Mountain Bike
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01The Summit Bechtel Reserve
2,849 ft-78 ft78 ft
02The Summit Bechtel Reserve
2,848 ft-71 ft50 ft
03The Summit Bechtel Reserve
3,196 ft-80 ft31 ft
04The Summit Bechtel Reserve
1,871 ft-272 ft189 ft
05The Summit Bechtel Reserve
4,800 ft-377 ft171 ft
07The Summit Bechtel Reserve
1,617 ft-42 ft114 ft
08The Summit Bechtel Reserve
3,461 ft-172 ft65 ft
09The Summit Bechtel Reserve
946 ft-83 ft25 ft
10The Summit Bechtel Reserve
400 ft-8 ft28 ft
10 GallonSnowshoe Bike Park
932 ft-159 ft
11The Summit Bechtel Reserve
613 ft-18 ft46 ft
12The Summit Bechtel Reserve
4 miles-920 ft593 ft
13 - Grandma's CookiesThe Summit Bechtel Reserve
2 miles-501 ft501 ft
14The Summit Bechtel Reserve
893 ft-24 ft23 ft
15The Summit Bechtel Reserve
415 ft-36 ft7 ft
16 - Gulliver's TravelsThe Summit Bechtel Reserve
2 miles-246 ft266 ft
17The Summit Bechtel Reserve
3 miles-452 ft868 ft
18The Summit Bechtel Reserve
4,148 ft-109 ft141 ft
19The Summit Bechtel Reserve
1 mile-114 ft549 ft
20The Summit Bechtel Reserve
2 miles-587 ft150 ft
21The Summit Bechtel Reserve
1 mile-445 ft75 ft
22The Summit Bechtel Reserve
1 mile-599 ft112 ft
23 - Nacho LibreThe Summit Bechtel Reserve
1 mile-495 ft89 ft
236 TrailMeeks Mountain Trails
2,536 ft-38 ft18 ft
24 - A-LineThe Summit Bechtel Reserve
1 mile-639 ft125 ft
25The Summit Bechtel Reserve
3,155 ft-455 ft64 ft
26The Summit Bechtel Reserve
3,190 ft-414 ft71 ft
27The Summit Bechtel Reserve
4,031 ft-412 ft96 ft
300' TrailGreen Bank
1 mile-36 ft15 ft
4,823 ft-58 ft62 ft
5 Year BackSnowshoe Bike Park
1,342 ft-212 ft
6 - Long TrailThe Summit Bechtel Reserve
5 miles-2,309 ft2,104 ft
6000 StepsSnowshoe Backcountry
2 miles-539 ft8 ft
A. Davis TrailCanaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge
3 miles-613 ft33 ft
A.T. Side Trails: Buzzard Rocks Side TrailAppalachian Trail Corridor (WVA/VA)
367 ft-6 ft
Abandon TrailBarboursville Park
2,634 ft-146 ft112 ft
Abby's TrailLittle Creek Park
727 ft-27 ft17 ft
Acorn Ridge TrailPinnacle Rock State Park
5,127 ft-131 ft274 ft
Action Point Skills CourseThe Summit Bechtel Reserve
445 ft-19 ft4 ft
AdenaArrowhead Trails
3 miles-433 ft435 ft
Adena - Dalton ConnectorArrowhead Trails
1,840 ft-41 ft94 ft
Advanced Ski TrailCoopers Rock State Forest
2 miles-589 ft54 ft
Airport RidgeSnowshoe Backcountry
3,456 ft-165 ft105 ft
Airport RoadSummersville Lake
1 mile-319 ft198 ft
Allegheny ConnectorCanaan Valley Resort State Park
941 ft53 ft
Allegheny Highlands TrailWest Virginia
24 miles-631 ft403 ft
Allegheny Mountain TrailSpruce Knob-Seneca Rocks National Recreation Area
13 miles-2,829 ft1,043 ft
Allegheny TrailCanaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge
2 miles-122 ft486 ft
Allegheny TrailCanaan Valley Resort State Park
4,280 ft-193 ft33 ft
Allegheny Trail Section 1 (partial)Coopers Rock State Forest
3,481 ft-110 ft70 ft
Allegheny Trail- Cass to Green Bank #701Green Bank
6 miles-1,656 ft1,217 ft
AlternateCanaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge
989 ft-58 ft
Americorps Spur TrailPutnam County Park
1,135 ft-105 ft79 ft
Americorps TrailPutnam County Park
1,802 ft-152 ft47 ft
Amphitheater DownhillBarboursville Park
919 ft-186 ft
Amphitheater TrailBarboursville Park
1,323 ft-141 ft
Ampitheater TrailSt. Albans City Park
321 ft83 ft
Ant HillGray Flats Trail System
2,228 ft87 ft
Appollo 13Mountwood Park
2,440 ft-67 ft118 ft
Arbuckle CreekAce Adventure Resort
1 mile-467 ft6 ft
Area 51 TrailBarboursville Park
545 ft67 ft
Art and Lola LaneMeeks Mountain Trails
3,140 ft-83 ft12 ft
Back 40Green Bank
3 miles-44 ft66 ft
Back Hollow ConnectorCanaan Valley Resort State Park
1 mile-81 ft112 ft
Back Hollow TrailCanaan Valley Resort State Park
1 mile-179 ft91 ft
Backbone TrailChief Logan State Park
4 miles-1,182 ft1,390 ft
Backside TrailPutnam County Park
1 mile-332 ft263 ft
Bad Benches TrailMeeks Mountain Trails
1 mile-233 ft90 ft
Bad GradesBarboursville Park
1,385 ft-22 ft35 ft
Bail OutSnowshoe Backcountry
5,272 ft-651 ft
Baker's Ridge Main LoopBaker's Ridge Park
1 mile-222 ft203 ft
Bakers Ride Rd. connectorBaker's Ridge Park
2,221 ft-43 ft50 ft
Ball Field Spur TrailSt. Albans City Park
1,642 ft-81 ft87 ft
Ball Field TrailLittle Creek Park
1,884 ft-19 ft119 ft
Ball Field TrailSt. Albans City Park
1 mile-185 ft326 ft
Ball-N-JackSnowshoe Bike Park
3,460 ft-484 ft6 ft
Ballard TrailKanawha State Forest
1 mile-611 ft66 ft
Ballfield OverlookBarboursville Park
1,492 ft-34 ft33 ft
Balsam FirBlackwater Falls State Park
3,377 ft-36 ft124 ft
Bannock Shoals #446Tea Creek Area
5 miles-1,131 ft175 ft
Barn YardWatters Smith State Park
827 ft88 ft
Barry's LoopBeech Fork State Park
2 miles-97 ft117 ft
Battery TrailLittle Creek Park
1,968 ft-78 ft60 ft
Bays ForkKanawha State Forest
2 miles-653 ft233 ft
Beacon TrailSleepy Creek WMA
2 miles-163 ft364 ft
Bear Hunter TrailSpruce Knob-Seneca Rocks National Recreation Area
5,113 ft-15 ft707 ft
Bear Pen Ridge Trail #440Tea Creek Area
3 miles-305 ft796 ft
Bear Wallow Trail NorthCamp Creek State Park
2 miles-186 ft427 ft
Bear Wallow Trail SouthCamp Creek State Park
2 miles-630 ft388 ft
Beaver CreekLittle Beaver State Park
3,643 ft-81 ft79 ft
Beaver CreekBig Bear Lake Trail Center
4,790 ft-203 ft106 ft
Beaver Creek TrailCVI Trails
3 miles-282 ft186 ft
Beaver Pond TrailPinnacle Rock State Park
3,502 ft-120 ft57 ft
Beckley Rail TrailBeckley
4 miles-112 ft106 ft
Bee Run TrailSpruce Knob-Seneca Rocks National Recreation Area
1 mile-1,005 ft4 ft
Beech TrailTomlinson Run State Park
2,774 ft-47 ft228 ft
Ben's RunBen's Run Recreational Area
1 mile-325 ft325 ft
Ben's Run ConnectorBen's Run Recreational Area
1,163 ft-15 ft35 ft
Bench TrailCoopers Rock State Forest
1,085 ft-89 ft16 ft
Big AshSnowshoe Bike Park
935 ft-105 ft
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