segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Grassy Ln UP Grassy Lane Class IV5,088 ft152 ft78217275
2Overlook to Easy Grade transition Easy Grade1,821 ft48 ft28410290
3The true Spawn of Vaughan please remove others they are no longer correct. Thank you WAMBA Trail Crew Spawn of Vaughan4,021 ft216 ft2009181
4Off the Ridge Constant Flow3,543 ft216 ft1874981
5Charlie's Descent Charlie's2,841 ft197 ft1746501
6Encore Encore950 ft59 ft1717792
7James Jungle James Jungle1,881 ft239 ft1616100
8Woodstock Aqueduct Coaster Descending Coaster3,798 ft172 ft1557942
9TNT TNT3,471 ft67 ft1495301
10Top of Fallen Women to Red Line downhill Trail of the Fallen Woman1,011 ft83 ft1474990
11Into the Clouds Cloud Drop1,885 ft199 ft1415022
12Cloud Drop Top Cloud Drop1,732 ft202 ft1414743
13Charlie's Charlie's2,694 ft183 ft1404810
14Sir Bermsalot Sir Bermsalot1,575 ft103 ft1394790
15Up Shot Up Shot2,787 ft139 ft1383950
16CLOUD DROP Cloud Drop2,689 ft282 ft1333930
17Segway to Pegway Mount Peg995 ft71 ft1183000
18Middle Rum Street Middle Rum Street2,000 ft69 ft1114252
19Off the Ridge Constant Flow3,470 ft169 ft1053060
20Kent's Cut to Ravine Kent's Connector1,348 ft107 ft962651
21Roll Up Rolling Rock Rolling Rock1,941 ft194 ft892440
22Overlook to Mt. Peg Mount Peg1 miles298 ft611771
23Reservoir Down. Woods Rd to Spillway. Reservoir Trail3,505 ft52 ft471831
24Coaster Up Coaster2,985 ft106 ft461000
25Upper Cross climb Upper Cross1,399 ft77 ft37670
26Back to Nick's Nick's Short Cut1,061 ft80 ft32510
27Grassy Wall Class IV Road2,384 ft253 ft27481
28Up the Ridge Constant Flow4,042 ft226 ft21301
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