segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
1The Falls Falls Trail1,168 ft24 ft82221473Brownsville
2Grassy Ln UP Grassy Lane Class IV5,088 ft152 ft78217275Woodstock
3Cloud Climber 1 Cloud Climber3,117 ft129 ft73818296Brownsville
4Bypass Bypass1,066 ft108 ft65815072Brownsville
5Nice swoopy DH Bypass1,289 ft123 ft65517046Brownsville
6Lower Graces DH Falls from Grace663 ft120 ft60712211Brownsville
7Something New Fifth Avenue1,046 ft87 ft60216104Brownsville
8home run Home Again2,495 ft163 ft52111401Brownsville
9Upper Broadway Upper Broadway1,124 ft70 ft4949275Brownsville
10Home Run Heading Out Home Again2,323 ft78 ft48210294Brownsville
11Mile-Long Field Mile Long Field1,443 ft16 ft4808981Brownsville
12Wind up Last Mile2,485 ft129 ft46911203Brownsville
13South Ridge Run Descent South Ridge Run5,169 ft203 ft4538894Brownsville
14South Ridge Run Descent South Ridge Run3,867 ft181 ft4528871Brownsville
15Buck Dancer to Boulder Dash Boulder Dash552 ft62 ft4526934Brownsville
16Boulder Dash Boulder Dash685 ft59 ft4456866Brownsville
17Sluice Sluice1,146 ft149 ft4409644Brownsville
18Escalator (Down) Escalator5,219 ft152 ft4278711Brownsville
19Falls From Grace Falls from Grace1,975 ft194 ft4026061Brownsville
20Quiver Arrow Route939 ft74 ft4006835Brownsville
21Pas The Buck DH Pass the Buck1,692 ft151 ft3968763Brownsville
22Ski Tow Rd Climb Last Mile4,206 ft267 ft3699322Brownsville
23Quarry Quarry Trail1,096 ft78 ft3364825Brownsville
24Blue Dipper Blue Dipper1,475 ft114 ft3027531Brownsville
25Wind Up (Down) Wind Up2,686 ft108 ft2775321Brownsville
26Wind Up Wind Up2,831 ft117 ft2213801Brownsville
27Rattlesnake Plantain Blue Ribbon4,527 ft265 ft2035164Norwich
28Clapp your hands say yeah Blue Ribbon1 miles417 ft2025073Norwich
29Descent to Bourdon's Bowl Avery's Interstate1,402 ft147 ft1868902Pomfret
30Blue Trail in Woods Avery's Interstate4,260 ft411 ft1807910Pomfret
31Charlie's Descent Charlie's2,841 ft197 ft1746501Woodstock
32Encore Encore950 ft59 ft1717792Woodstock
33James Jungle James Jungle1,881 ft239 ft1616100Woodstock
34Woodstock Aqueduct Coaster Descending Coaster3,798 ft172 ft1557942Woodstock
35Waterbar Downhill Swoops & Loops Trail1,745 ft129 ft1505202Brownsville
36TNT TNT3,471 ft67 ft1495301Woodstock
37Top of Fallen Women to Red Line downhill Trail of the Fallen Woman1,011 ft83 ft1474990Woodstock
38Into the Clouds Cloud Drop1,885 ft199 ft1415022Woodstock
39Cloud Drop Top Cloud Drop1,732 ft202 ft1414743Woodstock
40Charlie's Charlie's2,694 ft183 ft1404810Woodstock
41Sir Bermsalot Sir Bermsalot1,575 ft103 ft1394790Woodstock
42Up Shot Up Shot2,787 ft139 ft1383950Woodstock
43Okemo Ridge Rd Climb The Green Mile2,873 ft442 ft1355770Ludlow
44CLOUD DROP Cloud Drop2,689 ft282 ft1333930Woodstock
45Segway to Pegway Mount Peg995 ft71 ft1183000Woodstock
46Little Loop - Clockwise Swoops & Loops Trail2,524 ft34 ft1173782Brownsville
47South Ridge Run Climb South Ridge Run3,595 ft231 ft1111761Brownsville
48B Trail Low Rider3,492 ft402 ft1093601Ludlow
49McIndownhill McIndoe Farm Parcel 5 Connector769 ft121 ft1065711Norwich
50Off the Ridge Constant Flow3,470 ft169 ft1053060Woodstock
51Little Loop - Counter Clockwise Swoops & Loops Trail2,352 ft32 ft972002Brownsville
52Kent's Cut to Ravine Kent's Connector1,348 ft107 ft962651Woodstock
53Roll Up Rolling Rock Rolling Rock1,941 ft194 ft892440Woodstock
54Parcel 5 - Beaver Meadow Parcel 53 miles388 ft882571Norwich
55McInuphill McIndoe Farm Parcel 5 Connector682 ft114 ft865430Norwich
56Short Cut Bring it Home993 ft119 ft831620Ludlow
57dont know what to call it Pine Drop1,271 ft200 ft782461Hartford
58Blue Dipper East Descent Blue Dipper1,890 ft100 ft78972Brownsville
59Overlook to Mt. Peg Mount Peg1 miles298 ft611771Woodstock
60Reservoir Down. Woods Rd to Spillway. Reservoir Trail3,505 ft52 ft471831Woodstock
61Coaster Up Coaster2,985 ft106 ft461000Woodstock
62Suicide 6 Beginner DH Climb First Drop1 miles593 ft40760Pomfret
63Suicide Six Climb to Top First Drop1 miles575 ft40770Pomfret
64Huck it or F*ck it DH Rockledge Lane - Upper Turnpike Connector2,414 ft141 ft39861Norwich
65Upper Cross climb Upper Cross1,399 ft77 ft37670Woodstock
66Back to Nick's Nick's Short Cut1,061 ft80 ft32510Woodstock
67Keith's Cutoff to the Top! Parcel 52,689 ft111 ft30650Norwich
68Grassy Wall Class IV Road2,384 ft253 ft27481Woodstock
69Up the Ridge Constant Flow4,042 ft226 ft21301Woodstock
70Parcel 5 cruise to the top Parcel 51 miles232 ft19250Norwich
71Pine drop to brook Pine Drop1,868 ft365 ft11140Hartford
72Gokey Road Climb Contest Trail1 miles595 ft10100Rochester
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