segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Phillips Access - down Phillip's Ridge Trail1,888 ft106 ft114926281
2Gate to Crater Lake Old Pass Road1 mile591 ft113631870
3Joint Point_DH Phillip's Ridge Trail4 miles1,164 ft82715575
4Phillips Ridge Descent Phillip's Ridge Trail7 miles1,809 ft77112735
5Phillips Descent to Fish Creek Phillip's Ridge Trail8 miles2,035 ft74112220
6Roots Black Canyon3,065 ft254 ft68312000
7Black Canyon Star Wars No Brakes Black Canyon3,409 ft384 ft67811904
8Black Canyon Trail Descent Black Canyon4 miles2,284 ft66611525
9PC 2 DOWN Phillips Canyon2 miles678 ft56911091
10Phillips Canyon Lower Phillips Canyon1 mile549 ft55510840
11Canfield Brothers Parallel- upper section Parallel1,444 ft125 ft46114012
12Canfield Brothers Parallel lower jumps to pavement Parallel2,217 ft268 ft45113372
13Parallel Full (Sign Post to Pavement) Parallel1 mile722 ft44612923
14Canfield Brothers Parallel Mid flow Parallel2,615 ft298 ft43913251
15Candyland Candyland2,668 ft297 ft40910515
16Wilson-North Road Climb Phillip's Ridge Trail5,087 ft340 ft3869590
17Phillips Ridge; top road to Arrow jct Phillip's Ridge Trail2 miles496 ft3277110
18Canfield Brothers Lower FB-Stop spot to un-jumpable berm gap Fuzzy Bunny1,636 ft215 ft3117793
19Fuzzy Bunny to Candyland Cut-off Fuzzy Bunny1 mile774 ft3007616
20Canfield Brothers Upper FB- Rocks to the stop spot Fuzzy Bunny2,985 ft406 ft2997613
21Canfield Brothers- Powerlines,,,,, Crosshairs- to left turn tree squeeze- Powerline Jumps2,123 ft222 ft2965643
22Steep and Loose Lithium1,854 ft566 ft2874753
23Lithium hike a bike to the start of lower Lithium1 mile1,206 ft2874731
24Lithium Roots Lithium1,529 ft174 ft2834662
25Lithium Lower Lithium3,742 ft493 ft2814732
26Lithium Full Lithium3 miles2,715 ft2744425
27Ridge Trail Climb (Fish Creek to upper road) Phillip's Ridge Trail5 miles1,664 ft2736312
28Lithium top to hike a bike Lithium1 mile856 ft2724454
29Fish Creek rd Climb(no lame pavement beginning) Phillip's Ridge Trail8 miles2,070 ft2515571
30Canfield Brothers- Bunny butt ending- 10' after berm gap- to left before pavement Fuzzy Bunny1,810 ft217 ft2444313
31Fuzzy Bunny DH Fuzzy Bunny1 mile849 ft2424303
32Mt Elly Rd Climb Black Canyon5 miles2,734 ft16161
33Jackson Hole Community Pathway System Climb Old Pass Road2,292 ft290 ft13141
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