Why Connect Your Garmin With Trailforks Ridelog?

Trailforks Ridelogs in the app

The Trailforks Ridelog feature has several purposes, the first being your personal log of the rides you do each year. But that is only the start, we analyze ridelog data to generate regional trail usage statistics that trail associations can use to help plan and advocate for trails.
Sample: ridelog statistics for Squamish

The Ridelog data also is used to calculate average riding times for trails, as a guide to help improve trail accuracy and to assist in navigation. Through the Trailforks App users can access anonymized ridelogs to discover routes the locals take to access a trail.

Garmin devices are popular, so we make it easy to import your Garmin activities into Trailforks for the benefit of the community & personal use.

Steps To Connect Your Garmin

  1. Login to Trailforks
  2. Authorize Trailforks with Your Garmin Account
    Garmin Connect

  3. Setup Auto Importing of Your Garmin Activities

    Set it and forget it! Once setup Trailforks will automatically import your Garmin rides in the background, usually within an hour after posting.

    Setup Garmin Importing


63,054,705 ridelogs have been added to Trailforks from around the world!


  • Do the Trailforks ridelogs have privacy settings?

    Yes, even more control than Garmin actually. You can have completely private rides, or rides that are public but the map & location is hidden. Trailforks also scans each ride for sensitive or illegal trails and marks your ride as private if we detect any, only you can view it.

    When you setup the Garmin auto importing you can setup some default privacy settings, or change an individual rides controls at any time. read more about privacy settings & sensitive trails

  • I track non mountain biking road rides on my Garmin, can I exclude those?

    Yes, if you have imported bikes to your Trailforks profile from Garmin, you can then exclude Garmin activities that are imported based on bike. read more about this feature