Mountain Bike
1 mile-185 ft641 ft
Apumoana Extension to Sidewinder
266 ft-3 ft55 ft
Arepa (Alpha) 1
4,196 ft-168 ft43 ft
Arepa (uphill section)
3,039 ft-5 ft76 ft
As You Do
5,013 ft481 ft
As You Do - Not So Hard Line
669 ft86 ft
3,927 ft-116 ft74 ft
Ball and Chain
1,844 ft-3 ft
Be Rude Not 2 connector
417 ft-9 ft
Be Rude Not To
1 mile-346 ft117 ft
Be Rude Not To, Link to Lion's Trail
1,092 ft-14 ft2 ft
Be Rude Not To, Te Wash Road Exit
513 ft-19 ft
Be Rude Not Too Connector
291 ft5 ft
Billy T
1 mile-539 ft
Billy T drop/gap line
371 ft-9 ft
Black House Down
2,631 ft-444 ft10 ft
1,841 ft-122 ft
Box of Birds
3,747 ft-467 ft4 ft
Box of Birds + Fluffy Duck lines
2,157 ft-248 ft24 ft
Box of Birds exit
1,680 ft-33 ft2 ft
Bunny Jugs 1
504 ft-27 ft9 ft
Bunny Jugs 2
2,493 ft-95 ft21 ft
Bush Road
4,029 ft-77 ft314 ft
Challenge DH
2,818 ft-171 ft3 ft
Challenge Exit
1,066 ft-26 ft5 ft
Challenge Roadside
3,967 ft-129 ft38 ft
Challenge Rockdrop Link
428 ft60 ft
Challenge Uphill
1,627 ft92 ft
Chestnut Link
1,903 ft-118 ft3 ft
Chestnut Link 1
2,789 ft-4 ft192 ft
Chop Suey
2,128 ft-41 ft52 ft
2 miles-670 ft
3,379 ft-412 ft
3 miles-215 ft251 ft
Creek Alternative Exit
1,159 ft20 ft
Creek, alternate line through Baker's Hollow
466 ft
Dammit Janet
2,894 ft-189 ft25 ft
1 mile-110 ft61 ft
Double Down
1,325 ft-157 ft
Double Down Right Line
1,050 ft-49 ft9 ft
Down The Guts
1,169 ft-25 ft2 ft
Dragon's Tail
4,531 ft-166 ft33 ft
Dual Slalom Track
1,808 ft-31 ft38 ft
Eagle vs Shark - with picnic table
2 miles-812 ft89 ft
Eastern Spice
1,532 ft-258 ft5 ft
Feeder G3
2,776 ft-146 ft6 ft
Feeder Grade 2
2,795 ft-186 ft7 ft
Forest Loop - Arepa Section
2,782 ft-73 ft98 ft
Forest Loop, Mud Pool Link
1 mile-163 ft317 ft
Forest Loop, Tarawera Road Trail
5,167 ft-196 ft163 ft
Forest Loop, Tokorangi Face (part 1)
1,483 ft30 ft
Forest Loop, Tokorangi Face (part 2)
1,194 ft45 ft
Forest Loop, Tokorangi Face (part 3)
2,507 ft-110 ft100 ft
Forest Loop, Tokorangi Face (part 4)
5,243 ft-232 ft280 ft
Frontal Lobotomy
3,805 ft-58 ft363 ft
G Rock
4,386 ft-201 ft3 ft
3,934 ft-124 ft9 ft
Grinder to dipper
242 ft-3 ft4 ft
Gunna Gotta
5,000 ft-460 ft40 ft
Gunna Gotta Early Exit
235 ft58 ft
Hatu Patu
3,171 ft-460 ft20 ft
Hemo Gorge Trail
4,869 ft-55 ft105 ft
Homeward Bound
1,299 ft-40 ft
Homeward Bound
3,110 ft-54 ft
Hot X Buns
5,092 ft-520 ft37 ft
Hot X Buns to Tumeke link
364 ft-14 ft
Huckleberry Hound
2,700 ft-204 ft
Jeff's Link
1,995 ft-57 ft168 ft
4,987 ft-413 ft49 ft
3,889 ft-791 ft33 ft
Katore Jumps
1,962 ft-148 ft14 ft
Katore Road Link
243 ft7 ft
Kid's Loop
1,417 ft18 ft
Kung Fu Walrus
4,640 ft-673 ft47 ft
Kung Fu Walrus Extension
1,935 ft-257 ft5 ft
Lentil Link
472 ft24 ft
Link: Katore Rd to Box Of Birds and K2
758 ft3 ft
Lion Trail
3,734 ft-78 ft247 ft
Lion trail - early exit
259 ft-13 ft21 ft
Little Red Riding Huck
1 mile-651 ft21 ft
Lynmore Link
1,411 ft-28 ft71 ft
Mā Te Wā
4,396 ft-731 ft48 ft
Mad If You Don't
2,726 ft-90 ft12 ft
4,236 ft-660 ft22 ft
Mini DH
1,212 ft-84 ft
2 miles-127 ft135 ft
Mokopuna to Wattles connector
1,362 ft-55 ft
1,896 ft-113 ft67 ft
Mossy Loop
2 miles-269 ft152 ft
Mossy Trail, Te Huanui
3,219 ft-31 ft120 ft
New Exit
3,179 ft-236 ft40 ft
No Brains
5,279 ft-438 ft65 ft
No Brains Extension
2,434 ft-251 ft10 ft
North Face
804 ft-194 ft
Old Chevy
2 miles-256 ft160 ft
Old Exit
2,729 ft-357 ft94 ft
Paddy's Run (A Trail)
4,686 ft-293 ft260 ft
Paddy's Run, Family Exit
1,293 ft-100 ft4 ft
Paddys wash exit
675 ft-126 ft14 ft
Phillips Road
1 mile-72 ft127 ft
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