segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1PYP Down from Nomojo to big wash Pick Your Poison4,585 ft222 ft571433
2PYP Road to Top Pick Your Poison4,814 ft268 ft561350
3Brent and Mikes First Climb Brent and Mikes1 miles331 ft521871
4Draino to top of Climb Draino3,582 ft254 ft502182
5Brent and Mike Down Hill - View to Cruiser Brent and Mikes4,137 ft291 ft471460
6B & M Top to MacDaddy Brent and Mikes4,284 ft91 ft33960
7TNT Downhill (top sign to bottom sign) TNT4,962 ft384 ft31691
8NOMOJO West to East Nomojo2 miles102 ft23950
9B and M Road Downhill Brent and Mikes4,783 ft298 ft20801
10NOMOJO East to West Nomojo2 miles101 ft19570
11Uncle Rico's Uncle Rico's2,373 ft80 ft12451
12Unnamed Rd Climb Brent and Mikes1 miles397 ft660
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