Mountain Bike
Aliso Creek Connector1,644 ft-23 ft11 ft-0.8265.6
Borrego Canyon Trail2 miles-124 ft378 ft3.175321.921
Cactus Hill Trail2,707 ft-253 ft49 ft0440.961
Cattle Pond1,277 ft-77 ft33 ft-3.465348.448
Concourse2,528 ft-295 ft-11.659412.91
Dreaded Hill Trail1 mile-94 ft644 ft9.1488
Edison4,528 ft-129 ft187 ft1.3304
Edison Viejo3,347 ft-30 ft138 ft3.205300.343
Line Shack1 mile-150 ft296 ft2.7357.8
Live Oak Trail2,283 ft-63 ft20 ft0271.839
Mustard4,209 ft-19 ft418 ft9.475442.879
Raptor Trail2,687 ft-17 ft129 ft4.1292
Sage Scrub991 ft-98 ft-9.901378.584
Sage Scrub Trail437 ft-12 ft5 ft-1.629380.822
Serrano Cow Trail2,093 ft-80 ft-3.8308.8
Serrano Creek Trail (Dreaded to Gate)5,174 ft-147 ft9 ft-2.663286.8
Sleepy Hollow Trail1,757 ft-141 ft41 ft-5.675370.815
Vista Lookout4,730 ft-17 ft536 ft10.976481.763
Water Tank Road (4 Corners to Dreaded)1,304 ft-19 ft51 ft2.47459.418
Whiting Road4,440 ft-440 ft33 ft0446.181
Whiting Spur Road1,791 ft-60 ft101 ft2.296454.697
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