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American DipperSun Mountain
881 ft-55 ft
Bear Mountain TrailWinthrop
2.5 miles-1,453 ft
Beaver Pond TrailSun Mountain
1.4 miles-68 ft
Big Valley TrailWinthrop
3.5 miles-282 ft
Black BearSun Mountain
4.5 miles-1,194 ft
Blue JaySun Mountain
1.9 miles-180 ft
Brown CreeperSun Mountain
1,205 ft-72 ft
Buck MountainBuck Mountain
13.4 miles-2,846 ft
Burch MountainWinthrop
9.4 miles-4,113 ft
CowbirdSun Mountain
1,168 ft-67 ft
Cuthroat Lake TrailWinthrop
1,712 ft-18 ft
Cutthroat PassWinthrop
5.8 miles-434 ft
Fox SparrowSun Mountain
1.2 miles-626 ft
Goat Creek LoopWinthrop
2,082 ft-30 ft
Goat Wall Loop TrailWinthrop
1,211 ft
Golden EaglePipestone Canyon
2.3 miles-468 ft
Golden ElbowWinthrop
3,183 ft-469 ft
Greater YellowlegsSun Mountain
5,148 ft-142 ft
GyrfalconSun Mountain
695 ft-31 ft
Harlequin DuckSun Mountain
1,833 ft-91 ft
Inn Run LoopWinthrop
3.3 miles-289 ft
KrauleSun Mountain
1.3 miles-187 ft
LakeviewSun Mountain
2,907 ft-16 ft
Lesser YellowlegsSun Mountain
1,189 ft-30 ft
MagpieSun Mountain
3,533 ft-286 ft
Magpie LoopSun Mountain
2,415 ft-18 ft
Meadowlark TrailWinthrop
4.0 miles-618 ft
MerlinSun Mountain
4,284 ft-178 ft
Methow Community TrailWinthrop
18.6 miles-564 ft
Middle Fork Beaver Creek TrailWinthrop
3.2 miles-1,370 ft
MooseSun Mountain
2,723 ft
Mule TrailBuck Mountain
4,879 ft-541 ft
Northern FlickerSun Mountain
1,968 ft-83 ft
NuthatchSun Mountain
1,975 ft-64 ft
OwlSun Mountain
725 ft-94 ft
Patterson Lake TrailSun Mountain
1.5 miles-187 ft
Patterson Mountain SummitSun Mountain
2,702 ft
Patterson Mountain Trail ASun Mountain
4,952 ft
Patterson Mountain Trail BSun Mountain
1.9 miles-847 ft
Pete's DragonSun Mountain
4,901 ft-464 ft
Pine SiskinSun Mountain
1.1 miles-177 ft
Pipestone Canyon Valley TrailPipestone Canyon
1.1 miles-511 ft
Pipestone Rim TrailPipestone Canyon
3.7 miles-1,538 ft
Red Tail TrailSun Mountain
3,996 ft-296 ft
Rendezvous Basin LoopBuck Mountain
10.8 miles-1,793 ft
Rex Der TrailWinthrop
5,067 ft-87 ft
Rim OverlookPipestone Canyon
257 ft-167 ft
Rodeo TrailSun Mountain
1.2 miles-76 ft
Ronja, the robbers daughterPipestone Canyon
1.5 miles-114 ft
Ruffed GrouseSun Mountain
1,298 ft-93 ft
Sunnyside TrailSun Mountain
1.7 miles-251 ft
The CutBuck Mountain
3,628 ft-286 ft
The Great EgretSun Mountain
1.5 miles-214 ft
Upper Inside Passage TrailWinthrop
1.0 miles-526 ft
Virginian Ridge TrailWinthrop
6.8 miles-624 ft
WarblerSun Mountain
1,304 ft-20 ft
WaterthrushSun Mountain
999 ft-42 ft
Wild TurkeySun Mountain
3.3 miles-783 ft
Winthrop TrailSun Mountain
3.9 miles-68 ft
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