segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
124HITEF: Quaking Aspen Quaking Aspen3,732 ft60 ft56327172Gallup
2HDScreamer - 1st Singletrack stretch Second Mesa (North)3 miles135 ft53522220Gallup
3back end of y2k Y2K1 miles102 ft49524801Gallup
424HITEF: Y2k / Finish Y2K2 miles130 ft48223171Gallup
5HDScreamer - Rip it! Second Mesa (South)3 miles144 ft44516420Gallup
6Connector back Gamercy Connector3,710 ft70 ft34010330Gallup
7Connector out Gamercy Connector3,474 ft67 ft2949570Gallup
8down on y2k Y2K2 miles235 ft2529820Gallup
9bumpy field Plush1,559 ft20 ft23510260Gallup
10Torreon Plush4,380 ft132 ft23410700Gallup
11Unnamed Rd Climb Quaking Aspen2 miles340 ft1754240Gallup
12y2k Y2K3 miles271 ft1573300Gallup
13Unnamed Rd Climb Lost Lake Rim Trail1 miles268 ft1041750Gallup
14It's a lukewarm liquid diet they're force feeding Lost Lake Rim Trail3 miles229 ft1021711Gallup
151st Mesa Clockwise First Mesa Loop2 miles126 ft901370Gallup
16heading back on y2k Y2K3 miles275 ft65980Gallup
17turkey nest down Turkey Nest2 miles250 ft54800Gallup
18Quasimodo summit to Milk Canyon Split Track 373,707 ft125 ft54770Gallup
19County Road 50 Climb Tampico Springs3,975 ft282 ft28480Gallup
20Tampico uphill Tampico Springs2 miles357 ft28480Gallup
21Bebe's Bonanza White Rim Trail3,818 ft100 ft250Crownpoint
22Back on Bebe's White Rim Trail3,777 ft104 ft2140Crownpoint
23down quaking Quaking Aspen3 miles493 ft000Gallup
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