Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
5th HorsemanCypress Mountain
1 mile-1,201 ft63 ft
AntagonizerCypress Mountain
3,100 ft-411 ft73 ft
Antagonizer Alt ExitCypress Mountain
1,617 ft-273 ft
ArbitratorWest Vancouver
71 ft-6 ft
Baden Powell CollingwoodWest Vancouver
1,312 ft-70 ft3 ft
Bayridge ConnectorWest Vancouver
711 ft-89 ft
Blind SkierCypress Mountain
4,265 ft-419 ft11 ft
BrutusCypress Mountain
246 ft-47 ft
Capilano Pacific Trail ExitWest Vancouver
177 ft37 ft
Capilano River TrailWest Vancouver
2,642 ft-52 ft79 ft
Capilano River Trail - Park RoyalWest Vancouver
1,015 ft-11 ft22 ft
Carters' TPWest Vancouver
172 ft-12 ft
Caulfield Lane ConnectorWest Vancouver
251 ft15 ft
Clevland Dam PathWest Vancouver
4,091 ft-172 ft12 ft
Clovelly WalkWest Vancouver
889 ft-18 ft5 ft
Clovelly Walk 1/2West Vancouver
704 ft-20 ft20 ft
Clovelly Walk connectorWest Vancouver
280 ft-49 ft
CoilerCypress Mountain
3,043 ft-851 ft9 ft
ConnectorWest Vancouver
276 ft4 ft
Crossover ConnectorCypress Mountain
1,224 ft-36 ft18 ft
Cypress Lower Connector (Quagmire)Cypress Mountain
754 ft-189 ft
Dam Road PathWest Vancouver
3,107 ft-165 ft36 ft
Decourcy Court connectorWest Vancouver
370 ft-4 ft14 ft
Dirty HarryCypress Mountain
2,182 ft-418 ft
Double CrossCypress Mountain
2,064 ft-320 ft
DuraGrippWest Vancouver
466 ft-11 ft3 ft
Eagle Harbour Rd connectorWest Vancouver
162 ft-7 ft
Fire HoseCypress Mountain
2,372 ft-646 ft
First Try FridayWest Vancouver
86 ft-8 ft
Friday Park TrailWest Vancouver
368 ft-2 ft15 ft
G.O.M.LWest Vancouver
1,020 ft-49 ft3 ft
Headland & Birchfeild ConnectorWest Vancouver
577 ft-76 ft
Headland & Decourcy ConnectorWest Vancouver
275 ft-25 ft
Hi-cycleWest Vancouver
250 ft-17 ft
I Can't Feel my ToesWest Vancouver
804 ft-114 ft
I FoldWest Vancouver
410 ft-50 ft11 ft
Jersey ShoreCypress Mountain
2,995 ft-729 ft
Jump Line ExitCypress Mountain
467 ft-103 ft
Jumping PracticeWest Vancouver
121 ft-10 ft
Keith Rd to Capilano Pacific TrailWest Vancouver
633 ft-67 ft
Kieth ConnectorWest Vancouver
442 ft-13 ft8 ft
Kindergarden RockWest Vancouver
453 ft-30 ft1 ft
Lower Paul HoganCypress Mountain
2,425 ft-534 ft
Lower Sex BoyCypress Mountain
2,001 ft-490 ft
Lower Shore PlayCypress Mountain
1,743 ft-454 ft
Lower Tall CansCypress Mountain
1,503 ft-326 ft
Lower Tall Cans (Eroded)Cypress Mountain
1,086 ft-285 ft
Marginal CostWest Vancouver
108 ft-8 ft
Marine Drive BridgeWest Vancouver
837 ft-12 ft4 ft
Mathers ConnectorWest Vancouver
246 ft31 ft
Matts' CrapWest Vancouver
106 ft-8 ft
Mckechnie park trailWest Vancouver
733 ft-69 ft
Meadfeild Road ConnectorWest Vancouver
858 ft-68 ft61 ft
Meadfield Park TrailLighthouse Park
249 ft-14 ft
Meat SweatsCypress Mountain
4,334 ft-1,144 ft
Monte Bre Crescent TrailWest Vancouver
278 ft-9 ft5 ft
MorgiesCypress Mountain
1,250 ft-311 ft6 ft
Mystery DHCypress Mountain
3,990 ft-881 ft
Mystery ExitCypress Mountain
417 ft-95 ft
Mystery Old ExitCypress Mountain
1,414 ft-155 ft8 ft
Never Never LandCypress Mountain
1,603 ft-445 ft
No EtiquetteWest Vancouver
310 ft-3 ft
NutangCypress Mountain
1,224 ft-274 ft
OCM ConnectorCypress Mountain
1,982 ft-207 ft23 ft
Paul HoganCypress Mountain
1,280 ft-398 ft
Plateau Park TrailWest Vancouver
518 ft-95 ft
Pre-ReaperCypress Mountain
961 ft-164 ft
Pull TabCypress Mountain
1,453 ft-143 ft5 ft
ReaperCypress Mountain
2,067 ft-597 ft
Roach ClipCypress Mountain
1,575 ft-324 ft
Roach HitCypress Mountain
2,267 ft-564 ft
S&M ConnectorCypress Mountain
1,719 ft-573 ft
School Yard TrailWest Vancouver
553 ft-40 ft
Seaview ConnectorWest Vancouver
994 ft-177 ft3 ft
Sex BoyCypress Mountain
1,995 ft-613 ft
Sex GirlCypress Mountain
3,763 ft-892 ft
Sex Girl Alternate ExitCypress Backside
702 ft-137 ft
SexitCypress Mountain
476 ft-75 ft
SGSCypress Mountain
3,173 ft-459 ft117 ft
Shore PlayCypress Mountain
2,280 ft-580 ft7 ft
Single Lane TrafficCypress Mountain
1,365 ft-166 ft
Slick GripWest Vancouver
194 ft-9 ft
Slippery AltCypress Mountain
646 ft-132 ft19 ft
Slippery CanoeCypress Mountain
837 ft-189 ft2 ft
SOB (Son of a Bitch)Cypress Mountain
555 ft-108 ft
Spirit Trail - AmblesideWest Vancouver
3,327 ft-15 ft13 ft
Spirit Trail - Ambleside LandingWest Vancouver
538 ft-5 ft
Spirit Trail - GleneaglesWest Vancouver
2,567 ft-19 ft50 ft
Spirit Trail - Horseshoe BayWest Vancouver
1,815 ft-146 ft1 ft
Spirit Trail - John Lawson ParkWest Vancouver
1,292 ft-5 ft
Spirit Trail - Park RoyalWest Vancouver
2,044 ft-11 ft28 ft
Spirit Trail - SeaviewWest Vancouver
1 mile-154 ft219 ft
Sprucefeild'dWest Vancouver
144 ft-2 ft
Stupid GrouseCypress Mountain
4,560 ft-867 ft
The Big RockWest Vancouver
248 ft-3 ft6 ft
The Legendary PlatterWest Vancouver
259 ft-20 ft
The New TestamentCypress Mountain
1,827 ft-463 ft
Tractor TireCypress Mountain
1,014 ft-58 ft
Trunk MonkeyCypress Mountain
2,382 ft-733 ft42 ft
Upper Mountain PathCypress Backside
1 mile-50 ft455 ft
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