segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
1Emma Switchbacks Green Loop2,244 ft71 ft137351428La Grange
2Emma - Common Beginning Red Loop2 miles45 ft136154716La Grange
3IMBA Influence Corp Connector1,367 ft20 ft1329110677Cambridge
4Heather's Hill Corp Connector412 ft37 ft129198262Cambridge
5Sandy Climb Sandy Climb1,326 ft100 ft1289169978Madison
6Rounabout to Expert Loop lungbuster Cliff Edge459 ft52 ft128492914Cambridge
7Rattle Snake Rattle Snake1,358 ft61 ft126588853Cambridge
8Refo Speed Trap Green Loop1,839 ft6 ft1253129996Green Bay
9First Climb of Emma Green Loop1 mile96 ft124943273La Grange
10ziggy Ziggy Up2,585 ft104 ft12301642713Middleton
11Refo 2017 Start sprint Green Loop2,513 ft8 ft1217114551Green Bay
12Switch Ups StoneFly744 ft56 ft119184562Cambridge
13Overlook Singletrack School Bus4,376 ft47 ft116390264My City
14Ape Hanger long version School Bus1,894 ft44 ft115689405My City
15Carlin Steep Gravel Climb Green Loop442 ft31 ft114841216La Grange
16Shortest Straw School Bus1,550 ft62 ft112988915My City
17Updated Carlin Climb 2014 Green Loop3,149 ft117 ft111938961La Grange
18Carlin climb Green Loop1,234 ft107 ft109837154La Grange
19Cork Screw Corkscrew2,477 ft63 ft105369068Cambridge
20Guessin' 'bout a thing you really ought to know Green Loop3,068 ft20 ft103187145Green Bay
21WTR "Hurt Locker" School Bus1,614 ft29 ft102879044My City
22Jackson Park Push Hoyt to Oak Hill Connector1,672 ft14 ft1015747212Wauwatosa
23Veritas Corp Connector1,220 ft14 ft99369721Cambridge
24CR start to the Rockdale Roundabout Gettin' Started2,011 ft58 ft97466053Cambridge
25North Loop School Bus4,175 ft69 ft96265202My City
26Whitetail Climb #2 School Bus600 ft72 ft85770335My City
27Yellow Jacket Yellow Jacket2 miles51 ft82220384Neillsville
28Nordic MTN lower front side Willow Creek Loop3,364 ft44 ft81843742Mount Morris
29Start Climb Green Loop832 ft66 ft81764407Waukesha
30Quarter Mile climb Namakagon Trail1,530 ft103 ft80914350Cable
31Slaying the Dragon Alpine valley second loop1,473 ft79 ft80439629Elkhorn
32Swang Green Loop3,162 ft21 ft78584732Green Bay
33Big Oak Big Oak3,965 ft50 ft77760427St. Croix Falls
34Many have I loved, and many times been bitten, many times I've gazed along the open road Green Loop5,044 ft42 ft77582026Green Bay
35B double-e double-r UN Beer Run765 ft66 ft76438692Cambridge
36Get Over It Makwa Trail1,012 ft48 ft76113752Cable
37Emma Green Loop Green Loop6 miles167 ft75821746La Grange
38Many dreams come true and some have silver linings Green Loop1 mile24 ft74981432Green Bay
39race to the crapper Green Loop2,618 ft44 ft74761443Green Bay
40Lower Glen to Swamp Cut Lower Glen5,123 ft24 ft74619681Neillsville
41Minooka Finish Green Loop4,759 ft45 ft738832717Waukesha
42Refo 'Washboard' section Green Loop1 mile138 ft73149803Green Bay
43Upper hermosa downhill Upper Hermosa1,715 ft83 ft71715672Neillsville
44The Climb Red Loop585 ft55 ft68516830La Grange
45Screamin' Emma Red Loop1,161 ft95 ft67916782La Grange
46These are not the droids you are looking for Green Loop2,442 ft27 ft67639881Green Bay
47Drop Zone Tunnel Trail667 ft76 ft666113473Madison
48Mawka Trail Head to turn around Makwa Trail3 miles125 ft66511352Cable
49You really ought to know. I really ought to know. Green Loop1,947 ft14 ft65957771Green Bay
50Sidewinder Out Sidewinder1,019 ft56 ft65914841Neillsville
51Quarry Ridge Blue Descent Rewind2,171 ft95 ft653911913Madison
52Upper Hermosa - whoopty woop Upper Hermosa1,941 ft130 ft65214291Neillsville
53Sidewinder Loop Sidewinder4,353 ft42 ft64614345Neillsville
54Erratic Rock loop Erratic Rock Trail4,852 ft75 ft63844291St. Croix Falls
55Ambulance Trail Climb B Line606 ft90 ft6281045612Madison
56Shape of a banana Alpine Valley Half Loop500 ft17 ft62631834Elkhorn
57Erratic Rock complete Erratic Rock Trail1 mile105 ft62542186St. Croix Falls
58Skull Skull2,800 ft48 ft622527212My City
59Upper Sandy Climb Northwoods559 ft43 ft62290180Madison
60Thrillville Thrillville1,959 ft26 ft61953506My City
61New Uphill Rewind2,163 ft112 ft618771113Madison
62Stripper Serpent Mind Games1,369 ft22 ft61548942My City
63Seminole Outer DH Seminole Outer Loop1,571 ft62 ft58844603Madison
64Seminole park outside loop Seminole Outer Loop1 mile66 ft584441017Madison
652012 WORS Junior course 2nd Double Track Green Loop2,659 ft34 ft58126663Green Bay
66Yeti Yeti3,514 ft27 ft580446120Salem
67Hammer Time Seminole Blue Loop2,313 ft40 ft57544356Madison
68Seminole park inside loop Seminole Blue Loop4,504 ft46 ft573458512Madison
69Three toed sloth Seminole Blue Loop2,049 ft43 ft57045414Madison
70Get up there! Green Loop682 ft62 ft56430281Waukesha
712nd WORS Start Hill Rattle Snake584 ft39 ft55931971Cambridge
72Rudie's Run Rudie's Run2,876 ft43 ft559401722Kenosha
73W5 to W6 Outbound North2,253 ft34 ft55829992Wausau
74Holy High Line Climb High Line2,076 ft57 ft55234842Salem
75Root Canal Root Canal4,589 ft30 ft54833153Wausau
76Pines 2018 The Pines1,857 ft32 ft54341124Salem
77Major Tom Baird (East Loop)2,074 ft24 ft54055378Green Bay
78WinMan Bridge Trail 2016 Bridge Trail2,372 ft49 ft52619992My City
79Water Front Stretch Dizzy2,183 ft23 ft52352356Madison
80More Difficult Spur Alpha Trail3,186 ft63 ft51548260Franklin
81Hildebrand Loop Rock Lake - TH to Emerson Lake Cutoff3 miles88 ft5147532Cable
82Bay City Rollers Baird (East Loop)3,165 ft35 ft51351988Green Bay
83The Groan Zone Baird (East Loop)1,410 ft43 ft51351337Green Bay
84Lower Glen Lower Glen4,975 ft16 ft50213612Neillsville
85W3 to W4 Icky Thump1,418 ft29 ft50014266Wausau
86Yin Section 1 Yin3,260 ft30 ft49936473Wausau
87Battle of Yavin Baird Creek (North)427 ft39 ft496498410Green Bay
88W6 to W7 Rebound4,726 ft71 ft49325303Wausau
89RAD Rad3,065 ft43 ft49032894My City
90Mahew's Mahem Rebound4,540 ft75 ft47525045Wausau
91Parking Lot Climb Alpha Trail608 ft39 ft47439883Franklin
92The Goat Baird (East Loop)2,138 ft25 ft471431610Green Bay
93Dizzy Dizzy1 mile45 ft46934935Madison
94Northface climb North Face1,222 ft108 ft46711442Neillsville
95Makwa Birkie Classic to Gravel Pit Makwa Trail5 miles194 ft4667600Cable
96Grassy Warm-up Prairie Loop (Lower)3,904 ft49 ft46317241La Crosse
97Bonsai Baird (East Loop)2,938 ft70 ft46241942Green Bay
98MARS Climb Baird Creek (Z Loop)647 ft81 ft461447218Green Bay
99Snowflake Snowflake1 mile28 ft461289221Salem
100TheEnd Alpha Trail613 ft33 ft45933810Franklin
101Cliffhanger North Face3,296 ft165 ft4569023Neillsville
102Emma Carlin WEMS Loop 2013 Green Loop6 miles163 ft45512690La Grange
103the pines The Pines1,081 ft10 ft43219368Wausau
104YANG 2n3 Yang1 mile30 ft42924166Wausau
105Little zig zag An Evergreen Loop1,056 ft36 ft42338901My City
106Goldneck trail Twister1,564 ft38 ft41742615La Crosse
107Overload Last Hill to Ryan Rd Over Lode2,728 ft178 ft4169641Blue Mounds
108Rock Lake : TH to Glacial Rock Lake - TH to Emerson Lake Cutoff2 miles68 ft4145403Cable
109Three Sisters Dirt Senders B Line561 ft59 ft40033573Madison
110Overload Ryan Creek Climb Over Lode1,988 ft161 ft3948991Blue Mounds
111Ant Hill Trail Ant Hill1 mile14 ft393284711My City
112W1 to W2 The Pines1,819 ft21 ft39215996Wausau
113Sylvan Hill Perimeter Climb Sylvan's Run2,174 ft127 ft39235463Wausau
114lucy's loop Lower Glen1,933 ft27 ft3927020Neillsville
115East Side Loop Baird (East Loop)3 miles82 ft39131404Green Bay
116Up Nort (N to S) Up Nort2,783 ft39 ft39120796Wausau
117Holy no way Over Lode329 ft69 ft3909583Blue Mounds
118Corkscrew Climb Corkscrew2,313 ft158 ft3907103Neillsville
119Watt Overload boB406 ft51 ft38726831La Crosse
120Z-loop Downhill Baird Creek (Z Loop)1,265 ft92 ft38333767Green Bay
121Punch in the face Baird Creek (Z Loop)3,577 ft100 ft38233853Green Bay
122WORS Lap 2 Extension Alpine valley second loop1 mile123 ft3777750Elkhorn
123Blue trail - left Blue Trail3 miles76 ft37611934My City
124Overload- Mounds Park Rd to Ryan Creek Over Lode4,515 ft182 ft3738531Blue Mounds
125Can you cake eaters climb?!? Sylvan's Run1,668 ft100 ft36745741Wausau
126First creek to 2nd creek Over Lode5,096 ft155 ft3587762Blue Mounds
127Green loop - left Easy Loop3 miles38 ft34912774My City
128Learning French is Gnarly Chicanery1,280 ft125 ft34922631La Crosse
129Downhill Capitol to Hampton Oak Hill 11,598 ft38 ft34523610Wauwatosa
130The Loop Over Lode1,734 ft85 ft3436861Blue Mounds
131Papito's Creek Climb Focus206 ft28 ft34120390My City
132Sylvan's Loop Down Sylvan's Run3,115 ft164 ft34118728Wausau
133Ryan Rd to Mound Park rd. Over Lode1,834 ft112 ft3357322Blue Mounds
134Hampton to River Crossing Oak Hill 13,213 ft33219733Wauwatosa
135Looks easy! Slice532 ft94 ft32756134Middleton
136Capital to Hampton Oak Hill 11 mile31 ft32718656Wauwatosa
137Sylvan's Loop Complete Sylvan's Run1 mile176 ft32617065Wausau
138yada yada The Fairway791 ft28 ft32525472Middleton
139Over the river and through the woods Slice484 ft12 ft32326300Middleton
140Back in Black at Hartman CW Black Loop2 miles67 ft3229650My City
141Dizzy Lake Loop Dizzy1 mile34 ft32116733Madison
142Bad Rabbit Full Down Bad Rabbit2,074 ft161 ft32016843Wausau
143W8 to W9 Root Canal3,920 ft42 ft3198865Wausau
144PVNP Rollers Pleasant Valley Intermediate Trail443 ft7 ft31227755Cedarburg
145River Run Oak Hill 11 mile15 ft31217743Wauwatosa
146Duck Hunt Hoyt to Oak Hill Connector1,584 ft7 ft31016956Wauwatosa
147Rock Lake: TH to Hildebrand Start Rock Lake - TH to Emerson Lake Cutoff3 miles83 ft3083882Cable
148The Zig Zag An Evergreen Loop2,095 ft4 ft29932598My City
149Nasty Goat north to south Nasty Goat1,037 ft49 ft29844904My City
150J-Line from Goat path overlook to bottom J-Line896 ft39 ft29655703My City
151W4 to W5 Up Nort1 mile54 ft2907132Wausau
152The Zag Zig An Evergreen Loop2,087 ft30 ft28921641My City
153PVNP Blake's Bench Pleasant Valley Advance Loop370 ft8 ft28424620Cedarburg
154Yellow Brick Road Climb Yellow Brick Road1,290 ft71 ft277391310My City
155Hampton to Capital Oak Hill 11 mile7 ft27712363Wauwatosa
156PVNP Expert Opener Pleasant Valley Advance Loop2,319 ft45 ft27623582Cedarburg
157Yellow Brick Road South Side Decent Yellow Brick Road1,452 ft69 ft27638960My City
158Makwa Gravel Pit to Birkie classic Makwa Trail5 miles196 ft2744030Cable
159WinMan Red Red Trail1,891 ft75 ft2725882My City
160Overload Over Lode4 miles299 ft2705622Blue Mounds
161Back into the Woods for the Fast Section (By Elliott) Snowkraft Singletrack Loop2,208 ft11 ft27016542Sturgeon Bay
162Mind Games E to W Missing Link2,591 ft39 ft26911760My City
163Hell Yeah Mulligan792 ft27 ft26722721Middleton
164Wolf Run heading south Wolf Run1 mile47 ft2677262Neillsville
165West Chalet to Entrance Road Ziggy Connector460 ft16 ft26025650Middleton
166Quarry Trail From Cul-Du-Sac to French Connection Quarry Trail3,956 ft60 ft26024745La Crosse
167tunnels Tunnels3,044 ft22 ft25823963My City
168DROP ZONE Slice365 ft71 ft25719962Middleton
169Yellow Brick Road to Stinger Yellow Brick Road2,564 ft93 ft25231072My City
170switchback to toad road 2016 Switchback1 mile110 ft2513960Neillsville
171Sasquatch Mulligan1,336 ft106 ft25114493Middleton
172Rally Road + Goat Path Climb Rally Road2,374 ft148 ft25134457My City
173Gully Gully Jump Line507 ft34 ft25034740Middleton
174Still Hill in Reverse (WORS Racing) Still Hill2,548 ft74 ft24815790La Crosse
175Berms and rollers Pines Loop594 ft31 ft24833992Middleton
176Emma Carlin Brown Loop 2015 Red Loop2 miles141 ft2464630La Grange
177PVNP Prairie Drop Pleasant Valley Advance Loop696 ft23 ft24520410Cedarburg
178PVNP Boardwalk Blitz Pleasant Valley Advance Loop1,587 ft25 ft24420763Cedarburg
179Pine Forest Climb Pine Forest708 ft39 ft24210253My City
180Yellow Brick Road Yellow Brick Road1 mile89 ft24222534My City
181Toad Road (Downhill) Toad Road1,590 ft73 ft2393692Neillsville
182The Graveyard of Ships He-Nis-Ra Park Orange Loop644 ft49 ft23629804Green Bay
183Landowski Downhill Slice1,542 ft76 ft23515702Middleton
184Yellow Brick Road Decent Yellow Brick Road1,657 ft57 ft23422950My City
185PVNP Full Advanced Loop Pleasant Valley Advance Loop2 miles45 ft23317792Cedarburg
186BOB boB2,682 ft144 ft23316284La Crosse
187Advanced Yelow Loop Pleasant Valley Advance Loop1 mile37 ft23218232Cedarburg
188Eagle Eagle952 ft8 ft23120251My City
189PV Wormhole Slice3,001 ft107 ft22914980Middleton
190Wolf run Wolf Run1 mile43 ft2288602Neillsville
191West Pines Climb Ziggy Up545 ft53 ft22622703Middleton
192Outer Loop Mulligan2,475 ft32 ft22213924Middleton
193New west pines climb Ziggy Up1,549 ft60 ft22222490Middleton
19435 & up Ziggy Up2,312 ft104 ft22222450Middleton
195Riverview Beginner Counter Clockwise Fox Trot2,302 ft25 ft22216975Appleton
196OB1 OB11,862 ft174 ft22112371La Crosse
197Hampton Short Loop Oak Hill 13,210 ft13 ft2208190Wauwatosa
198Rally Road Rally Road3,450 ft128 ft21825863My City
199Zig Zag Uphill to West Chalet Ziggy Up2,545 ft115 ft21721822Middleton
200Darkside OB12,778 ft167 ft21612131La Crosse
201The Not So Dotta Cheater Route Praire Loop556 ft49 ft2149320La Crosse
202Watch your noggin He-Nis-Ra Park Orange Loop1,578 ft41 ft21318304Green Bay
203Twisted Oak Down Twisted Oak1,828 ft157 ft21010275Wausau
204Drop in to Alderaan He-Nis-Ra Park Orange Loop1,248 ft28 ft20918765Green Bay
205Whiskeytown Snowkraft Singletrack Loop1 mile24 ft20510391Sturgeon Bay
206North Prairie Loop PV Prairie Loop3,103 ft12 ft20412981Cedarburg
207Outbound Down Outbound North2,258 ft37 ft2044794Wausau
208Herringbone Single track Washburn Lake1,857 ft53 ft2038301My City
209Alpha Trail Alpha Trail3 miles109 ft20117099Franklin
210UP, definitely UP Mulligan2,300 ft97 ft1998270Middleton
211SL Kicker K-D Line895 ft37 ft1906633Salem
212Mudd Pit Oak Hill 11,024 ft1906850Wauwatosa
213S Lowes Ck Rd --> Main Path Missing Link2,697 ft42 ft1899481My City
214Into the Open (By Elliott) Snowkraft Singletrack Loop1,064 ft10 ft1889401Sturgeon Bay
215QR Beginner Loop Dizzy1,855 ft20 ft1854070Madison
216Northwoods Expansion Northwoods4,044 ft54 ft1847061Madison
217Glacial Blue Switchback climb The Switchbacks957 ft73 ft18425888West Bend
218Green CCW Easy Loop3 miles50 ft1824121My City
219Not Many Turns (By Elliott) Snowkraft Singletrack Loop1,482 ft23 ft18210560Sturgeon Bay
220Horsetail loop East Side Highlands3,451 ft37 ft18027079West Bend
221Horseshoe Green Loop3,031 ft18 ft1767810Green Bay
222Left finish segment Washburn Lake3,436 ft75 ft1716790My City
223new and improved Pirate camping loop Pleasant Valley Advance Loop1,711 ft37 ft17012531Cedarburg
224Glacial Blue Gut shot Main Trail IA920 ft88 ft17012996West Bend
225Still Hill Still Hill2,523 ft71 ft1688194La Crosse
226Lost 40 Lost 402 miles30 ft1638030Wausau
227Swamp Point Swamp Point2,771 ft9 ft1618992My City
228Trapper's Loop to East Side Trapper's Loop3 miles46 ft1594110My City
229Blue opener Willy's Trail1,423 ft44 ft15922955West Bend
230Mars Hill Repeats Baird Creek (Z Loop)1,778 ft77 ft1589010Green Bay
231Hickory Ridge Trail Climb Trapper's Loop1 mile709 ft1584110My City
232East Side (North) East Side3,517 ft62 ft1553920My City
233GDSP Bike Path Cox Hollow Beach to County Z Military Ridge3,877 ft230 ft1542110Dodgeville
234The WATER SLIDE and the RIDGE RUN He-Nis-Ra Park Orange Loop1,209 ft49 ft15322334Green Bay
235Puma Playground (South) Puma Playground5,036 ft83 ft1493401My City
2362 Laps Sylvans Loop Sylvan's Run3 miles183 ft1493630Wausau
237Gravel Road (hard part) Gully Jump Line535 ft62 ft1489430Middleton
238The Oaks The Oaks1,157 ft9 ft1457972My City
239PINEHURST DOWNHILL #2 Stairway to Heaven2,715 ft132 ft14511171My City
240Spine Downhill The Spine858 ft95 ft1449556West Bend
241Homestretch (By Elliott) Snowkraft Singletrack Loop1,574 ft9 ft1438032Sturgeon Bay
242NOR'D WESTERN'R He-Nis-Ra Park Orange Loop2,206 ft57 ft14318285Green Bay
243Riverview Beginner Clockwise Fox Trot1,991 ft26 ft1406530Appleton
244Big Lake Run Big Lake1,394 ft11 ft1367793My City
245Ganchitos inclinados! Switchbacks948 ft111 ft1323343Middleton
246Stairway 2 Heaven Stairway to Heaven3,087 ft170 ft12910952My City
247Where am I? Timber Creek Loop2,289 ft14 ft1294000Wauwatosa
248Puma Playground Descent Puma Playground2,231 ft76 ft1282860My City
249Inside Climb Oak Hill 14,078 ft36 ft1287023Wauwatosa
250Pleasant View Loop 2016 Slice1 mile98 ft1264363Middleton
251Back 40 Lost 401 mile31 ft1265471Wausau
252Zig Zag Downhill from West Chalet Ziggy Up2,886 ft115 ft1242290Middleton
253Pine+Back2Back Far East1,734 ft7 ft1235011My City
254Fish Hook Fish Hook1,615 ft129 ft1235142Wausau
255Timber Creek loop Timber Creek Loop1 mile28 ft1233852Wauwatosa
256Boat Landing Boogie MTB & Snowshoe Loop1 mile54 ft1193221My City
257Blue Hill Climb The Spine906 ft87 ft1175733West Bend
258other DH Well Digger1,341 ft207 ft1143372Viroqua
259The Pines with New Loop N->S Bombzi2,078 ft44 ft1146142My City
260Bertram expert loop climb The 'Wart' Connector205 ft26 ft1115330My City
261Bruised Rib Bruised Rib1,647 ft76 ft10811485West Bend
262Inner Looper ZipTrails2,978 ft72 ft1075391My City
263Snowkraft Full Loop Snowkraft Singletrack Loop5 miles28 ft1073644Sturgeon Bay
264Psycho Climber Lady Slipper4,757 ft191 ft1061611Bayfield
265Green - CW Easy Loop3 miles33 ft1062030My City
266Nutty Squirrel Knutty Squirrel2,670 ft18 ft1053350Cross Plains
267Lady Slipper - Full Lady Slipper1 mile194 ft1031520Bayfield
268Knollwood Hell Knollwood677 ft54 ft10310272Platteville
269Pinehurst Time Trial Stairway to Heaven1 mile167 ft995121My City
270Wind up Up Wind Up1,191 ft135 ft993151Viroqua
271Ashwabay-The Stick Stick Up/Down3,692 ft148 ft982901Bayfield
272Howlin' Wolff Howling Wolff1,604 ft34 ft973080Middleton
273The Pines The Pines Loop1,903 ft30 ft973361Hayward
274Hodag Looper ZipTrails2 miles72 ft942484My City
275The Stick downhill Stick Up/Down4,146 ft141 ft932611Bayfield
276Lower Diesel bear from Upper to the Stick Diesel Bear2,528 ft55 ft933281Bayfield
277Hit the Road MTB & Snowshoe Loop1,482 ft40 ft922290My City
278Tsuga West Tsuga Daddy3 miles133 ft911350Bayfield
279Four Cubs Four Cubs Loop2,375 ft28 ft902841Hayward
280Serpentine, Serpentine, Serpentine Ziggy Up2,138 ft109 ft861700Middleton
281The Pines with New Loop S->N Bombzi1,689 ft44 ft863481My City
282#2 climb at Glacial Blue Rim Trail876 ft80 ft854554West Bend
283Get to the Top MTB & Snowshoe Loop3,825 ft70 ft851770My City
284Mount Du Lac Initial Climb access road2,679 ft252 ft831210Superior
285Eastern Highlands reverse East Side Highlands3,204 ft39 ft809742West Bend
286Hemlock Hills MTB & Snowshoe Loop1,815 ft24 ft791631My City
287He-Nis-Ra Fat Loop Winter 20/21 He-Nis-Ra Park Orange Loop2 miles73 ft785975Green Bay
288Get back up Hot Saw1 mile108 ft782340Bayfield
289Bucksnort South Buck Snort1 mile66 ft761180My City
290Aurora Alley 2016 - Odd Day Aurora Trail1 mile5 ft746280My City
291Aurora Alley 2016 - Even Day Aurora Trail1 mile4 ft746341My City
292Back to the Lot MTB & Snowshoe Loop3,302 ft65 ft721790My City
293Nepco: East Loop Section 1 East Loop1,767 ft14 ft708682Wisconsin Rapids
294The Punisher MTB & Snowshoe Loop1 mile72 ft701471My City
295Hamm's South Hamms Hills2,524 ft49 ft684842West Bend
296Nepco: East Loop Section 4 East Loop3,553 ft21 ft677542Wisconsin Rapids
297Strong Bad Trogdor1,062 ft96 ft662020Bayfield
298Knollwood Knollwood1 mile57 ft617644Platteville
299Nepco: East Loop Section 3 East Loop3,711 ft29 ft617882Wisconsin Rapids
300swampy East Loop713 ft606312Wisconsin Rapids
301Kletzsch MTB Circle Loop River Glenn4,290 ft9 ft593891Glendale
302Nepco: East Loop Section 2 East Loop1 mile32 ft587642Wisconsin Rapids
303Log Road Climb Holmes Lake Trail1,681 ft68 ft581051Beaver Brook
304Follow the Arrows East Loop3 miles43 ft556606Wisconsin Rapids
305River Glen Loop- Counter Clockwise River Glenn5,102 ft18 ft553701Glendale
306Oak Hill Simple Lap Oak Hill 11 mile36 ft551462Wauwatosa
307Aurora Alley 2016 - 2 Laps - Even Day Aurora Trail2 miles5 ft542550My City
308Nepco--East Loop East Loop3 miles53 ft536381Wisconsin Rapids
309School Forest School Forest Loop - East1 mile56 ft521490My City
310Aurora Alley 2016 - 2 Laps - Odd Day Aurora Trail2 miles5 ft512550My City
311sock u in the eye Tsuga Daddy4,587 ft158 ft50750Bayfield
312Cybernetic Organism Ryan Park Long Loop3 miles84 ft49981Kewaunee
313Green Tree to Good Hope loop River Glenn5,024 ft7 ft493292Glendale
314Oooh, Brown Tsugaa Tsuga Daddy2,136 ft115 ft49720Bayfield
315Whiting to the Hallow Hot Saw1,926 ft79 ft481210Bayfield
316Ripon Trails Lap - Odd Day Ceresco Loop1 mile80 ft473552My City
317Hot Sandy Sawzzzz Hot Saw4,419 ft189 ft461170Bayfield
318Tsuga Magnolia Tsuga Daddy5 miles231 ft45670Bayfield
319Nepco West Loop West Loop1 mile12 ft443423Wisconsin Rapids
320Tsuga Daddy - Full Tsuga Daddy6 miles227 ft43640Bayfield
321Rock the Wierzba - CW Rock the Wierzba1 mile33 ft391051Wausau
322Extra Credit Loop Gravel Road1,863 ft40 ft351010My City
323Raspberry Raspberry3,117 ft29 ft351320Wausau
324Ripon Trails Lab - Even Day Ceresco Loop1 mile78 ft342711My City
325Anvil Trail - Devil's run Devils Run1 mile106 ft34502Washington
326Aldo's Entrance Holmes Lake Trail4,791 ft56 ft32551Beaver Brook
327Northern PW MB Segment Upper Lake Mountain Bike Trail679 ft23 ft312381Port Washington
328River Glenn - Clockwise River Glenn4,924 ft18 ft31971Glendale
329Well Digger DH Well Digger1,963 ft256 ft301182Viroqua
330Flowing Fenander Holmes Lake Trail2 miles58 ft30571Beaver Brook
331PW MB Western Climb Upper Lake Mountain Bike Trail1,319 ft28 ft292191Port Washington
332Hoot'n all the Hallow Hoot'n Hollow2 miles223 ft28490Bayfield
333Lost 40 CCW Lost 402 miles38 ft28400Wausau
334Well Digger Up Well Digger1,570 ft225 ft27751Viroqua
335Hill to Top Prairie (By Elliott) Ceresco East Loop1,201 ft67 ft262000My City
336Ashwabay-Diesel Bear Diesel Bear5,267 ft61 ft26511Bayfield
337Acorn Loop - Top Down Acorn Loop4,671 ft34 ft25802Wausau
338Dharma Dharma2 miles53 ft24930Wausau
339Upper Acorn North Acorn Loop1,892 ft14 ft24740Wausau
340Lake Loop Shannon Lake Trail1 mile39 ft24851Saint Germain
341Gravel Grovel Ceresco East Loop775 ft87 ft22970My City
342Raven Loop Diesel Bear1 mile70 ft21380Bayfield
343Quarry Quarry2,034 ft40 ft20571Doyle
344Aurora Alley 2016 - 5 Laps - Even Day Aurora Trail6 miles5 ft20480My City
345Dharma / West Side Dharma2 miles51 ft20770Wausau
346Horse Trail - Post 3 to D-4 Outer Loop1 mile23 ft20340Wausau
347Acorn Loop - Bottoms Up Acorn Loop4,648 ft35 ft18441Wausau
348Raspberry New Raspberry3,132 ft29 ft17581Wausau
349Aurora Alley 2016 - 5 Laps - Odd Day Aurora Trail6 miles5 ft16540My City
350Hill Loop - CounterClockwise East Loop1,546 ft22 ft16831Wisconsin Rapids
351Meadow Valley Meadow Valley5 miles308 ft15220Dodgeville
352Prairie Top Lap Ceresco West Loop2 miles26 ft141040My City
353Classroom Climb Ceresco Cutoff632 ft58 ft14330My City
354Nepco--East Loop: 2 Laps East Loop6 miles66 ft131012Wisconsin Rapids
355Ryan Park Loop Ryan Park Long Loop1 mile54 ft13260Kewaunee
356Ripon Trails 2 Laps - Even Day Ceresco Loop2 miles76 ft12650My City
357Shannon Lake Big Loop Shannon Lake Trail4 miles75 ft11210Saint Germain
358Dogtown north clockwise Dogtown Cluster North Loop3 miles74 ft11190Webb Lake
359Ripon Trails - Odd Day 3 Small Laps (no switchbacks) Ceresco Loop3 miles80 ft10320My City
360Anvil Trail - East East Trail1 mile106 ft8112Washington
361Horse Trail - Parking to Post 3 Outer Loop2 miles58 ft8100Wausau
362Anvil Trail - West Trail West Trail2 miles76 ft6131Washington
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