Cherry Poppins DH Cherry Poppins1 mile900 ft1172760
169Rosebery Trail Rosebery Trail1,122 ft85 ft1172010
170Glade Runner Glade Runner2,638 ft399 ft1142590
171British Columbia 31 Alt Climb Old Sandon Road Trail1,452 ft295 ft1131560
172Drake's Farm Road Climb Drake's Farm Road1,189 ft155 ft1131900
173Idaho Peak Rd Climb H Road1,191 ft280 ft1131430
174Skiers right Skier's Right2,039 ft295 ft1131602
175Newtsac Newtsac1 mile1,196 ft1122151
176May Jenny Rd Climb Access4,924 ft351 ft1093230
177Unit Cruizer Unit Crewzer1,795 ft353 ft1082650
178more cowbell 9 Point Cowbell842 ft299 ft1062481
179Plewman - Trans BC Stage Plewman Trail2 miles2,155 ft1061220
180Squeeler Down Squeeler2,461 ft342 ft1054700
181Down Upper Bottoms Upper Bottoms3 miles1,205 ft1041731
182Gold Rush (after hike-a-bike) Gold Rush3,147 ft754 ft1041161
183Idaho Peak Road Climb H Road to Choices2,027 ft274 ft1031371
184Grand Euphorium Spur 107 to End Grandiflorum3 miles1,525 ft1011490
185Gold Rush (full) Gold Rush1 mile658 ft1011121
186Lucky Charms Lucky Charms4,402 ft694 ft1011200
187Toe Jam Toe Jam2,957 ft599 ft1013060
188Idaho Peak Rd Climb H Road1,623 ft316 ft991260
189Rubberhead (Southbound) Rubberhead3,828 ft106 ft952240
190Snake (to KC) Snake2,603 ft496 ft951835
191Log Jam Log Jam4,518 ft355 ft952630
192British Columbia 31 Alternate Climb Old Sandon Road Trail1,430 ft286 ft941260
193Waldorfian Waldorfian4,045 ft694 ft941002
194Frog Jam Frog Jam3,862 ft302 ft943361
195J edi knight Eddie J (upper)4,006 ft266 ft911981
196Bones Bones2,656 ft266 ft893130
197Fat Tire Track Fat Tire DH Course1,959 ft302 ft881110
198kut corners Kutcorners923 ft170 ft881830
199Lower Louie Joe Louie Joe (lower)2,507 ft224 ft872900
200Snake (from Eddie J) Snake1,388 ft347 ft862050
201Lower Spring Cleaning Extension Spring Cleaning (lower)462 ft99 ft852651
202Railgrade Climb 0072,114 ft357 ft83920
203Upper Longbeach Rd Climb Bradley Creek FSR4,738 ft500 ft821720
204Legalize It Legalize It1,349 ft348 ft761741
205Jackleg (2016 exit) Jackleg1 mile919 ft751440
206Rez trail steep pitch Reservoir Trail374 ft75 ft741730
207Oso Expresso Oso Expresso1,460 ft400 ft731590
208Boneyard Boneyard2,205 ft533 ft721240
209Upper Green Door (down) Green Door2 miles881 ft701971
210Oil Can Oil Can4,113 ft408 ft701400
2115 Knuckle Huckle Five Knuckle Huckle1,318 ft301 ft681321
212Goosebumps Climb Goose Bumps3,924 ft333 ft672140
213first half sufferfest climb H Road3 miles1,636 ft65720
214Upper Choker Upper Choker1,750 ft279 ft651490
215Techno Grind (up) Techno Grind1 mile207 ft641260
216J edi master Eddie J (upper)1 mile284 ft631230
217Spanish Moss down Spanish Moss4,505 ft302 ft62820
218Lower Hangnail Lower Hangnail1,196 ft155 ft592250
219Cheaters' Zoolander Hill Climb Box Lake FSR4,629 ft467 ft571280
220Bone Yard Boneyard2,371 ft550 ft56961
221British Columbia 31 Alt Climb Old Sandon Road Trail1,548 ft295 ft55730
222Roger's (backwards) Roger's2,928 ft165 ft54960
223Cemetery (Hwy to Happy Valley) Cemetery (upper)1,512 ft185 ft511420
224Cross Over to the Otherside Graveyard Trails1,362 ft164 ft512720
225British Columbia 31 Alt Climb Old Sandon Road Trail1,762 ft272 ft50640
226Zoolander Descent Zoolander3,801 ft470 ft50900
227Merry Go Round Down Merry Go Round1 mile663 ft49830
228Rusty Chainsaw CCW Rusty Chainsaw2 miles533 ft49801
229Upper louie joe (downhill) Louie Joe (upper)2,136 ft212 ft491450
230Merry Creek FSR Climb Merry Creek FSR2,819 ft278 ft47870
231Merry Creek FSR Climb Merry Creek FSR2,161 ft280 ft47900
232Full Merry Creek FSR Climb Merry Creek FSR2 miles608 ft46820
233Crow's Nest Descent Crowsnest1 mile579 ft45510
234Hippie Killer Hippie Killer2,237 ft671 ft451271
235Badger - full to Rez trail Badger1 mile362 ft451140
236Zoolander Climb Box Lake FSR1 mile612 ft44870
237Quartz Creek DH #2 Descent 31,484 ft313 ft441011
238Old Stock Lower Old Stock4,073 ft855 ft431210
239Creek Climb Giveout Creek FSR5,131 ft403 ft43690
240Dirty Dreams Dirty Dreams2,750 ft511 ft42720
241Lower Louie Joe (going downhill) Louie Joe (lower)2,473 ft218 ft41901
242Awakener (from 6km) The Awakener2,984 ft602 ft40770
243Old Stock Old Stock1 mile1,060 ft391011
244Full 49'er DH 49er1 mile730 ft39512
245Sundown Sundowner1 mile412 ft38400
246The Gimp The Gimp4,272 ft1,467 ft381070
247Moosehead Moosehead4,846 ft886 ft37622
248Merry Creek FSR Climb Merry Creek FSR4,990 ft405 ft351043
249Rainforest Climb Climbing Trail 22,630 ft161 ft35600
250Low Baller Lowballer1,402 ft140 ft35630
251North Parking to Beach Rhys' Peaces2,538 ft226 ft33380
252Techno Grind (expert line) Techno Grind Plus2,119 ft106 ft32360
253Sunningdale Up Sunningdale2 miles798 ft31700
254Droptimus Prime Droptimus Prime2,247 ft507 ft31370
255Upper Goosebumps Upper Goosebumps1,224 ft156 ft31410
256Sunrise trail climb Sunrise4,965 ft516 ft291060
257Rusty Chainsaw Down (Miral Heights Side) Rusty Chainsaw5,004 ft509 ft27390
258Cemetery (up) Cemetery (upper)4,548 ft409 ft27600
259The Gimp The Gimp4,399 ft1,568 ft27691
260Museum hill Climb Discovery Centre Trail1,694 ft116 ft25590
261Idaho Peak Rd Climb Idaho Peak Road3,733 ft510 ft23270
262Drifter Drifter3,966 ft917 ft21480
263Raven's Rock DH Ravens Rock2,688 ft447 ft20311
264Idaho Peak Rd Climb Idaho Peak Road1,894 ft279 ft20240
265Horse Thief Horse Thief4,250 ft486 ft19190
266Awakener 2016 The Awakener3 miles2,880 ft15191
267Charles Lakes Dr Climb Bluffs Loop3,167 ft363 ft13170
268Idaho Peak Rd Climb Idaho Peak Road1 mile664 ft12150
269Rusty Chainsaw Out and Back (Miral Heights Side) Rusty Chainsaw2 miles521 ft12210
270Lower Quivering Goose Rectum Goose Creek Trail1 mile1,082 ft12150
271Lower Goose Creek Goose Creek Trail1 mile1,043 ft12150
272The Seven Summits Climb Seven Summits3,853 ft363 ft11110
273Ritchie Rd Climb Full Monte2,351 ft304 ft10100
274Full Quivering Goose Rectum Goose Creek Trail4 miles2,516 ft9100
275Inducer Inducer2,133 ft246 ft9280
276Kaslo West Road Climb Spanish Moss3,073 ft297 ft660
277Bluffs CW Bluffs Loop2 miles353 ft680
278Butter Churn Butter (upper)2 miles1,092 ft550
279Ritchie Rd Climb Milky Way (lower)4,097 ft516 ft450
280Up-Chuck Up-Chuck?1 mile373 ft221
281Bluffs Down CCW Bluffs Loop2 miles370 ft110
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