segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1School of Rock (Full) School of Rock1 miles576 ft642161510
2BCES / CNES Crowsnest Pass: Stage 3 School of Rock School of Rock1 miles664 ft63916965
3Sooper to the pipeline Sooper Trooper3,395 ft505 ft62322532
4Upper School of Rock School of Rock4,382 ft343 ft33712187
5Whistling Post Whistling Post2,961 ft277 ft33412787
6Sooper to pipeline Sooper Trooper4,128 ft530 ft2839943
7School of Rock (Full) School of Rock1 miles576 ft2435899
8Super Trooper Sooper Trooper5,205 ft606 ft2227102
9Big Bear Climb Big Bear Up1 miles387 ft2136104
10Big Bear Up Big Bear Up2 miles696 ft1935132
11Squirrel Sh!t Squirrel Sh!t3,977 ft314 ft1694334
12Sooper Up to Pipeline Connector Sooper to Pipeline2,138 ft223 ft1524300
13Pineapple Express Pineapple Express1,424 ft187 ft1234191
14Rumhead (alt entrance) Rumhead1 miles1,212 ft1112111
15York With a Fork (and less trees) York with a Fork1 miles621 ft1064002
16Rumhead Rumhead2 miles1,260 ft1042031
17Toadstool Toadstool3,440 ft183 ft912500
18NRA NRA4,776 ft403 ft11220
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