Rider Created Routes

Nate's Loop
Grafton WV
4 miles1
Charlies Trail to lower red cardinal
Grafton WV
1 miles2
Enduro Training Loop
Grafton WV
8 miles3
Good Shuttle from ABF
Fayetteville WV
6 miles4
Mine Rd. Base Trails Loop
Snowshoe WV
5 miles5
Spruce Knob / Seneca Creek IMBA Epic
Seneca Rocks WV
19 miles6
Intermediate to Expert Triple Challenge
Glen Jean WV
11 miles7
Short & Sweet
Glen Jean WV
2 miles8
XC fun, intermediate challenge
Glen Jean WV
8 miles9
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Race Routes

Brapps Then Taps Sport & Pro Course race
Fayetteville WV
13 miles1
WVICL Challenge @ Watters Smith 2018 Course race
Weston WV
3 miles2
Brapps then Taps beginners course race
Fayetteville WV
6 miles3
WVICL Little Creek Classic 2018 Course race
So. Charleston WV
2 miles4
Challege at Mountwood - Sport 2018 (maybe?) race
Parkersburg WV
13 miles5
Snowshow Epic Enduro - Day 1 race
Snowshoe WV
23 miles6
Snowshow Epic Enduro - Day 2 race
Snowshoe WV
16 miles7
Chomolungma Course #1 race
Snowshoe WV
2 miles8
Chomolungma Course #2 race
Snowshoe WV
2 miles9
2015 Snowshoe Wild Hare Pro GRT race
Snowshoe WV
2 miles10
Wild turkey to Whole Shebang Enduro Stage race
Grafton WV
1 miles11
Fall Line Stage race
Grafton WV
2,447 ft12
2017 Valley Falls Enduro race
Fairmont WV
16 miles13
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