statustitleriding arearatingdistancedescent
90/10Woulstonbury Hill
1,739 ft-297 ft
90sStoughton Downhill
2,030 ft-128 ft
Bomb Hole RunStoughton Downhill
1,068 ft-83 ft
Douster's LoopBuchan Country Park
2,523 ft-45 ft
No Brake ChallengeStoughton Downhill
1,287 ft-85 ft
North edgeStoughton Downhill
2,814 ft-153 ft
Slippery SnakeWoulstonbury Hill
1,419 ft-135 ft
SSFRStoughton Downhill
1,632 ft-126 ft
Teddy Bear's PicnicCrawley
Teddy Bear's PicnicBuchan Country Park
2,230 ft-44 ft
The EdgeStoughton Downhill
1,897 ft-166 ft
The ValeStoughton Downhill
1,897 ft-187 ft
The Wild WoodsBuchan Country Park
3,973 ft-101 ft
Tilgate SlalomTilgate Forest
2,027 ft-58 ft
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