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The trail starts off at the base of a big hill. You will go about a half mile in some pretty tight flat singletrack, then you begin the climb up the 7 dwarves. 7 switchbacks up to the top of the hill. It is about 0.7 miles of climbing. Once you have reached the top there is a loop that is about 4 miles long of twisty singletrack. It has several log crossings and dirt rollers, and is mostly flat and flowy. After you finish this you will run into the wagon trail. From here you have several options. You can go to the left and head out the back switchbacks, or you can go to the right and go to the big dig. The big dig is a big downhill with several switchbacks, once you get to the bottom you go back up another climb with several switchbacks. After you reach the top of the big dig you can take a left and go to the lollipop loop, or turn right and take the perimeter trail back to the wagon trail. If you take the lollipop loop it is about 1.5 miles of flat twisty singletrack with one technical downhill and a small fire road climb. It loops back around and you can either do the big dig backwards or take the perimeter trail back to the wagon trail. The perimeter trail follows the edge of the woods and is mostly flat singletrack. It is a good way to avoid the big dig if you are tired and want to avoid a climb. You can ride any of the trails in any direction and the wagon trail connects them all. It runs right through the middle of youngers creek.
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There is a parking lot at the bottom of miller hill. Turn left out of the parking lot and the trail begins on the right just passed the guardrail
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