Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
"7"Mary Lake/Cowley Lake
3,245 ft-27 ft16 ft
"H"Mary Lake/Cowley Lake
1,417 ft33 ft
007Mt McIntyre
961 ft-24 ft51 ft
007 ConnectorMt McIntyre
351 ft-20 ft
105Mary Lake/Cowley Lake
2 miles-282 ft42 ft
10th AvenueWhitehorse
1,608 ft65 ft
11Mary Lake/Cowley Lake
3,675 ft-116 ft8 ft
24 Hours of LightMt McIntyre
2 miles-22 ft119 ft
24HOL ConnectorMt McIntyre
1,225 ft15 ft
3 BenchesYukon RC Modellers Airfield
2 miles-317 ft359 ft
7.5KMt McIntyre
2 miles-224 ft143 ft
8th-1/2 avenueWhitehorse
876 ft29 ft
9th Ave Trail (North)Dawson
4,528 ft-186 ft124 ft
9th Ave Trail South (Stairs)Dawson
1,962 ft-6 ft114 ft
9th AvenueWhitehorse
2,365 ft-77 ft
9th Avenue SouthDawson
1,460 ft-3 ft32 ft
Acklen DitchDawson
2,572 ft-29 ft25 ft
Adit ConnectorHillcrest
623 ft2 ft
After MidnightYukon University
719 ft
Airfield BypassYukon RC Modellers Airfield
1,109 ft-16 ft9 ft
Airport Paved PathWhitehorse Airport
2,612 ft47 ft
AK DNRMontana Mountain
2,959 ft-270 ft3 ft
Alder BashPorter Creek
2,644 ft126 ft
All those Damn PineconesWhitehorse
361 ft-9 ft
Almond AlleyPorter Creek
1,227 ft-22 ft
Alsek Valley TrailHaines Junction
9 miles-566 ft516 ft
Amethyst TrailHillcrest
1,667 ft-3 ft
Auriol TrailKluane National Park and Reserve
8 miles-1,018 ft1,220 ft
722 ft20 ft
1,093 ft55 ft
Aw-ShucksPorter Creek
1,821 ft-28 ft32 ft
B&SGrey Mountain
3,208 ft-338 ft48 ft
Backyard BypassYukon RC Modellers Airfield
1,012 ft-2 ft10 ft
Beacon Trail (VOR)Watson Lake
3 miles-10 ft162 ft
BeaverMontana Mountain
2,644 ft-126 ft150 ft
Bee Hop ConnectorPineridge
209 ft-4 ft
Ben's DescentHillcrest
614 ft-8 ft
Bench ConnectorYukon RC Modellers Airfield
293 ft-5 ft
Beryl PlaceHillcrest
1,033 ft-5 ft
Best For LastWolf Creek
1 mile-117 ft111 ft
Big BrotherHillcrest
1,060 ft-33 ft
Big SisterHillcrest
663 ft-6 ft
BirchMt McIntyre
4,012 ft-96 ft163 ft
Birch LoopCrestview
6 miles-679 ft680 ft
Birch Loop BisectCrestview
2,113 ft-27 ft21 ft
Bird's Eye View TrailWatson Lake
2 miles-224 ft197 ft
BirdiePilot Mountain
853 ft25 ft
Birdwalk EmpireWhistle Bend
2,707 ft111 ft
745 ft
Black BearMontana Mountain
1 mile-379 ft61 ft
Black Street StairsWhitehorse Airport
279 ft16 ft
Black Street Stairs AccessWhitehorse Airport
541 ft37 ft
Black Street Stairs Side TrailWhitehorse Airport
535 ft-37 ft
Blair WitchHillcrest
2,428 ft-150 ft
Blood on the TracksDawson
3,947 ft-494 ft85 ft
BlowdownGrey Mountain
1,697 ft-69 ft20 ft
Blown AwayMt McIntyre
1 mile-261 ft50 ft
Blue's BrotherGrey Mountain
1 mile-171 ft286 ft
Booby TrapGrey Mountain
2,318 ft-37 ft3 ft
Boogaloo ClimbGrey Mountain
2,095 ft-9 ft218 ft
Boogaloo HeightsGrey Mountain
1,383 ft-61 ft1 ft
Boogaloo LakesGrey Mountain
4,546 ft-78 ft29 ft
Boogaloo Magnusson LinkGrey Mountain
774 ft-7 ft3 ft
Boogaloo NorthGrey Mountain
5,209 ft-245 ft200 ft
Boomer RumorYukon RC Modellers Airfield
1,699 ft-56 ft32 ft
Boreal BunnyYukon University
2,854 ft-18 ft18 ft
Bottom BasherYukon University
1,909 ft-31 ft
Bouncing BunnyMt McIntyre
1 mile-345 ft
2,835 ft-3 ft31 ft
Bower EastHillcrest
2,254 ft-32 ft30 ft
Bower East Hike ExtensionHillcrest
1,335 ft-18 ft
Broken TruckGrey Mountain
4,854 ft-147 ft143 ft
Broken Truck connectorGrey Mountain
830 ft-13 ft52 ft
Buckskin BoogieYukon University
1,142 ft-71 ft
BullMary Lake/Cowley Lake
2,467 ft-69 ft
BullitMary Lake/Cowley Lake
1,066 ft-28 ft
Bumble TumblePineridge
3,027 ft-40 ft41 ft
Bureau of FishWhitehorse
1,010 ft-21 ft
Buried TreasureDawson
4,370 ft-6 ft410 ft
Bypass TrailGrey Mountain
3,456 ft-129 ft50 ft
CaboodleWhistle Bend
4,865 ft-127 ft123 ft
Calypso CanyonMt McIntyre
3,438 ft-164 ft5 ft
Can CanMt McIntyre
3,988 ft-171 ft43 ft
Can Can WinterMt McIntyre
686 ft-10 ft3 ft
Canada Game Centre ConnectorMt McIntyre
922 ft-18 ft
Cantlie Lake Road ConnectorGrey Mountain
2 miles-137 ft331 ft
CaribouMontana Mountain
1 mile-261 ft161 ft
Carmacks Boardwalk trailCarmacks
1 mile49 ft
Casa LoamaPorter Creek
1,762 ft-79 ft
Casca Inner LoopWhistle Bend
2 miles-86 ft52 ft
Casca Outer LoopWhistle Bend
2 miles-37 ft131 ft
Chadburn BlueGrey Mountain
3 miles-248 ft244 ft
Chadburn Blue NorthGrey Mountain
4 miles-214 ft288 ft
Chadburn Blue SouthGrey Mountain
2 miles-466 ft373 ft
Chadburn GreenGrey Mountain
3 miles-188 ft189 ft
Chadburn RedGrey Mountain
3 miles-350 ft342 ft
Chadburn Yellow NorthGrey Mountain
2 miles-185 ft57 ft
Claim PostPilot Mountain
3,839 ft-18 ft233 ft
CliffsideWhitehorse Airport
2 miles-105 ft160 ft
CMD TrailWatson Lake
2,562 ft-11 ft48 ft
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