• Whanganui National Park Region Status
    Nov 28, 2020
trail condition date description
Kaiwhakauka Track Variable
Nov 28, 2020 @ 9:48pm
Nov 28, 2020
Track is open. Expect to see track works teams on this stretch upgrading the area this Summer.
Mangapurua Track (Bridge To Nowhere Walk) Very Dry
Jan 4, 2022 @ 12:33am
Jan 4, 2022
Exceptionally dry. The trail description and grading needs changing. This is a very straightforward grade 3 ride, the first 25km of which is ATV/4WD track with very easy gradient. Last 10km is easy single track. Elevation gain is also incorrect - only 600m total over the whole ride. Can easily be ridden in 3hrs with no stops, 4:30 if you stop to read all interpretations and take in the views. Out and back totally doable to avoid logistical faff. That said, jet boat and BTN lodge is ace. Will be more demanding in wet due to clay track surface.
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