segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Lower Homestead to Dell Webb Drive 37 Upper Homestead3,309 ft245 ft65532624
22000 hrs 2000 Hours4,597 ft305 ft629300312
3Berm Trail 77 Berm Trail1,942 ft111 ft58525611
4Rowdy! 5 Lower Hanenkahm1,150 ft108 ft57024960
5Upper Ravine 9 Upper Ravine3,661 ft358 ft44819901
6Delwebb Dr Climb 9 Upper Ravine4,304 ft409 ft44319290
7Revine UH 9 Upper Ravine3,772 ft368 ft44119440
8Boy Scout from Laird's to Ravine 79 Boyscout1 mile216 ft40825462
9Upper Lairds 2 Upper Lairds Downhill1 mile432 ft39211120
10Kaylor's South to Upper Ravine 3 Kaylors Knob Ridge Trail North1 mile357 ft3509700
11Mt Sinai Rd Climb 3 Kaylors Knob Ridge Trail North3,816 ft339 ft3357602
12Kaylor Knob Ridgeline 3 Kaylors Knob Ridge Trail North1 mile386 ft3327520
134k down 92 Special K1 mile212 ft27810431
14Switchback End in Sight 92 Special K1,366 ft114 ft27710361
15Special K Climb (road to 2k) 92 Special K1 mile226 ft1726250
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