Mountain Bike
Autumn Ridge Trail
1 mile-49 ft447 ft
Canyon View
2 miles-464 ft321 ft
Challenger First Climb
525 ft57 ft
Challenger Loop
3,120 ft-22 ft27 ft
Challenger Ridge
3,551 ft-411 ft21 ft
Challenger Shortcut
898 ft-82 ft5 ft
Challenger Trail
1 mile-188 ft177 ft
China Dead Cow Connecter
2,325 ft-24 ft185 ft
China Flat Alt
400 ft-74 ft1 ft
China Flat Cutoff
765 ft-31 ft
China Flat Cutoff South
620 ft-18 ft5 ft
Coyote Hills Trail
3,528 ft-201 ft85 ft
2,733 ft-233 ft7 ft
2,313 ft-206 ft12 ft
Going Nowhere
679 ft-74 ft
Lang Ranch Ridge
4,810 ft-3 ft463 ft
Lang Ridge Connect
1,062 ft-107 ft
2,799 ft-282 ft4 ft
Long Canyon Bypass
905 ft-120 ft
Long Canyon Singletrack
2,431 ft-69 ft37 ft
Long Gone
1,808 ft-315 ft10 ft
Meadow Vista Connect
1,468 ft-69 ft35 ft
Montgomery Trail
2 miles-469 ft570 ft
Mt. McCoy Trail
1 mile-51 ft545 ft
No Outlet
427 ft-10 ft2 ft
Oak Canyon Trail
2 miles-25 ft483 ft
Oakbrook Vista Trail
4,309 ft-119 ft211 ft
Over the Top
1,575 ft-127 ft38 ft
Red Sector A
1,017 ft120 ft
Ridgeline Singletrack
5,066 ft-206 ft258 ft
2,487 ft-269 ft34 ft
Rocky Incline
2,894 ft-66 ft263 ft
Rustic Hills Trail Head
2,096 ft-167 ft2 ft
Sheep Corral Extra Credit
4,354 ft-147 ft312 ft
Simi Peak
2,365 ft-11 ft281 ft
Suicide Crossover
4,366 ft-180 ft254 ft
Sunrise Trail
1 mile-361 ft106 ft
Sunset Hills
1 mile-277 ft221 ft
Sunset Hills
1,457 ft129 ft
Sunset Hills (Woodridge)
1 mile-176 ft293 ft
Washing Machine
1,073 ft-104 ft
Wood Ranch Trail DH
1,843 ft-246 ft
Woodridge Connector
3,705 ft-20 ft164 ft
Woodridge loop
3 miles-479 ft258 ft
Woodridge/Autumn Ridge Connector
610 ft3 ft
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