segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
11st to 2nd Shortcut Yankee Loop3,174 ft89 ft31312037712Middleville
2Guardrail Climb Deep Lake Fat Bike Loop1,381 ft75 ft31002175710Middleville
32nd to 3rd Shortcut Yankee Loop2,752 ft43 ft3070202409Middleville
4Soup Bowl Climb Yankee Loop2,407 ft82 ft3022196587Middleville
5Yankee - Best Descent Yankee Loop2,388 ft147 ft29991956120Middleville
6Chuck's Collar bone Yankee Loop1,554 ft28 ft29531890110Middleville
72-track climb Yankee Loop1,297 ft62 ft28981944319Middleville
8Setion 2 Climb Game Area Egypt Valley - Section 2433 ft51 ft25182580031Rockford
9World Class Game Area Egypt Valley - Section 22,336 ft67 ft24972587015Rockford
10Luton - Green Loop to 10 Mile Lot Luton Green Loop2,468 ft51 ft22812365314Rockford
11Luton Orange- Garmin GPS Luton Orange Loop4,667 ft33 ft2222219811Rockford
12Orange 2013 Luton Orange Loop4,382 ft33 ft2208217284Rockford
13Green Loop - Start Luton Green Loop2,479 ft41 ft21932158814Rockford
14Red Entrance Luton Luton Red Loop917 ft53 ft2114190142Rockford
15Black Entrance Luton Black Loop1,012 ft42 ft2106194985Rockford
16Chameleon Red M,W,F,Sun Chameleon2,601 ft34 ft20991240421Rockford
17Luton - Red Loop Luton Red Loop1 miles47 ft20971879914Rockford
18Luton Red Loop Luton Red Loop1 miles55 ft20961891826Rockford
19Luton - Orange Loop Luton Orange Loop4,076 ft34 ft20901856029Rockford
20Luton Red Full 2015 Luton Red Loop2 miles58 ft2089188312Rockford
21Luton - Black Loop Luton Black Loop2 miles64 ft20711989139Rockford
22Luton - Yellow Loop Luton Yellow Loop5,177 ft51 ft20671953430Rockford
23Luton Yellow Luton Yellow Loop1 miles49 ft2064197041Rockford
24Luton Black Loop Luton Black Loop2 miles69 ft2025189674Rockford
25Climb to 1st Shortcut Yankee Loop2,672 ft122 ft20221277214Middleville
26Merrell Red Start Outbound1,939 ft25 ft20191132415Rockford
27Merrell Trail - Mix Master Red Mix Master2 miles82 ft20161142829Rockford
28Around Death Valley Deep Lake Fat Bike Loop1,290 ft58 ft1957119812Middleville
29Wynalda Red Climb Wynalda1,571 ft70 ft19461099712Rockford
30Wilderness M,W,F, Sun direction Wilderness1 miles105 ft19141097220Rockford
31Merrell Trail - Wynalda Loop - RED Wynalda1 miles75 ft1844984731Rockford
32Merrell Chameleon Yellow Chameleon3,014 ft36 ft183599065Rockford
33Merrell Trail - Mix Master Yellow Mix Master1 miles78 ft18301006414Rockford
34Wilderness DH 2014 Wilderness3,133 ft112 ft18091084813Rockford
35Cannonsburg Ski Area Midpoint Hill East Loop3,720 ft129 ft17511969912Rockford
36Cannonsburg ski area side slope downhill East Loop1,610 ft67 ft17361954816Rockford
37Climb to Connector East Loop2,304 ft58 ft16991921414Rockford
38Phaser From Sawtooth Phaser2,054 ft70 ft166472884Rockford
39Wynalda Yellow Wynalda1 miles79 ft1641806214Rockford
40Warm up loop. Yankee Loop2 miles63 ft1494795119Middleville
41Siren M,W,F,Sun direction Siren3,659 ft133 ft1457614520Rockford
42Cannonsburg SGA Part 1 Game Area Egypt Valley - Section 12 miles77 ft1208826215Rockford
43High Voltage! Sawtooth1,475 ft45 ft119333830Rockford
44Sawtooth Yellow Sawtooth2,794 ft60 ft118433806Rockford
45Siren Yellow Siren1,953 ft113 ft118143977Rockford
46Sawtooth Yellow - T, Th, Sat Sawtooth1,962 ft52 ft118033454Rockford
47Sawtooth M,W,F,Sun direction Sawtooth2,414 ft60 ft1088279913Rockford
48new loop East Loop1,133 ft51 ft104256097Rockford
49Farmers Downhill East Loop358 ft39 ft95649004Rockford
50Start Climb coming from 5 Mile East Loop1,012 ft76 ft89969374Rockford
51Creek to Finish (Yellow) Deep Lake Fat Bike Loop3,213 ft67 ft55617584Middleville
52Final Descent (shortcut to stream crossing, Yellow) Yankee Loop2 miles160 ft49913974Middleville
53Climb to 2-track (Yellow) Yankee Loop1,763 ft148 ft48112655Middleville
54The Pines Climb (Yellow) Yankee Loop1,736 ft69 ft47712496Middleville
55not so zoom Yankee Loop2 miles190 ft47511974Middleville
564 to 5 Hammond Hill Trail - Northwest2,819 ft52 ft41111795Hastings
5714 to 5 Hammond Hill Trail - East1 miles62 ft40312674Hastings
585 to 4 Hammond Hill Trail - Northwest3,060 ft59 ft37811035Hastings
59Wahlfield Short Track First Single Track Fall of Utah479 ft20 ft36015032Comstock Park
60Wahlfield Short Track Second Single Track Goat Path583 ft13 ft33014751Comstock Park
61Ken-O-Sha South Loop Ken-O-Sha South Loop3,501 ft18 ft32821785Grand Rapids
6210 to 8 Hammond Hill Trail - Inner Loop2,692 ft43 ft3258093Hastings
63Canon Township mtb Loop Cannon Township Mountain Bike Trail3,983 ft23 ft3076203Rockford
64Escape to State Road East Access Trail1,983 ft56 ft3048152Hastings
65South Loop Ken-O-Sha South Loop3,178 ft14 ft29717862Grand Rapids
66State RD Access East Access Trail1,623 ft58 ft2947653Hastings
67Climb 2 Ionia West Loop541 ft27 ft2708373Ionia
68Underground Underground5,265 ft56 ft25325075Grand Rapids
69Little Climb Ionia West Loop1,233 ft19 ft2518281Ionia
70Ken O Sha south Ken-O-Sha South Loop2,983 ft12 ft2289021Grand Rapids
71WahlField-Purple Hard Cider3,386 ft51 ft2246513Comstock Park
72Turn Section Ionia West Loop1,224 ft13 ft2187491Ionia
73Creek to Service Road Ionia West Loop2,064 ft7 ft2137351Ionia
74Last Leg Ionia West Loop1,266 ft10 ft2117751Ionia
75Intro Ionia West Loop792 ft15 ft2117411Ionia
76Pigeon Creek Hill Outer Loop335 ft29 ft21016441West Olive
77Wahlfield-Green Berry Patch1,718 ft16 ft2045901Comstock Park
78West loop Ionia West Loop4 miles55 ft1956442Ionia
79The Back 40 Straightaway 2017-2018 Winter Loop1,611 ft22 ft18710030Grand Rapids
80Ken-O-Sha South Loop Reverse, w/ DH Ken-O-Sha South Loop2,649 ft14 ft1837580Grand Rapids
81Ken-O-Sha Westbound Plaster Creek Trail1 miles25 ft1829823Grand Rapids
82Ken-O-Sha south backwards Ken-O-Sha South Loop2,041 ft18 ft1814660Grand Rapids
83Wahlfield Yellow sidehill'n switchback Hard Cider2,991 ft31 ft1774402Comstock Park
84Richmond Flow Richmond Flow873 ft58 ft1727415Grand Rapids
85Pigeon Creek Plunge Outer Loop505 ft35 ft1719840West Olive
86G.E Loop Wild Onion1,019 ft27 ft1633943Comstock Park
87Hammer Time Hammer Time2,679 ft27 ft1615762Greenville
88Underground - Director's Cut Underground1 miles58 ft14911973Grand Rapids
89ED finish The Outer Limits3,169 ft15 ft1474901Greenville
90Shortcut north loop Northside Trail1 miles6 ft1184320West Olive
91Full Richmond Flow Richmond Flow1,297 ft110 ft1173261Grand Rapids
92Ionia Intermediate Loop bridge-to-park Ionia West Loop5 miles61 ft982232Ionia
93Boggieman Pigeon loop Outer Loop2 miles49 ft894520West Olive
94Just The Oxbow III Ox Bow Run2,729 ft29 ft881790Comstock Park
95Just The Oxbow Red Direction Ox Bow Run2,707 ft30 ft811940Comstock Park
96South Outer Loop including lodge Outer Loop3 miles52 ft663150West Olive
97Pigeon Creek North Loop Northside Trail2 miles4 ft501561West Olive
98Grand River Park River Flat River Loop1,851 ft5 ft491871Grandville
99East Loop Revised Ionia East Loop2 miles28 ft411930Ionia
100Grand River Back Ridge Hawk Trail1,280 ft61 ft361582Grandville
101Edwards Creek Green Loop Rolling Thunder1 miles18 ft34671Greenville
102Grand River Park Low Field Grassland Trail1,973 ft3 ft27660Grandville
1031ST HALF Lightning Bend Loop2 miles31 ft191350Belding
104Long Loop Lightning Bend Loop3 miles30 ft181250Belding
1052ND HALF Lightning Bend Loop2 miles18 ft161081Belding
106Grand River Park - River run River Loop1,946 ft6 ft13230Grandville
107Cannonsburg SGA Part 1 Backwards Game Area Egypt Valley - Section 12 miles79 ft10130Rockford
108half of settenibor Robinette's Loop 22 miles119 ft550Grand Rapids
109Sledding hill repeats Outer Loop2,453 ft15 ft2120West Olive
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