Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
"7"Mary Lake/Cowley Lake
3,245 ft-27 ft16 ft
"H"Mary Lake/Cowley Lake
1,417 ft33 ft
007Mt McIntyre
961 ft-24 ft51 ft
007 ConnectorMt McIntyre
351 ft-20 ft
105Mary Lake/Cowley Lake
2 miles-282 ft42 ft
10th AvenueWhitehorse
1,608 ft65 ft
11Mary Lake/Cowley Lake
3,675 ft-116 ft8 ft
24 Hours of LightMt McIntyre
2 miles-22 ft119 ft
24HOL ConnectorMt McIntyre
1,225 ft15 ft
3 BenchesYukon RC Modellers Airfield
2 miles-317 ft359 ft
7.5KMt McIntyre
2 miles-224 ft143 ft
8th-1/2 avenueWhitehorse
876 ft29 ft
9th AvenueWhitehorse
2,365 ft-77 ft
Adit ConnectorHillcrest
623 ft2 ft
After MidnightYukon University
719 ft
Airfield BypassYukon RC Modellers Airfield
1,109 ft-16 ft9 ft
Airport Paved PathWhitehorse Airport
2,612 ft47 ft
Alder BashPorter Creek
2,644 ft126 ft
All those Damn PineconesWhitehorse
361 ft-9 ft
Almond AlleyPorter Creek
1,227 ft-22 ft
Amethyst TrailHillcrest
1,667 ft-3 ft
722 ft20 ft
1,093 ft55 ft
Aw-ShucksPorter Creek
1,821 ft-28 ft32 ft
B&SGrey Mountain
3,208 ft-338 ft48 ft
Backyard BypassYukon RC Modellers Airfield
1,012 ft-2 ft10 ft
Bee Hop ConnectorPineridge
209 ft-4 ft
Ben's DescentHillcrest
614 ft-8 ft
Bench ConnectorYukon RC Modellers Airfield
293 ft-5 ft
Beryl PlaceHillcrest
1,033 ft-5 ft
Best For LastWolf Creek
1 mile-117 ft111 ft
Big BrotherHillcrest
1,060 ft-33 ft
Big SisterHillcrest
663 ft-6 ft
BirchMt McIntyre
4,012 ft-96 ft163 ft
Birch LoopCrestview
6 miles-679 ft680 ft
Birch Loop BisectCrestview
2,113 ft-27 ft21 ft
BirdiePilot Mountain
853 ft25 ft
Birdwalk EmpireWhistle Bend
2,707 ft111 ft
745 ft
Black Street StairsWhitehorse Airport
279 ft16 ft
Black Street Stairs AccessWhitehorse Airport
541 ft37 ft
Black Street Stairs Side TrailWhitehorse Airport
535 ft-37 ft
Blair WitchHillcrest
2,428 ft-150 ft
BlowdownGrey Mountain
1,697 ft-69 ft20 ft
Blown AwayMt McIntyre
1 mile-261 ft50 ft
Blue's BrotherGrey Mountain
1 mile-171 ft286 ft
Booby TrapGrey Mountain
2,318 ft-37 ft3 ft
Boogaloo ClimbGrey Mountain
2,095 ft-9 ft218 ft
Boogaloo HeightsGrey Mountain
1,383 ft-61 ft1 ft
Boogaloo LakesGrey Mountain
4,546 ft-78 ft29 ft
Boogaloo Magnusson LinkGrey Mountain
774 ft-7 ft3 ft
Boogaloo NorthGrey Mountain
5,209 ft-245 ft200 ft
Boomer RumorYukon RC Modellers Airfield
1,699 ft-56 ft32 ft
Boreal BunnyYukon University
2,854 ft-18 ft18 ft
Bottom BasherYukon University
1,909 ft-31 ft
Bouncing BunnyMt McIntyre
1 mile-345 ft
2,835 ft-3 ft31 ft
Bower EastHillcrest
2,254 ft-32 ft30 ft
Bower East Hike ExtensionHillcrest
1,335 ft-18 ft
Broken TruckGrey Mountain
4,854 ft-147 ft143 ft
Broken Truck connectorGrey Mountain
830 ft-13 ft52 ft
Buckskin BoogieYukon University
1,142 ft-71 ft
BullMary Lake/Cowley Lake
2,467 ft-69 ft
BullitMary Lake/Cowley Lake
1,066 ft-28 ft
Bumble TumblePineridge
3,027 ft-40 ft41 ft
Bureau of FishWhitehorse
1,010 ft-21 ft
Bypass TrailGrey Mountain
3,456 ft-129 ft50 ft
CaboodleWhistle Bend
4,865 ft-127 ft123 ft
Calypso CanyonMt McIntyre
3,438 ft-164 ft5 ft
Can CanMt McIntyre
3,988 ft-171 ft43 ft
Can Can WinterMt McIntyre
686 ft-10 ft3 ft
Canada Game Centre ConnectorMt McIntyre
922 ft-18 ft
Cantlie Lake Road ConnectorGrey Mountain
2 miles-137 ft331 ft
Casa LoamaPorter Creek
1,762 ft-79 ft
Casca Inner LoopWhistle Bend
2 miles-86 ft52 ft
Casca Outer LoopWhistle Bend
2 miles-37 ft131 ft
Chadburn BlueGrey Mountain
3 miles-248 ft244 ft
Chadburn Blue NorthGrey Mountain
4 miles-214 ft288 ft
Chadburn Blue SouthGrey Mountain
2 miles-466 ft373 ft
Chadburn GreenGrey Mountain
3 miles-188 ft189 ft
Chadburn RedGrey Mountain
3 miles-350 ft342 ft
Chadburn Yellow NorthGrey Mountain
2 miles-185 ft57 ft
Claim PostPilot Mountain
3,839 ft-18 ft233 ft
CliffsideWhitehorse Airport
2 miles-105 ft160 ft
Cobble BypassHillcrest
1,034 ft3 ft
Commuter ComboWhitehorse
2 miles-22 ft268 ft
ConnectorGrey Mountain
351 ft8 ft
776 ft-5 ft22 ft
ConnectorGrey Mountain
443 ft-45 ft8 ft
ConnectorGrey Mountain
1,444 ft-5 ft34 ft
Cookie CrustYukon University
866 ft5 ft
CopperMt McIntyre
5 miles-142 ft445 ft
Copper CrossingHillcrest
689 ft-10 ft
2,136 ft-29 ft
Copper Ridge RogueHillcrest
787 ft48 ft
Copper Ridge TrailHillcrest
2 miles-176 ft2 ft
Copper Ridge Trail BacktrackMt McIntyre
896 ft31 ft
Copper Trail (Valerie Lake)Mount Sima
4 miles-405 ft396 ft
Copper-McIntyre Ridge TrailMt McIntyre
1,348 ft-14 ft
Copper-McIntyre Ridge TrailMt McIntyre
2,438 ft-39 ft
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