segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Old Millroad Trail Climb Comfortably Numb (Foreplay Descent)1,072 ft316 ft206036740
2Foreplay Descent Comfortably Numb (Foreplay Descent)2 miles808 ft202736035
3Kings timed portion of yummy 500 Yummy Numby (Lower)4,713 ft512 ft181934980
4Yummy - 10 Switchbacks Yummy Numby (Lower)2,956 ft342 ft181934991
5Lost Lake Rd Climb Yummy Numby (Lower)1,213 ft265 ft178733770
6Foreplay to Lookout From Numby Comfortably Numb (Foreplay Descent)5,270 ft375 ft174429302
7Yummy Numby climb Yummy Numby (Lower)1 miles708 ft169232355
8Comfortably Numb to Jeffs Trail Comfortably Numb (North Secret)3 miles354 ft97913681
9Emerald Dr Climb Comfortably Numb (North Secret)4,050 ft269 ft94012940
10Summer Ln Climb Comfortably Numb (North Secret)3,451 ft304 ft83910322
11Lost Lake Road Climb Comfortably Numb (North Secret)1,439 ft367 ft83410240
12Green lake trail gravel climb Green Lake Loop594 ft118 ft77014990
13Jeffs Trail Jeff's1,967 ft274 ft71411821
14OT - Lookout to the end Out There5,145 ft509 ft58710386
15Golden Door to Jeff's Comfortably Numb (North Secret)2 miles497 ft5848490
16Out There from Comfortably Numb Out There1 miles468 ft5639821
17Golden Door-Golden Door Loop Comfortably Numb (North Secret)3 miles203 ft5396740
18Dark side of the moss Comfortably Numb (North Secret)2,791 ft173 ft3634210
19Comfortably numb to road Comfortably Numb (North Secret)2 miles393 ft3504020
20Young Lust Young Lust3,257 ft421 ft2813480
21Yummy Numby downhill Yummy Numby (Lower)3,725 ft451 ft1481610
22North of Town (Short) North of Town4,780 ft120 ft1371680
23Old school green lake grunt Green Lake Loop1,574 ft247 ft911040
24Are you kidding me Green Lake Loop416 ft84 ft90930
25British Columbia 99 Climb Green Lake Loop2,092 ft286 ft80921
26Quick comfort loop Comfortably Numb (North Secret)4 miles237 ft62730
27??? Another CN Door??? Comfortably Numb (North Secret)576 ft33 ft29340
28Sea To Sky Hwy Climb Wedgemount Road1 miles525 ft27310
29Sea To Sky Hwy Climb Wedgemount Lake5,118 ft877 ft970
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